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As of March, 2010, almost eight years after the launch of the Gann DNA study, 104 individuals had requested sample collection kits and 89 of those kits had been returned to Family Tree DNAâ??s laboratory for analysis. Of the 89 who returned their kits, 39 Gann males have matched exactly on the Y-DNA 12 marker string: 13/25/14/10/11/16/12/1212/13/14/29. Three other Gann males deviated from this string at only one marker. In addition, three Gann males matched on the following 12 marker string: 13/24/14/10/11/14/12/12/12/13/13/30 while three others matched on the 12 marker string: 13/23/14/10/11/14/12/12/11/13/13/28. We have had three other 12-marker strings with 2 matches each. The remainder (31) of the participants in our study had unique 12-marker strings.

When the DNA analysis of 58 of our participants was extended to 25 markers, 32 Gann males matched precisely on the following string:


Four participants matched the preceding string on 24 of 25 markers. The remaining 22 varied on 2 or more markers.

The analysis of 37 markers for 56 individuals revealed that .11 men matched exactly on the following string:



Fifteen participants varied from the preceding string at only one marker, six varied at two markers while the remaining men varied at three or more markers.

Eight of our participants have opted to extend their analysis to 67 markers.. The analysis of each of the eight resulted in a unique string.

We are pleased with what we have learned from our DNA study. The fact that we have DNA matches with English Ganns and not with Ganns in any other country certainly offers compelling evidence that the immigrant Gann ancestor of several of our participants sailed from that country to the American colonies.

Among those Ganns with matching strings were representatives of three of the males believed to be the sons of Samuel and Elizabeth Gann who lived in Frederick County, Virginia, in the mid 18th century. Two of the matches descend from Samuel Gann of North Carolina; three from Nathan Gann of Georgia, and 29 from Adam Gann of Tennessee.