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Trevor Gibbs Trevor Gibbs has a question!
Yesterday at 10:35pm
Hello, I'm new to all of this so turning to this forum for help. My father is unknown so took the YDNA 111 test to shed some light. Unfortunately, I have no matches at any level even Y12. I have only been told that I'm in the G-M201 group. Was really hoping to find a clue as to my parental heritage or matches. I have transferred my autosomal DNA results from ancestry DNA but not helpful in trying to figure out any matches on paternal end. Is it common to not have any matches on YDNA at all?
Robert Flachs
6 hours ago
Trevor, if your STR marker DYS388=13 there is a good chance you would also be G-L497. If so please join that FTDNA group as well.
Trevor Gibbs
4 hours ago
Hi Robert, Do I check this on my Y-STR Values? I'm not very computer savvy. My daughter says my DYS388=12 Value from what she say. Should I post my chart on this forum as not sure what I'm looking at? Is 12 too low to be G-L497? I'm a senior and most of this very new to me so any help would be greatly appreciated
Robert Flachs
2 hours ago
Yes, she's correct your marker DYS388=12. Right now your kit is listed in the chart as "ungrouped" but the admins of this project will look at your markers and see if they can make a more recent SNP call than G-M201.
abdalla shahin abdalla shahin
October 10 @ 6:40pm
I'm GZ30527
Francisco Jorge Almeida
October 11 @ 9:47am
So am I. According with YSEQ, Y-128306. Still waiting for upgrade from Big500 to 700. Results expected between 30/10 and 15/11. Kit 167169.
Terrence- Terry Rusnack
December 2 @ 3:49pm
Hi. I also am G-Z30527.
abdalla shahin
December 5 @ 6:33pm
@terrence can I email you?
Terrence- Terry Rusnack
December 24 @ 12:41am
Hi Abdalla Shahin. I have been away for awhile. E-mail me at trusnack@telusplanet.net Thanks. Terry
Massimiliano Di Palma Massimiliano Di Palma
November 10 @ 6:10am
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Chris Henderson Chris Henderson has a question!
October 13 @ 9:51am
I'm fairly new to Y-DNA testing and I'm trying to make sense of my husband's results. I've already learned that he can't be an ancient Henderson, which has been surprising to us. His predicted haplogroup is G-M201. I entered his Y-STR results into NEVGEN and it told me that his halpgroup is G-Z6552 (100% probable). How valid are these latter results? Would I need further SNP testing to confirm this?
Dustin Souers
October 19 @ 12:35pm
Are the matches you have also in G-M201?
Philip Arian Latif
October 19 @ 1:56pm
Hello Jenn! Yes your husband seems to definately carry the Y-mutation G-Z6552, no need for further testing to confirm that. However, G-Z6552 is what could be regarded sort of a stem branch of the G-tree (c. 18.000 years old), it has multiple sub-branches which are spread all over Europe and West Asia. If you and your husband are interested in knowing which of these he belongs to, you should order a BigY test (wait for the winter sale) and upload it to YFull. Here is a link to the yfull tree at present: https://www.yfull.com/tree/G-Z6552/.
Philip Arian Latif
October 19 @ 2:06pm
In regards to the Hendersons. There could be multiple reasons why your husband carries another Y-haplogroup than the others in the Henderson Project. It could be that there are multiple patriarchs who adopted the Henderson name at different times and places who weren't related to each other. It could also be that the name of an ancestor was changed because of some historical event or circumstance (slave taking the name of their owner; peasant taking the name of their lord; US immigrant changing names to something more Anglican-sounding etc.). Besides that, the risk of a so called "non-paternity event" is about 5% per generation for basically everybody. Ten generations makes that risk over 40%. I recommend checking out some of Maurice Gleesons videos if you'd like to learn more about this: https://youtu.be/u5xHtppMNJY
Chris Henderson
October 19 @ 5:59pm
Thank you Philip Arian Latif. Dustin Souers, he has 7 Y-DNA matches. Five of them are G-M201 and two of them are G-P15.
Joseph Guzzetta Joseph Guzzetta
October 15 @ 9:47pm
Hi. I'm very new to Y-DNA and trying to wrap my head around all the haplogroup speak. My results came in recently and I am in G-Z30503 with distant cousin Mike Guzzetta who I should thank for getting me into this detailed testing. My earliest known direct paternal relative was Cosmo Guzzetta who died in Valledolmo, Palermo, Sicily in 1785 with an estimated birth around 1730. I have submitted to YFull to get analyzed and entered on the yTree. I have also sent my Big Y BAM info to Ray Banks so that he can analyze my results. Thank you.
Mike Guzzetta
October 16 @ 8:01pm
Welcome cousin Joe!
Philip Arian Latif
October 19 @ 1:27pm
Welcome to the project Joseph. These three actions should maximize what you and your co-researchers can get out of your results for the time being. And congratulations to Mike for not having to bear being without close matches for very long. Best of luck with your reseach!
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
September 8 @ 1:44pm
Rolf Langland
September 8 @ 1:45pm
Updated G-Root SNP tree, with new branching under G-Z6363. PDF version at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JrUjrpp1J_RmmyE_zFJ2iPRMjZrCXFhN
Mike Guzzetta Mike Guzzetta
March 23, 2019 @ 8:16pm
Well... Just received my YFull analysis and I went from G-Z30503 to G-Z30503* I guess me and the other sample, the Russian, just need to wait around for some other "mutant" G-Z30503's to show up that match us so we can be properly placed in new subclades? I need to tell the Russian to break out the Vodka so we can do some shots while we are waiting! With how uncommon G-Z30503 is I think its going to be a long wait. Like I posted in the Sicily group - When I was a kid my teachers said they did not know what to do with me and now the DNA experts are coming to the same conclusion! Hahaha
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Mike Guzzetta
March 24, 2019 @ 9:14am
Hi Jeffrey, I am beginning to think its becoming more common to have these (*) designations going on as more people are testing. Especially from regions that had been slow to do DNA testing now starting to jump on the bandwagon. The DNA experts are getting all this new data over the last few years and its still a growing industry, It must be like DNA Christmas for them.
jeffrey andle
March 28, 2019 @ 9:53am
right. well, YFull is chugging away at my mutant dna... so far the clades are supporting the swiss paternal line that the autosomal matches identified...
Talal Al-Bayrami
April 25, 2019 @ 9:37pm
Thats Me G-Z40458 IRAN 🇮🇷 :)))) , But Whats The * Stands For ?
Mike Guzzetta
April 25, 2019 @ 9:58pm
Hi Talal, It means that your pending for determination to a more refined haplogroup. I am in the same boat. If you look at the picture above of my current placement you can see multiple sub branches off of G-Z30503 including yours. My designation with the * means that I am on that branch but I do not fit into one of the current sub groups. Once another Y DNA tester or 2 with similar mutations to mine shows up they will probably end up creating an additional sub branch in that group to put us in. It would be the same in your case. You fit into G-Z40458 but not into the one current subgroup of it. Its just a matter of waiting till some more testers show up that they can group you with. Have you submitted your BAM file to Mr. Banks to review? He is one of the project admins. If you send him an e-mail - his e-mail is listed on the upper left - asking what you should do to submit to him for review he should get back with instructions. I found his insights extremely helpful.
N. L. Moore - See notes N. L. Moore - See notes
July 5 @ 5:26pm
Hello, I am helping my husband with his earliest ancestor Elijah M. Moore (1818-1888) possibly from Anderson, SC. Just tested 67 markers and more SNPs and Elijah is verified G-L497. No matches yet to Moore. So far, his best matches are to Davis. He also joined the Davis Project and is a nearly perfect match at 67 with #20473 John Davis b. 1785 GA d. 1857 Hamilton Co. IL. John is verified G-P15. Hoping for some more information in a Haplogroup Project.
Murray Mitts Murray Mitts
May 26 @ 12:19am
Until I can get enough money together for a y700 test, I have decided to upload my Father In Law's data to GEDMatch Genesis to see if there is anybody else that might show up as a match, Autosomal or otherwise. None of his matches on FF share the Mitts surname or even have this surname in their trees, it just doesn't come up. When he was still alive, he had long joked about being illegitimate, and now I am not so sure he wasn't just making light of something that might have actually been true.
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Murray Mitts
May 28 @ 11:11am
John, this is Jeff Martin and I manage Murray's kit as he passed away in 2012. That's just it, we don't know where his Mitts line came from. He could very well be related to Adam Mitts from Germany, but the farthest we have been able to get back was 1815 in Pennsylvania with William Mitts. If you click on Murray's name you should see my email address if you want to send me what you have on Adam, I'd love to take a look at it. Thanks
May 28 @ 11:20pm
Jeff - PM me at john.r.greene@johnrgreene.com - your email did not show up.
Murray Mitts
May 29 @ 8:34am
Sorry about that. I just PM’d you John. Thanks again!
Murray Mitts
May 30 @ 10:13pm
Thanks again John. I have seen that tree/lineage before and have never been able to make a connection to it, however I have long suspected that my father-in-law and that line are related, perhaps back in Germany. Definitely keeping what you sent for posterity, you never know what the future will uncover.
Murray Mitts Murray Mitts
April 28 @ 10:47am
Hello, my name is Jeff and I manage a kit for my deceased Father In-Law Murray Mitts, who was tested at 12 markers only and was given G-M201 as his result. My question is this, the sample is now 7 years old and he died shortly after so no chance of getting a new one. Is this still a viable sample for upgrade to at least 37 or 67? Secondly, he has not one single match even at 12 markers. Surely he'd have at least some matches at that low and broad of a test. Any suggestions here? Y700 is way off the table at this point because I can't even afford to upgrade my own kit that I also manage.
Philip Arian Latif
April 29 @ 5:46pm
No matches even at a 12-marker level happens, especially among the smaller haplogroups, and often suggests that the sample belongs to an uncommon subclade. It's uncertain whether the lab can use a 7 year old sample for a Y700 or not, it was often not the case with the Y500 but only they can tell. Best of luck!
Murray Mitts
April 29 @ 8:02pm
I'll call them this weekend and see what they can tell me...hopefully it is still possible.
Murray Mitts
May 1 @ 9:20pm
After playing with the FF function, he does not have a single match with his surname on Family Finder either. No surname match on FF and no Y matches even at 12 markers. I am at a loss here.....
Guillaume Williams
May 2 @ 9:46am
I only have 3 matches at 12, 2 at 37 none of them share my surname.