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Background - Our Galbraith DNA project began in the fall of 2003 and thus far, we have more than 140 participants.  These come from virtually all English-speaking countries. We have discovered that: the Galbraith lines are diverse, having multiple early origins with eleven Ydna groups currently tested; parent countries (Ireland or Scotland) have been found for most groups; many surnames,including all of the above, have proven to come from the Galbraith root; several lines have proven connections back to our Clan Chiefs in the1400s;  a few with other surnames (e.g., Brattin, King, and Creel) surprisingly match Galbraith DNA and through adoption or other non-parental event we have a common ancestor; and the genealogy for all Galbraiths has prospered, not just for our test subjects. We recommend participants purchase a YDNA test at highest number of markers within their means with the YDNA-37 marker being the minimum.   If you test at 37 markers (or higher)  we will GIVE you a one-year membership in Clan Galbraith or an extension to existing members --for benefits, see our website If qualified (a male Galbraith with lineal descent directly from the male Galbraith ancestor), please join us in this exciting endeavor.  If you are a female researching one of these surnames, please urge an eligible Galbraith male in your family to participate.