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June 22 @ 1:22pm
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William Cambra William Cambra has a question!
June 18 @ 12:12pm
My kit is N92168. Above my results on the G group chart it says, "172 G2a2b2a2...predicted M278+...Rec: test at YSEQ to confirm ..." I currently have the Y67 and I'm wondering what the best next step is? Should I get the Y111 or SNP Pack? And not that i want to spend that much money, but how beneficial would it be to do the BigY instead?
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
June 15 @ 10:39pm
Rolf Langland
June 15 @ 10:39pm
New version of G-Root SNP chart, showing that all main SNP branches are now represented in the new G-M201v2 SNP pack, which also includes many additional SNPs for every major G-branch, such as G-PF3147, G-M406, G-U1, G-CTS342, G-PF3359, etc. The only exception is that if you are confirmed or predicted G-L497, you should order the G-L497 SNP Pack, not the G-M201v2 SNP Pack. Be very careful when you order any SNP pack, to order the correct product, and you may see on your screen that you "do not qualify" for the product, when in fact you "do qualify." If any questions about what SNP pack to buy, please contact one of the volunteer project administrators. Thanks to all project members whose YDNA testing over the years has made possible the construction of this tree to illustrate our deep YDNA ancestral heritage.
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June 14 @ 10:48pm
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Östen Lidbom BF  Frankel Mark McMahan
Mark McMahan
June 14 @ 10:59pm
Hello. Just received my results from FTDNA. G-M201. I was very surprised to see this result as my last name is McMahan, and expected a more Irish result (though I live in America and always thought we originated over in Ireland). Already joined the facebook group. Any suggestions for the next step?
Mark McMahan
June 15 @ 3:15pm
I tried to purchase the G - M201v2 SNP Pack and got a warning that my kit may not meet the prerequisites for this pack. I contacted FTDNA and they suggested "Consulting with an administrator may help shed light on which SNP would be advised to test to further refine your haplogroup. if you have not joined a group project yet, then i would suggest you join a Haplogroup project so an admin can take a look at your results." My kit is 673030. I look forward to the advice from the group. ~Mark
Rolf Langland
June 15 @ 9:49pm
Hi Mark, Your sample is likely G-L497. In fact, from your markers, which include DYS594=11, you are almost certainly in the G-Z6748 subgroup, which has a strong Welsh component. You have some very close matches there. So you can probably save your money and not buy an SNP pack, unless you feel you still want to. In which case, I recommend the G-L497 SNP pack, not the G-M201v2 SNP pack. You can ignore the "warning messages" that appear when you select the G-L497 Pack.
David Young David Young has a question!
June 7 @ 7:16pm
Hello - I'm posting on behalf of my father, David Young, kit 667592, haplogroup G-M201. I'm very new to DNA (111 Y DNA results came back last week) Our earliest Young ancestor - Daniel Young - lived in Hegins, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Family legend says his family was from the Palatine in Germany. From reading information in this project, the FB group, and other G projects, it sounds like G is 1) one of the oldest haplogroups 2) less common in ancestral DNA than other groups 3) heaviest ancestral roots in the Caucasus area. Understanding that family legend isn't always accurate, is it possible to have German G-M201 ancestor? Many thanks!
Carlos Macedo
June 10 @ 9:07am
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June 7 @ 10:49pm
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June 5 @ 12:42am
Free Family Tree Builder from My Heritage https://www.myheritage.com/family-tree-builder You can find matches, add your DNA and attach other relatives trees that are already online. Enjoy! :)
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June 1 @ 8:29pm
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June 1 @ 5:53pm
Ramadan discounts at FTDNA 1) RAMY2017111 - $60 off Y-111 2) RAMBigY2017 - $150 off Big Y