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Karin Corbeil Karin Corbeil
June 30, 2016 @ 7:01am
Welcome to the Global Adoptee Genealogyl Project - If you have any specific questions regarding your results, please contact any of the administrators.
Diane Lipp
April 30 @ 7:23am
Thank you.
Anthony JP Gough
May 3 @ 7:47pm
@Karl... I'm not sure if you are Karl Ferber or someone managing his kit? If you are male, the X match will only be via your maternal side. If you are female, then your statement is correct :)
Donald Berry (Short)
May 5 @ 12:55pm
FYI: This is PINNED post and comments, or questions regarding genetic DNA testing, and/or adoption search techniques should be created with a NEW post, or NEW question. To do so, go to the top of the page, just below the GAGP banner and click on "Post to Group", or "Ask a Question". Thanks everyone...
Donald Wallace
Yesterday at 2:23pm
I don't have much to go one. 4 years and not 1 y match, I do have mtdna matches to my mother. Haplogroup I-L161 subgroup oy Y37 that is subgroup of 12a. Many generations ago it may have been Daniel or Daniels or Danielson. Kit 311258. My sons kit is 691529 so I have 1 match distance of 0. Any idea on how or where to search? Photo is me and my son.
Karin Corbeil Karin Corbeil
July 4, 2016 @ 6:08am
Please welcome Donald Berry as a new co-administrator of the Adoptee Project. With the membership constantly rising here we were well aware that this forum has become much more active. Donald will help furnish all the administrators with relevant information regarding this forum. Thank you, Donald!.
Donald Anderson
July 9, 2016 @ 1:25am
That, my cousin, is a great idea. Since I have a number of presentations coming up, I'll talk to some friends that are good at that kind of thing and see what can be done. Thanks for the suggestion!
Angelique Landis
September 10 @ 6:54am
Congrats Donald Berry!! Much deserved you have been a wonderful help here at this amazing group. Happy for you!! :)
Kate Bjarno..
June 9 @ 3:30am
I am looking for someone who isn't a beginner in using dna with genealogy to help trace completely unknown family sides who is patient and likes to teach someone new to the scene?. I am an adoptee who knows my bio Mother's side but absolutely nothing about my father's family.
Donald Berry (Short)
June 12 @ 4:15pm
Hello Kate, the best place to get that sort of help is from the DNA Adoption discussion group. They have very inexpensive courses that will give you all the tools you need to help solve your paternal riddle. * FYI: Since this is a PINNED post, I'll be deleting your query later this week. To post any new comments, or questions, go to the top of the GAGP page, and underneath the group banner are two blue hypertext links, one for comments, and the other for questions. Thanks, and all the success in your search for your bioDad.
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Donald Berry (Short)
June 23 @ 12:37am
To begin the learning process, please use the link in the pinned post at the top of this page, and read the .pdf file. After you have had a chance to digest that info, your next step, is to read our "About" section, and if you have any questions at all, please do so by clicking on the blue "Ask a Question" link under the GAGP banner towards the righthand side of this page. Finally, when you feel comfortable, please post a summary of your situation, including what you know about your adoption circumstances, any info about your biological parents, if any, and the DNA tests that you have taken so far. Once again, we are glad you are here, and wish you all the best with your search...
Donald Berry (Short)
June 23 @ 12:38am
Welcome to our group, we are glad you found us. There is a lot to learn before you will be able to make sense of your results, and to become familiar enough with things to effectively begin your search. Keep in mind, that no matter which of your genetic DNA test results that you are looking at at the moment, that they are all part of your biological family. However, for the time being, we suggest that you resist the urge to contact your matches until you have received guidance for doing so. As more than likely, none of these people know who you are, and it will be a great shock to them to be contacted about an ADOPTION event after all these years.
Cynthia Martin Cynthia Martin has a question!
18 hours ago
I am wondering if anyone has tried to upload data from Ancestry to FTDNA, to expand the analytical capabilities here....FTDNA only appears to provide instructions for downloading their data to transfer elsewhere. I know my other option would be to upload the Ancestry and FTDNA data separately to Gedmatch....
Donald Berry (Short)
13 hours ago
Cynthia, have you already taken the FTDNA Family finder test? If so, no need to transfer ancestry's atDNA test here.
Cynthia Martin
7 hours ago
Thanks Donald, I have taken the Family Finder test...actually, their Help Desk just wrote me and told me (contrary to what the website says), I can't merge the Ancestry data with my kit - I actually have to start another kit....
Jonathan Prather Jonathan Prather has a question!
June 23 @ 2:46pm
I was adopted in 1952 & have met by birth other and half siblings but have no surname information for my biological father. As many adoptees I am interested in health history.
David Farrel
June 23 @ 5:29pm
Have you considered testing with 23 and Me?
Donald Berry (Short)
13 hours ago
Jonathan, have you done a 37 marker, or greater, yDNA test yet? For health info, you can take the more advanced atDNA test from 23andMe.
CARLOS Sotomayor (adopted name) CARLOS Sotomayor (adopted name) has a question!
June 20 @ 8:05am
Is there a way to search for a specific persons post on here? There are times when I want to back to something someone had posted but have to scroll through so much to find their post. It would be so much easier if I could just pull up their posts to search through.
CARLOS Sotomayor (adopted name)
Yesterday at 8:53am
does anyone have an answer for me?
Alexis ( Mary) Colby (Anderson) Alexis ( Mary) Colby (Anderson)
June 16 @ 2:58am
Hi, I just found my birth mother info. A kind person from a Facebook group went to the library in my former home town for me and looked up in the KY birth index my info. She found it right away based on DOB, certificate and volume number. So, now I have a starting point plus my birth mother named me which is so nice.
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Alexis ( Mary) Colby (Anderson)
June 18 @ 12:31pm
I think her first name is listed incorrectly which often happens so I've started searching names closest to hers in Kentucky around 1930-32 and found one I think might be she. She was 18 when I was born. It lists her death as 2002. Sad but that's life. There's loads of info on Ancestry.
Alexis ( Mary) Colby (Anderson)
June 22 @ 5:29am
I'm beginning to think she used a false first name. I've run into a wall. I have a 2nd cousin match on FTdna. I think she's once removed. She's also helping. I gave her my Gedmatch kit. She says I definitely match her and a second cousin of hers on her mothers side.
Robin Grantham
June 22 @ 6:31am
Sounds as though you are doing the right things to research. Perhaps go into and type in her surname and approximate DOB and see if you get any clues. Maybe type in KY although she might have gone there to have you, and been from elsewhere.
Alexis ( Mary) Colby (Anderson)
June 23 @ 9:42pm
I'm closing in on my family. They were local and may have even attended the same church.
Jonathan Prather Jonathan Prather
June 23 @ 2:48pm
I was adopted in 1952 & have met my birth mother and half siblings but have no surname for my biological father.
Kristin Schumacher Kristin Schumacher has a question!
June 14 @ 11:35pm
Hello again everyone. I uploaded my Ancestry raw data to MyHeritage and just checked to see if it had been processed and it has! It's showing a match for a 1st cousin once removed. According to the chart that means this person could be either the grandchild of an aunt/uncle or the child of a great aunt/uncle. Correct? I've looked all over Ancestry and can't find the match under her last name shown on her profile (Ratcliff) or the only other name on her tree (Eddins). She only has five people listed so far and they are all marked private. Should I wait and see if she adds more people. Or maybe just contact her and inquire if she has any idea how we are matched so closely. I'm trying to track down my birth father and this may be the break I'm looking for. I just got my 23 and Me test kit and will be sending that off tomorrow or the next day, just not sure how I should approach this and I'm not sure I can wait. lol Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Kristin The match information is: Shared DNA 7.0% (509.0 cM) Shared segments 11 Largest segment 120.3 cM
Raul Rey
June 15 @ 4:25am
That is a nice match. I would take screenshots of everything, trees, matches in common, etc. Then I would make contact, but I would not mention the adoption thing until you have a dialog going. People freak out sometimes. The people at have an app that can help determine relationship based on cM shared and number of segments. Have you uploaded to GEDmatch? DNA detectives on FB can be of help at times as well. Good luck with your match.
Kristin Schumacher
June 15 @ 5:27pm
Thank you. After sleeping on it, I've decided to wait until my known half sister or 1st cousin on my maternal side returns from vacation to ask if the name sounds familiar. I have 1 half sister and 2 half brothers. No one has heard from the brothers in years but they did have children. It could be this is a half niece that is showing up as a cousin. I'm going to keep pressing on with my research and see if she crosses paths with my maternal side before I approach her.
Robin Grantham
June 22 @ 6:43am
In the meantime, screenshot everything as Raul suggests. Never ask someone if they know how you are connected. Just introduce yourself as a cousin of some sort, give them any info you know (like, my maternal side has these names but I'm guessing you are on my paternal side. I look forward to exploring this relationship with you.
Timothy Harrison managed by Michelle Schivers
June 23 @ 8:20am
That's a great match. Have you researched on Ancestry to try and find any more family trees with those names in them? Also you can use
Dara Silverman Dara Silverman
June 22 @ 3:58pm
Hi! I am an adoptee, born 12/24/1990 around 5am in Broward County, FL (Pembroke Pines). I am looking for any birth relatives (parents, siblings, etc.). I have completed tests on FTDNA, 23andMe, and uploaded data to GEDMatch and My Heritage. I have found so many matches - mostly distant cousins, one 2nd cousin match - and all have been so nice and welcoming with my messages. I don't know how to continue, i need a professional's help. Is there anyone out there who can log into my accounts and look at my data to help me figure this out? I would be SO appreciative. Thanks!
Donald Berry (Short)
June 23 @ 12:41am
Welcome to our group Sarah, and thanks for the post. To familiarize yourself with the basic essentials of adoptee / foundling DNA assisted searches, please read the two paragraphs that I post underneath each new group that joins our project. If you have any questions, please ask, and all the best in your search.
Judi Smith
June 23 @ 2:27am
Hi Dara, go for Ancestry too if you can. I have different birth family members across all the major companies (maternal at FTDNA & Ancestry. Paternal at 23&Me). See if you can find a search buddy as well. Two heads are better than one. There are excellent suggestions here to start with. It WILL start making sense to you once you start the learning process. The second cousin match is a good head start. Keep us posted and good luck.
Sean Brown Sean Brown has a question!
June 18 @ 5:01pm
Why do my X-matches show centimorgans in common on other chromosomes, and not the 23rd?
Robin Grantham
June 22 @ 6:33am
Did you look at the table and not just the graphic? Often, FtDNA says X match but when you look at the actual numbers, the segment is too small to be significant.
Sean Brown
June 22 @ 10:53am
That seems to be it. Thanks.
Douglas Dunlop Douglas Dunlop has a question!
June 12 @ 10:39pm
I have a family match on FT DNA 212cm longest block 30 Not an X her sister
Donald Anderson
June 12 @ 11:27pm
Hi Douglas - Sounds to me you may be looking at a 2nd cousin if I'm understanding you correctly. Are you saying this person isn't a X match to you?
Douglas Dunlop
June 16 @ 9:42pm
Yes does that mean they are probably on my paternal side both cousins are sisters
Robin Grantham
June 22 @ 6:40am
Douglas: maybe. At the 2C level, you might not share any X by sheer coincidence.