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Galbraith DNA

  • 400 members

About us

Our Galbraith DNA project began in the fall of 2003 when a YDNA 12 to 25 marker test was the only test available. Almost twenty years later, we have grown to over 250 YDNA and 120 family finder DNA participants. Over half of our YDNA testers have now upgraded to the BigY-700 test which has greatly advanced our Galbraith genealogical research. 

Members come from all English-speaking countries including but not limited to Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Kenya, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, and the United States. Currently over thirteen major DNA groups have been discovered. Parent countries (Ireland or Scotland predominate) have been found for most groups; several lines have proven connections back to our Clan Chiefs in the 1300s; and a few with other surnames (e.g., Brattin, King, and Creel) surprisingly match the Galbraith DNA through adoption or other events. The genealogy and history for all Galbraiths has prospered, not only for our test subjects, but for those with a proven relationship to a participant. For further information about Clan Galbraith and its benefits, please visit the website: www.clangalbraith.org.