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slobodan mitic James Blum . مراد آغا (Abufaisal.T&AlGaissi)
Leslie Rocker Leslie Rocker
Yesterday at 5:54am
Hi! I'm new to the group. I am administrator for my cousin, Leslie Rocker's, Y-DNA. It shows him as G-M201: how do I take this forward, please?
James Mulderrig James Mulderrig has a question!
May 10 @ 2:56pm
I have just received results of y37 for my brother in law. His last name is MULDERRIG and the furthest back we can get his line is County Mayo in Ireland in the 1800's. He has only 2 DNA matches....one at 37 markers from Dublin Ireland with a GD of 4, and one at 12 markers from Sicily with a GD of 0. Haplogroup is G-M201. Kit # is 648709. In my own testing I have more than 700 matches at 12 at almost 50 at 37. So this seems like an oddly low number of matches. I would like to know if there is likely to be ANY matches at higher levels of STR resting? And would an administrator place me in one of the G sub groups here please? If I wish to pursue SNP testing and don't want to fork out for BIG y, what is the recommendation? I would also appreciate recommendations for other relevant projects...thanks
Rolf Langland
May 20 @ 4:32pm
Hi James, you are predicted G-PF3146, and I see you are already joined in the G-PF316 project, so the administrator of PF3146 can provide you with the best recommendations.
Jose Mason Jose Mason has a question!
May 9 @ 8:25pm
Hi, My name is Eva and I am posting on behalf of my father, José. Upon my recommendation, he took the Geno 2.0 Next Gen test. I had no idea that because it was co-branded with Helix, we would not have access to his raw DNA :'( They did provide him, however, with his yDNA Halpogroup - G-F1705. Based on my own research, I have (hopefully correctly) determined he'd be part of the G2a3b2 subclade? According to NatGeo, they tracked his yDNA from P305 > M42 > M168 > P143 > M89 > M201 > P15 > L30 and obviously some are missing in between L30 and G-F1705 :) Utilizing Google, I determined that F1705 is located at approx. L177 and that indicates he is part of G2a3b2. source:https://www.revolvy.com/main/index.php?s=Haplogroup%20G%20(Y-DNA)&item_type=topic The reason I had my father get his Y-DNA tested is because I believe my father's father is not who he "said" he was. I have been ardently digging into my genealogy for over 2 months and cannot find any trace whatsoever of my father's father or father's mother based on the names and information provided by family still living. My father grew up with both of his parents in Venezuela. His father, Henry, died when my father was about 30. Henry migrated from the island of Trinidad to Venezuela around 1915 to draft dodge. He then obtained a british passport in 1960 based on his 1899 birth certificate from Trinidad, being as though they were still a Crown Country at that time. The only information on that document where the mother, the address where the child was born and the date of birth. Nothing else. Not the father's name nor even the child's name itself! Herny was known by the surname Mason - but the only Mason indicated on the birth certificate was that of the clerk! Mr. O.B. Mason :/ Very strange. Other than that, I have nothing. I am awaiting the Family Finder results of my brother and mother to hopefully further determine where my most recent paternal ancestors originated from through process of elimination. If it is at all helpful, my (Eva) FtDNA Kit# is B174192 and my GedMatch Kit# is A408572. Thanks! ~Eva On behalf of José Mason
Rolf Langland
May 20 @ 4:30pm
Hi Eva, I don't see kit#B174192 in my G-Root project, but G-F1705 is under G-PF3359, so if not already, you should be in the FTDNA G-PF3359 project, and the administrator of that project can provide you with recommendations.
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
May 20 @ 4:24pm
NEW HAPLOTYPE PREDICTOR SOFTWARE: For those inclined, there is a good haplotype predictor application at: http://www.nevgen.org. [Note that you can paste marker values into the application box on the nevgen page, from the project roster.]
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Ibrahim Sleem Ibrahim Sleem
May 11 @ 2:04pm
For all my Brothers and Sisters in the world from Palestinian or from Palestinian root I would like to invite you to join this unique project “Palestine” which I’m working on with my colleagues to become a medium to identify and record the genetic lineages of Palestinian people and their historical roots. Project Link – Join request is required: https://www.familytreedna.com/public/Palestine Goals: 1- Support research aimed at defining the genetic composition and inter-relatedness of Palestinian people. 2- We will work on this project to become a useful tool to identify the genetic relation between the various Palestinian families and tribes which will help to understand the history and ancient roots of Palestinians. 3- Connecting The Palestinians around the world with their historical and modern roots with Palestine land. 4- Educating the new generation of the Palestinians in all the world about their deep roots with Palestine land. Membership conditions: 1- To be from Palestinian root. In addition to the Palestinian people who are living currently in Palestine, this includes also all participants whom ancestors’ origin is from Palestine. a. All generations of Jordanians and people of Sinai whom family root is from Palestine even before year 1948. b. All generations of Palestinian refugees in Arab countries c. All generations of Palestinian immigrants in the world whom oldest known ancestor was born in Palestine. 2- Palestinians from all cultural and religious backgrounds are welcomed in this project. 3- To be accepted in the project, please make sure to state clearly in the description your Paternal Ancestor Name. Background: This project was launched in May 2017. The major objective is to connect all new Palestinian generations in the world whom ancestors are from Palestine with their historical roots by defining the genetic composition and inter-relatedness of Palestinian people. Yours Truly, Ibrahim Sleem Palestine Project Administrator
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