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Mike Guzzetta Mike Guzzetta
January 30 @ 6:38pm
Hi Everyone, Thought I would post this info I just received regarding a upgrade that FamilyTree is making to Big-Y that I just received in my E-Mail. I ordered my Big-Y on 11/22/2018 and was still waiting on my results that had been estimated to be ready in the next 2-3 weeks. So it looks like I will be in the window for the automatic upgrade - Cant complain about that! So this was the message - Introducing Big Y-700 & Big Y Block Tree We are excited to announce the introduction of Big Y-700, a substantial upgrade to our Big Y-500 product. Along with the addition of 200 STRs, we have made significant updates across the board, including a new matching tool called the Big Y Block Tree! For those of you that ordered Big Y-500 and have not yet received your results, we are refining your current order to receive Big Y-700 at no additional charge. Big Y-700 at a glance Expanded NGS targeting of genealogically useful Y-chromosome regions Revamped NGS chemistry that provides more uniform coverage within a much broader and targeted region of the Y More consistent coverage improves comparison between any two results and allows more of the identified SNPs to be placed on the tree Increased number of STR markers provides more data points on paternal lineages and can help identify family-specific variants We recommend that you join a Y-DNA Haplogroup Project, if you haven't already, to further maximize your investment and to assist you in better understanding the test results. Big Y Block Tree Matching Tool A new visualization tool for your Big Y matches called the Block Tree, which makes it easier to understand how the paternal lineages of you and your matches relate to each other. * To read more about the new Big Y Block Tree, visit the Learning Center. https://www.familytreedna.com/learn/y-dna-testing/big-y/big-y-block-tree/?utm_source=Family+Tree+DNA&utm_campaign=4c6a307c3d-product_update_bigy_2019_01_30&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b0f8841478-4c6a307c3d-252891041 FAQs Who gets the automatic upgrade to Big Y-700? All customers who placed Big Y-500 orders on or after Nov 1st, 2018 All customers who placed Big Y-500 orders prior to Nov 1st, 2018 and have not yet received results When will my results be ready? Come March, we expect Big Y lab processing time to be further streamlined, significantly reducing the turn around time for results to 2-4 weeks. Will all kits that have a Big Y-500 test receive the automatic upgrade to Big Y-700? No. The additional information provided in Big Y-700 comes from updates and improvements in the overall design of the test itself, not just from improved variant calling and user interface, therefore, tests will need to be rerun using the new chemistry. For this reason, any kits that already have Big Y-500 results will not receive the automatic upgrade to Big Y-700. How do I upgrade from a Big Y-500 to Big Y-700? If you have already received Big Y-500 results, we expect to have an upgrade available to purchase by mid-March. We will notify Big Y-500 customers via email when the upgrade is available to purchase. Keep in mind, when upgrading your kit, you must have a sample stored with us that can be tested or have the ability to send us another sample for testing. If I already have Big Y-500 results, once I receive my new Big Y-700 results, can the results of the two tests be “merged” to eliminate a region’s no-call results if the other test has reads in that region? Due to the extreme uniformity of the new Big Y-700 chemistry, we do not anticipate this being an issue. Are some of the currently reported STR values above 111 expected to change? It is possible that the improved test process will provide different STR values. Who has access to the new Big Y Block Tree Matching Tool? Anyone with a Big Y test, regardless of version.
Joseph (Joe) Blackburn Joseph (Joe) Blackburn
December 19 @ 10:24pm
Just a quick update. After Big-Y, Full Genome Analysis and YFULL, I've landed at Haplogroup G-BY157857 (G2a2b2a1a1c1a1a3~) Descendant of Richard Newton Blackburn, b. 1758, Antingham, Norfolk, UK.
Florian Cleret
December 20 @ 2:28pm
You have the SNP G-L640, you hould join this project https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/g-cts342
Joseph (Joe) Blackburn
January 15 @ 4:49am
Florian Cleret - I have joined CS342.
Josafat Zawalonyj c/o Tia Goss Josafat Zawalonyj c/o Tia Goss has a question!
June 3 @ 4:21pm
Hi, thanks for all the help. I am stuck again in my search. My dad's DNA results indicate he belongs to the G-Z40458 group. What's the next tests I should consider please? Is there only two identified subclades of this haplogroup?
Josafat Zawalonyj c/o Tia Goss
December 12 @ 11:35am
I will request it right away. Any waiting time involved? Thanks again,Tia
Philip Arian Latif
December 12 @ 1:16pm
Hello Tia! Just noticed as well! :) I haven't done this myself yet (we could ask Rolf or one of the others if we get stuck) but there should be a "Raw data window" on your Big Y-500 results page, on the top right corner which should say "share BAM". This is the file that you need to get interpreted on Yfull (https://www.yfull.com/) and should be about 500 MB, which will take a while for FTDNA to procure. Prepare for another long wait just in case. It has taken ages for people to get this file in the past, and between March and September this year ftdna were officially not giving it out at all (which made alot of people angry). However as of September the request portal has been open again, and I'm not sure if this means that it's faster this time or not. The reason you need to go through this additional step is because your unnamed variants (the SNP mutations this far unique to your dad) need to get named and sorted, which Yfull will do. I don't fully understand why but apparently the G-Y20834 grouping which FTDNA are using is kinda misleading as it's currently covering two branches at the same time (G2a2b2a4a1 and G2a2b2a4a2), and isn't used by either ISOGG or Yfull. If you take a look at the project results page you can see that Rolf have correctly sorted Vathula and Obaidi under their respective ISOGG groupings while ftdna both calls them G-Y20834. Once your fathers unnamed variants are interpreted I'm guessing that it'll create a G2a2b2a4a3 grouping on ISOGGs G-Tree (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hW2SxSLFSJS3r_MIdw9zxsS8NXo_4PG0_fFFeXGwEyc/edit#gid=0). I'd like to change your grouping right now but unfortunately we don't know yet if your dad's really G2a2b2a4a3 nor what that new grouping would be called, so we'll unfortunately have to sit tight til the BAM-interpretation's finished. Let me know how it goes! :)
Sai Vathula
January 1 @ 1:31am
@ Tia, than k you for doing the Big Y! G-Z30503 is an important eastern branch with minimal data and your dad's will definitely help. Also I see a sample YF16877 on yfull tree https://www.yfull.com/tree/G-Z30503/ from Tatarstan, Russia that is currently under processing. Maybe your dad's may be related to that!
Philip Arian Latif
January 1 @ 2:09pm
@Tia Just noticed that FTDNA has now updated the tree to seperate G2a2b2a4a1 and G2a2b2a4a2 under which your sample has fallen under G2a2b2a4a2 together with sample 322528 in the project. I have updated the member subgroupings to reflect this.
Imad Jafar Imad Jafar
December 10 @ 3:40am
Hello. I have done recently a Y-DNA37 test and got the results. I have got G-M201. I check other online tools and said it might be M342. I would appreciate if you can give me any insights about my test results and what's the recommended next step to get better details. Many thanks.
Philip Arian Latif
December 10 @ 1:53pm
Hello Imad! You are correctly strongly predicted G-M342 (aka G1). Unfortunately you do as of today not have any closer Y-relations whose results I may use to predict you further (if you're lucky the admins at the G-M285 or M342 Y-DNA project may be able to help you further with this). G1 is as of today a quite small subclade, but it has a number of subbranches that have been identified through BigY and YElite testing which you can view here: https://www.yfull.com/tree/G-M342/. Given that you do not have any closer Y-cousins to compare with, what you could do while you wait for closer Y-relatives to test is to 1. Identify which of the already identified subclades your branch belongs to (which is done either by SNP testing or BigY/YElite testing), and 2. Pioneering more in-depth testing on your lineage specifically, putting your DNA on the YTree (which is done by BigY/YElite testing and YFull interpretation). When these steps are done you will get a clearer picture on what G1-samples you are more closely and more distantly related to, and by more people testing and comparing genealogies the distrubution of your paternal cousins and when they branch off from each other will become clear. As of right now, G-M342 (G1) is a Y SNP-mutation of Middle Eastern origins, most G1s being concentrated in modern western Iran (which is where it likely originated ca 26.ooo years ago), however people have tested positive for the subclade all the way from China to North Africa so since then it has spread out significantly. Boed Marres have written some on this on his website: http://www.marres.education/G-M201.htm I may also recommend joining the Haplogroup G group on Facebook. Good luck, Philip
Imad Jafar
December 11 @ 1:51am
Thank you Philip for providing such informative and helpful reply and tips. I really appreciate that and wish you all the best too.
Mike Guzzetta Mike Guzzetta has a question!
November 23 @ 10:25am
Hello, I recently received my FTDNA results for my Y-DNA67 test and it was able to group me as a G-M201. I realized that this was a general "G" category so I decided to go all out and order the Big Y-500 upgrade and the suggested G - M201v2 SNP Pack to find my more refined Y-DNA Haplogroup. My question is - Do I just sit tight and wait for those results to come in or should I be doing something project wise in the meantime?
Philip Arian Latif
November 26 @ 3:30pm
Hello Mike! Sorry for the late reply. I took a look at your STR-results as well as your closest matches to see if I can predict you to fall under any specific subclade. Unfortunately your values match both people who are confirmed G-P303 and G-PF3293, so a reliable prediction can't be made without further testing to confirm. It's good that you ordered further tests to confirm you terminal subclade, however as the BigY-500 is basically a giant STR+SNP Pack in one test, you won't need the M201v2 SNP Pack. I would therefore advice you to contact FTDNA as soon as possible, cancel the SNP Pack order and get your money back. You're not the first person this has happened to. Ultimately it's FTDNAs fault for not being more clear that a BigY-test covers everything that their individual Y-tests covers and then some. I'll be happy to help assigning you and/or giving advice once the BigY-results are in. Until then you can sit tight. Regards, Philip
Mike Guzzetta
November 26 @ 6:46pm
Thank you Philip. As you recommended, I just submitted a request to cancel the G - M201v2 SNP Pack and just do the Big Y-500 upgrade.
Mike Guzzetta
November 28 @ 7:32pm
Hi Philip, I must say FTDNA was really quick to fix that order issue you pointed out and credited me back already. Thanks again for pointing that out. It looks like it will be a month or 2 till they are done with the test. I will post to the project when that is done so you and any one else interested can look at the results.
Josafat Zawalonyj c/o Tia Goss Josafat Zawalonyj c/o Tia Goss has a question!
October 6 @ 3:52am
Hello again, now the "definitive" results are getting so close I was wondering what the HiYNGS test is that is still to come ? The Big Y test is back already.Will the results show if Dad belongs to either of the known subclades from Iraq or India? Thanks again everyone for the help
Philip Arian Latif
October 7 @ 6:14am
Hello Tia, from what I can see the only part of the test that has been completed is the upgrade from a Y-37 STR test to a Y-111 STR test, the actual BigY (the HiYNGS) and the Y-500 STR test are still in process.
Chad Centofante Chad Centofante has a question!
August 17 @ 10:07pm
23andme has me pegged at G-L30 but I suspect G-L497. My surname is from Italy and means "100 infantrymen". It could be a Medieval designation but I have some reason to believe it might be a Classical Age designation related to the Claudius patrician family and heavy recruitment of former Rhaetic speaking people into alpine Roman infantry units or simply G-L497 that descended the Alps with R1b's to become the Roman patrician class. How deep of a subclade test from FTDNA would I need to figure out whether I'm G-L497 or not? Thank you.
Florian Cleret
August 18 @ 3:06am
Hello Chad, according to Nevgen, you have 100% probability belonging to G-L497. It means your STR results are typical for a G-L497. You should join the L497 projecthttps://www.familytreedna.com/groups/g-ydna
Chad Centofante
August 18 @ 11:42pm
Thank you, Florian.
Josafat Zawalonyj c/o Tia Goss Josafat Zawalonyj c/o Tia Goss has a question!
August 4 @ 12:30pm
Hi, my question goes to the biological sequences of events by which the newer haplogroups are created? What is known about the reason that the father to son genetic code would diverge? Has anyone created a "genetic coding for dummies" version of the science behind the fact? Thanks
Rolf Langland
August 6 @ 5:11pm
Every so often, DNA will not copy itself exactly - leading to a difference (mutation from the original). And DNA can be damaged by exposure to certain types of radiation and chemical agents. Beneficial mutations provide a survival advantage for the next generation. Of course, the YDNA we use in our project here is only a small percentage of total DNA. Many web pages discuss this topic.
Roman Vukolov Roman Vukolov has a question!
August 1 @ 9:55pm
Hi. I'm the noob, just took FF and Y-12 tests. And I have G-M201 with no matches by Y-DNA here. I never knew my father, so I don't know where did he came from (that's why I'm testing). What the next test should I consider to find matches (if any) and refine the geographical origin? The FTDNA advises me to take "G - M201v2 SNP Pack" for $119 (too pricey!), I don't know if it necessary, or it's enough to test just few of that SNP's (what of them?). Or just consider upgrade to Y-25/37 or? What can you advise? Thanks.
Florian Cleret
August 2 @ 2:27pm
I suggest you to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/G.M201/ you will find help there
Eero Jukola Eero Jukola has a question!
June 28 @ 5:51am
HI, I got more details for my G. I'm now G-Z2924. What does it mean? What is the next step to get deeper?
Eero Jukola
June 28 @ 9:22am
Sorry, G-Z29424
Rolf Langland
July 7 @ 5:37pm
Hi Eero - Your SNP is under G-U1, so best to get advice from Alain Verschaeren, the administrator of the G-U1 project.