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Galbraith DNA

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About us

Participation in this project is open to anyone anywhere in the world with Galbraith ties. The goals of the project include: (a) helping participants solve longstanding genealogical problems and find new relationships with other Galbraith lines, and (b) determining which particular Galbraith lines are closely related and which are not. All variant spellings are welcome including: Calbreath, Colbath, Colbreath, Coolbroth, Culbreath, Culberth, Culbreath, Culbreath, Galbreath, Gailbreath, Galberth, Galbrath, Galraithy, Galbrorth, Galbrith, Gilbreath, Gilbreth, Kulbeth, Kilbreath, Kilbeth, MacBraten, MacBerkney, Malbratnie, Macvretney. If your Surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it. If qualified (a male Galbraith with lineal descent directly from the male Galbraith ancestor), please join us in this exciting endeavor. If you are a female researching one of these surnames, please urge an eligible Galbraith male in your family to participate in a YDNA test. We recommend participants purchase through FTDNA a Y-DNA (male) test at the highest number of markers within their means: the YDNA-37 marker test being the minimum. Our project also accepts autosomal participants with proven Galbraith lineage.