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Many individuals that were adopted would like to try to find some information about their biological parents, or even some general information about their family origins.

Family Tree DNA testing provides you with many options for finding relevant information:

Family Finder: This tool uses the latest in technology to help you search on ALL branches of your tree.  For adoptees, this is the first test you should think about.

Y-DNA:  Y-DNA testing can be an excellent tool for males in finding their birth father’s surname.  While it isn’t always conclusive, a YDNA-37 test is the best initial step into this area.  If the information doesn’t provide enough detail, you may need to upgrade to a Y-DNA-67 test later to get more specific matches.  Family Tree DNA has the largest Y-DNA database in the world.

mtDNA:  While mtDNA testing can reveal deep maternal line ancestry and ethnicity, it should not be the first or only choice for adoptees interested in identifying ancestors within the last few hundred years.  This test does provide general ancestral background information on your maternal direct line and can be taken by both males and females. Family Tree DNA has the largest mtDNA database in the world.

A special, private mailing list is available to all adoptees and others with unknown origins who may have questions related to their DNA results and their ensuing search. This group tries to take a holistic approach, ensuring you are using all the information you have to find more about your family origins.  Join us at!forum/DNAAdoption/join