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Robert Flachs Robert Flachs
May 20 @ 8:19am
Were G-P303 among the builders of Göbekli Tepe?: "The closely related haplotype G2a3a-M406 (Rootsi et al. 2012) occurs at its high frequency in the Mediterranean and Central Anatolia, especially Cappadocia (~6%), and is not found in regions with significant G2a3b1-P303 frequencies. The expansion time of G2a3a-M406 in Anatolia has been estimated at 12,800 YBP (Rootsi et al. 2012). This date, like that of G2a2b1-P303, falls within the range of the early Holocene in the Near East and the climatic changes which permitted sedentary hunterforager settlements and proto-Neolithic settlements at key sites such as Göbekli Tepe."
Murray Mitts (c/o J.M) Murray Mitts (c/o J.M)
May 12 @ 4:19pm
Well, my father-in-law's Y111 results are in!!! He matches no other testers on earth, not even at 12 markers. Super discouraged by this. I know that testing up to 700 will reveal nothing further other than a terminal SNP, which he will still share with nobody. Feeling discouraged.
Robert Flachs
May 13 @ 7:23am
I wouldn't focus on exact matches via the FTDNA search but let's see how close his 111 markers match other members of the project. The admins will then categorize him within this project chart.
Murray Mitts (c/o J.M)
May 13 @ 8:37am
Do you happen to know which Admins are the most interactive with the project so I can reach out them and get him categorized? Some of the other projects I belong to for my own kit, the admins might as well have died, like a ghost town. Thanks.
Robert Flachs
May 13 @ 10:48am
I messaged with an admin and they will group him within the PF3359 branch. They also added the kit to that FTDNA project so you could contact an admin there to see if they have further information on PF3359. You can see it's position here in the project chart. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JrUjrpp1J_RmmyE_zFJ2iPRMjZrCXFhN This is a very old G branch who share a common ancestor from 10,200 BC. Ancient samples have been discovered in Neolithic Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. A Big Y test would be a definitive way to confirm his haplogroup and potentially refine further so it may be worth watching for any sale upgrades from the 111 STR tets.
Murray Mitts (c/o J.M) Murray Mitts (c/o J.M)
April 22 @ 11:04am
Is it normal to have 0 matches at 12 markers? Is that even possible? I manage my deceased father-in-law's kit and he only tested at 12 markers about 8 years back. He has ZERO matches at 12 markers! I am going to take advantage of this amazing sale right now and upgrade him to 111 markers, but I am afraid that he will end up still only having 0 matches after this.
Robert Flachs
April 22 @ 1:50pm
No Problem. My guess is you are haplogroup R1a or R1b as that is the overwhelming majority of males today? Keep in mind that haplogroup G is only a single digit percentage of the current population although it was up to 80% of males in the Neolithic. I have 59 exact 12 marker matches and belong to G-L497 which is the largest European branch of G. He does not have DYS388=13 so is not L497 but another G branch. Even the 67 markers will let us know which he is.
Murray Mitts (c/o J.M)
April 22 @ 3:41pm
Yes, I cannot wait to see. You are right about me, I am below R1b. Hopefully within 6 weeks i will have my answer about where he falls below the G branch.
Florian Cleret
April 25 @ 5:45am
I personnaly have only one match at 12 Markers. For G, it's not so weird
Dustin Souers
April 26 @ 5:02pm
I have 12 at 11 markers and of course gets quickly lower with more markers with G.
Robin Horan Robin Horan has a question!
March 30 @ 5:45am
Hi, I've recently had my father's yDNA tested to 37 markers and he has been predicted as G-M201, with 3 matches at 37 markers at a distance of 2 - 4. 3 different surnames too! My question is this: he's also had 23&Me testing, which gave G-CTS11562 as his haplogroup. I am wondering whether to confirm this on Family Tree with more SNP testing, or whether to expand to 67 markers or beyond. My dad's paternal line is unclear (autosomal testing revealed that his paternal grandfather was not who we had always believed him to be!). Can anyone let me know which would be a better use of my money at this stage? Thanks :-) Siân (Robin's daughter)
Philip Arian Latif
March 30 @ 6:23pm
Hello Sian! Out of the three STR matches only the one at a distance of 4 has tested above 37 STRs, so testing more STRs wouldn't give you anything right now. Shooting from the hip you should expect the closest match to share a common ancestor with your father c 500 years in the past. If the known genealogy of this match may be of help to your research, you should get both your father and the match BigY or WGS tested to get real creadible results. If the 23andMe results say that he is G-CTS11562 (https://yfull.com/tree/G-CTS11562/) then that has already been confirmed, however what subclade of CTS11562 he belongs to I cannot say. If you're interested in identifying his terminal, I'd recommend saving up for a BigY or WGS like Dante and upload the data to yfull. Hope this was of help :) /Philip
Robin Horan
April 11 @ 2:24am
Thank you, that’s very helpful! This is all quite a steep learning curve for me, as I’m much more used to dealing with autosomal results :)
Trevor Gibbs Trevor Gibbs has a question!
February 18 @ 10:35pm
Hello, I'm new to all of this so turning to this forum for help. My father is unknown so took the YDNA 111 test to shed some light. Unfortunately, I have no matches at any level even Y12. I have only been told that I'm in the G-M201 group. Was really hoping to find a clue as to my parental heritage or matches. I have transferred my autosomal DNA results from ancestry DNA but not helpful in trying to figure out any matches on paternal end. Is it common to not have any matches on YDNA at all?
Trevor Gibbs
February 20 @ 8:29pm
Thanks. Fingers crossed
Philip Arian Latif
February 21 @ 6:03pm
Hello Trevor! Unfortunately I was not able to group you based on your STR markers alone. You do have a couple of very distant matches in the project where you match on 10 out of your first 12 markers, which is a very weak and uncertain match (might be a false match, or that you share a common ancestor back thousands of years ago). These are mostly German/Dutch samples which are confirmed or predicted G2a2b1 (M406), and so this might be your branch as well, however an SNP test would have to be done to confirm this in your case. If you're interested to confirm what G-branch you're on I recommend ordering an G - M201v2 SNP Pack, BigY, or any market alternative (email me if you wish to learn more about your alternatives for this). In regards to your lack of matches, it's unforunately still not uncommon for Y lineages which are scarce or not present in the US to be wholly unrepresented on the FTDNA database. This may be because a lineage is small within its population of origin for some historical reason or because its origin is from a largely untested part of the world. Confirming what branch you belong to will not produce any additional matches (this may come automatically as time goes by) however your terminal branch may give you some indication as to what general region of the world your Y lineage comes from, it's migration patterns in antiquity, and if a BigY is performed, contribute your Y-results to the Y-tree and hence make it easier for me to predict others of your branch in the future. Hope this was of help.
Trevor Gibbs
March 24 @ 8:02pm
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me search Phillip. It is much appreciated. Bit disappointing as was hoping to solve this mystery as I'm in my 70s so not sure if I will ever find any hints to this. On a budget so will have to wait for the BIG Y. Not sure if Y lineages from the US would even be a factor as I was born in South Africa and of mixed heritage so the Y lineage would most likely be of European or some sort of mixed heritage as well. But who the hell knows. I was born during the war and could so it could anyone,lol.
Philip Arian Latif
March 29 @ 6:51am
Dante Labs the annual Black Friday sale in Nov would be a good alternative if money's low. The result is comparable to a BigY (maybe even abit better depending on who you ask) and the price is as low as 170$. I did this myself last year. Based on your story Dutch ancestry would make sense, but as you say who knows. I'd advice getting yourself DNA tested on all the major services and triangulate the matches. I recommend you watching Dr Gleesons videos for some instructions on how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wicb2_bEIYo
abdalla shahin abdalla shahin
October 10 @ 6:40pm
I'm GZ30527
Francisco Jorge Almeida
October 11 @ 9:47am
So am I. According with YSEQ, Y-128306. Still waiting for upgrade from Big500 to 700. Results expected between 30/10 and 15/11. Kit 167169.
Terrence- Terry Rusnack
December 2 @ 3:49pm
Hi. I also am G-Z30527.
abdalla shahin
December 5 @ 6:33pm
@terrence can I email you?
Terrence- Terry Rusnack
December 24 @ 12:41am
Hi Abdalla Shahin. I have been away for awhile. E-mail me at trusnack@telusplanet.net Thanks. Terry
Massimiliano Di Palma Massimiliano Di Palma
November 10 @ 6:10am
SCAM: BEWARE SCAM MESSAGE (SPAM &/or MALICIOUS) FROM YFULL SENDER: 10012 That account from France (?) is SPAMMING sending YFull messages to multiple YFull accounts any haplogroup telling he is Chinese (he is not) and that all haplogroups (G or some others, are "Alans" &/or found in China). It is a Spam attack. For the ones who did receive that message: Please do NOT reply with your personal information, emails or Facebook page link. Beware
Chris Henderson Chris Henderson has a question!
October 13 @ 9:51am
I'm fairly new to Y-DNA testing and I'm trying to make sense of my husband's results. I've already learned that he can't be an ancient Henderson, which has been surprising to us. His predicted haplogroup is G-M201. I entered his Y-STR results into NEVGEN and it told me that his halpgroup is G-Z6552 (100% probable). How valid are these latter results? Would I need further SNP testing to confirm this?
Dustin Souers
October 19 @ 12:35pm
Are the matches you have also in G-M201?
Philip Arian Latif
October 19 @ 1:56pm
Hello Jenn! Yes your husband seems to definately carry the Y-mutation G-Z6552, no need for further testing to confirm that. However, G-Z6552 is what could be regarded sort of a stem branch of the G-tree (c. 18.000 years old), it has multiple sub-branches which are spread all over Europe and West Asia. If you and your husband are interested in knowing which of these he belongs to, you should order a BigY test (wait for the winter sale) and upload it to YFull. Here is a link to the yfull tree at present: https://www.yfull.com/tree/G-Z6552/.
Philip Arian Latif
October 19 @ 2:06pm
In regards to the Hendersons. There could be multiple reasons why your husband carries another Y-haplogroup than the others in the Henderson Project. It could be that there are multiple patriarchs who adopted the Henderson name at different times and places who weren't related to each other. It could also be that the name of an ancestor was changed because of some historical event or circumstance (slave taking the name of their owner; peasant taking the name of their lord; US immigrant changing names to something more Anglican-sounding etc.). Besides that, the risk of a so called "non-paternity event" is about 5% per generation for basically everybody. Ten generations makes that risk over 40%. I recommend checking out some of Maurice Gleesons videos if you'd like to learn more about this: https://youtu.be/u5xHtppMNJY
Chris Henderson
October 19 @ 5:59pm
Thank you Philip Arian Latif. Dustin Souers, he has 7 Y-DNA matches. Five of them are G-M201 and two of them are G-P15.
Joseph Guzzetta Joseph Guzzetta
October 15 @ 9:47pm
Hi. I'm very new to Y-DNA and trying to wrap my head around all the haplogroup speak. My results came in recently and I am in G-Z30503 with distant cousin Mike Guzzetta who I should thank for getting me into this detailed testing. My earliest known direct paternal relative was Cosmo Guzzetta who died in Valledolmo, Palermo, Sicily in 1785 with an estimated birth around 1730. I have submitted to YFull to get analyzed and entered on the yTree. I have also sent my Big Y BAM info to Ray Banks so that he can analyze my results. Thank you.
Mike Guzzetta
October 16 @ 8:01pm
Welcome cousin Joe!
Philip Arian Latif
October 19 @ 1:27pm
Welcome to the project Joseph. These three actions should maximize what you and your co-researchers can get out of your results for the time being. And congratulations to Mike for not having to bear being without close matches for very long. Best of luck with your reseach!
Rolf Langland Rolf Langland
September 8 @ 1:44pm
Rolf Langland
September 8 @ 1:45pm
Updated G-Root SNP tree, with new branching under G-Z6363. PDF version at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JrUjrpp1J_RmmyE_zFJ2iPRMjZrCXFhN