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Trevor Gibbs Trevor Gibbs
October 12 @ 10:44pm
My Big Y results have been delayed 5-6 times already.Anybody else having their results been constantly postponed?
Jacques. Bocklant.
October 13 @ 3:23am
I have been waiting for it for three months and they have just been postponed...
M. Dailiev M. Dailiev
September 18 @ 4:03pm
Hello, my kit number is 639831. I am still ungrouped. Which SNP pack should I order?
Talal Talal Al-Bayrami
September 20 @ 6:12pm
Hi, You can check with Facebook Guys https://www.facebook.com/groups/G.M201
Richard Grandfield Richard Grandfield
August 29 @ 6:48pm
Hello: I’m hoping this group can help with my Y-111 results that just posted. I see that my predicted haplogroup is G-M201. If possible, I would like to ask for help with interpreting my results for the subgroup. I do have BIGY 700 results pending, but not for another 30-60 days. Much appreciated! -Rich Grandfield
Scott Altimus Scott Altimus has a question!
July 30 @ 12:18pm
Hi, The German Y DNA group sent me to join you. My kit is 69519 and I've tested Y111. My farthest known ancestor is Hans Peter Altomus born 1700 Hundheim Germany and died 1748 in Philadelphia. Any help you can provide would be wonderful! Thanks!
Robert Flachs
July 31 @ 1:52pm
Hi Scott, being you have the marker DYS388=13 you are likely G-L497 so please join this project and we will try and categorize you based on the Y111. https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/g-ydna/activity-feed
Trevor Gibbs Trevor Gibbs has a question!
February 18 @ 10:35pm
Hello, I'm new to all of this so turning to this forum for help. My father is unknown so took the YDNA 111 test to shed some light. Unfortunately, I have no matches at any level even Y12. I have only been told that I'm in the G-M201 group. Was really hoping to find a clue as to my parental heritage or matches. I have transferred my autosomal DNA results from ancestry DNA but not helpful in trying to figure out any matches on paternal end. Is it common to not have any matches on YDNA at all?
Dustin Souers
June 13 @ 4:13pm
The BigY test will take longer than some of the other ones from what I have noticed.
Trevor Gibbs
June 24 @ 7:19pm
Yep, looks like results won't be ready for months
Philip Arian Latif
June 28 @ 7:26am
Sry for the late reply Trevor. I'm guessing because of changes to the FTDNA website my admin account page has been malfunctioning for weeks, but that seem to be fixed now. Most probably they will use your old swab. I think the analysis itself should take about two weeks once the sample's in the machine, however how long the que is at present idk. As you say it will likely take months.
Trevor Gibbs
June 29 @ 3:21pm
I looked at the results section of my page and it says that it will be completed in mid-August. Wow, that's a long time. Oh well, still waiting for more YDNA matches but seems like still on my own :)
David Woito David Woito
June 23 @ 5:24pm
Hello, I got my half brother to test his YDNA, as we share the same father..His result was : G-PH942..No matches yet, & precious little information out there, on origins, or anything else
David Woito
June 23 @ 5:26pm
I am actually the half sister of the above person..(I wrote the post!)..It was David Woito's YDNA, who was tested..Thanks...My name is Danielle le Marais, but it will be David's name that will keep coming up, as it was his DNA tested!
Carson Hunter Carson Hunter
June 3 @ 1:44pm
Glad there is this group! Hoping that I can help my son through his kit here to either confirm or deny the rumor about the adoption into our last name family....The general G-M201 was kind of a let down with no matches at the 111 level and distant at 67. Looking at the spreadsheet, I am crossing my fingers that the admin gurus have some good news to tell us...that we are part of SOME smaller group for my research...fingers crossed! :)
Robert Flachs
June 5 @ 12:39pm
Hi Carson, with STR marker DYS388=13 so you are likely G-L497. Please join that FTDNA project as well.
Robert Flachs Robert Flachs
May 20 @ 8:19am
Were G-P303 among the builders of Göbekli Tepe?: "The closely related haplotype G2a3a-M406 (Rootsi et al. 2012) occurs at its high frequency in the Mediterranean and Central Anatolia, especially Cappadocia (~6%), and is not found in regions with significant G2a3b1-P303 frequencies. The expansion time of G2a3a-M406 in Anatolia has been estimated at 12,800 YBP (Rootsi et al. 2012). This date, like that of G2a2b1-P303, falls within the range of the early Holocene in the Near East and the climatic changes which permitted sedentary hunterforager settlements and proto-Neolithic settlements at key sites such as Göbekli Tepe."
Murray Mitts (c/o J.M) Murray Mitts (c/o J.M)
May 12 @ 4:19pm
Well, my father-in-law's Y111 results are in!!! He matches no other testers on earth, not even at 12 markers. Super discouraged by this. I know that testing up to 700 will reveal nothing further other than a terminal SNP, which he will still share with nobody. Feeling discouraged.
Robert Flachs
May 13 @ 7:23am
I wouldn't focus on exact matches via the FTDNA search but let's see how close his 111 markers match other members of the project. The admins will then categorize him within this project chart.
Murray Mitts (c/o J.M)
May 13 @ 8:37am
Do you happen to know which Admins are the most interactive with the project so I can reach out them and get him categorized? Some of the other projects I belong to for my own kit, the admins might as well have died, like a ghost town. Thanks.
Robert Flachs
May 13 @ 10:48am
I messaged with an admin and they will group him within the PF3359 branch. They also added the kit to that FTDNA project so you could contact an admin there to see if they have further information on PF3359. You can see it's position here in the project chart. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JrUjrpp1J_RmmyE_zFJ2iPRMjZrCXFhN This is a very old G branch who share a common ancestor from 10,200 BC. Ancient samples have been discovered in Neolithic Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. A Big Y test would be a definitive way to confirm his haplogroup and potentially refine further so it may be worth watching for any sale upgrades from the 111 STR tets.
Murray Mitts (c/o J.M) Murray Mitts (c/o J.M)
April 22 @ 11:04am
Is it normal to have 0 matches at 12 markers? Is that even possible? I manage my deceased father-in-law's kit and he only tested at 12 markers about 8 years back. He has ZERO matches at 12 markers! I am going to take advantage of this amazing sale right now and upgrade him to 111 markers, but I am afraid that he will end up still only having 0 matches after this.
Robert Flachs
April 22 @ 1:50pm
No Problem. My guess is you are haplogroup R1a or R1b as that is the overwhelming majority of males today? Keep in mind that haplogroup G is only a single digit percentage of the current population although it was up to 80% of males in the Neolithic. I have 59 exact 12 marker matches and belong to G-L497 which is the largest European branch of G. He does not have DYS388=13 so is not L497 but another G branch. Even the 67 markers will let us know which he is.
Murray Mitts (c/o J.M)
April 22 @ 3:41pm
Yes, I cannot wait to see. You are right about me, I am below R1b. Hopefully within 6 weeks i will have my answer about where he falls below the G branch.
Florian Cleret
April 25 @ 5:45am
I personnaly have only one match at 12 Markers. For G, it's not so weird
Dustin Souers
April 26 @ 5:02pm
I have 12 at 11 markers and of course gets quickly lower with more markers with G.