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Harry Heiser Harry Heiser has a question!
April 15 @ 9:10am
The ydna 37 test showed only 2 matches, one at distance of 1 and the other distance of 2. These matches are the only ones even at 25 and 12. What other SNIP test would help place me? I have absolutely no information about my fathers side., so not much to go on. The 2 matches are in Germany and I speak only English so have not reached out to them.
Dawn Garrison (for Michael Allen)
April 17 @ 11:24am
35/37 and 36/37 are pretty good matches. And you're very lucky you have matches in Germany, they rarely take DNA tests. I wonder, are the matches IN Germany or just their most distant known ancestor CAME FROM Germany? Either way, reach out to them, even if you have to use a translation website.
April 18 @ 2:48pm
I have same problem like mr Harry. I did 67 YDNA but I have only 1 matches in 12 markers. Why I can not explore more matches? Is it becouse I did not have SNP test?
Harry Heiser
April 19 @ 1:42pm
Thanks Dawn I will contact them and see where it goes.
Dawn Garrison (for Michael Allen)
1 hour ago
Mirsad, you don't need SNP testing to find additional matches - it will just tell you more about your ancient origins. Unfortunately, you don't have any matches...because no one matches. Only a small sample of people have been Y-tested, and G is rare, so no matches is, unfortunately, fairly common. If you suspect someone else is a Y-relative (no matter how distant), ask to see if they would be willing to test.
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Philip  Goggin Philip Goggin
April 4 @ 9:52am
I've done the 37. What further testing is recommended? My present surname is my mother's maiden & my father's surname likely isn't his biological name. Going by my autosomal results I have determined my paternal grandfather or perhaps his father was an NPE. I have isolated 2 family groups & one of those surnames is plentiful in my Y results.
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