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The project includes men whose categorization within haplogroup G is unclear and also men in certain early branches (root-level) of G who cannot be further categorized or have not been tested adequately. It must be understood that once one is reliably predicted or determined to be part of one of the 9 subprojects of G, the sample will be enrolled in the subproject and removed from this project. The root-level categories are PF287, P15, CTS4367/L1259, L30, CTS5762, P303 and L140. Being assigned initially to a G-root-level category does not mean one does not belong to an additional subgroup. Our ancestors have developed SNP mutations about every 50-100 yrs, and once these are identified more exact placement can be made. This project also includes men in smaller subgroups, such as L694, M278, and Z30527. There are several marker values which help to locate men withing the G-SNP tree (see diagram in "photos" section of the project web page). M285 men all have DYS392=12, but there are a few DYS392=12 men not M285+. L293 men all have DY392=10. L497 men almost all have DYS388=13. Double DYS19 values are found only within PF3147. Z1903 men all have DYS568=9, as tested in 67-marker tests. We also welcome to the project representatives of males eligible for this project who are deceased, unavailable or otherwise unable to join, including females as their representatives and custodians of their Y-DNA. The primary goal of the project is to identify new subgroups of haplogroup G which will provide better focus to the migration history of our haplogroup G ancestors. Donations to the project can be made and will be used to fund targeted SNP testing that accelerates scientific knowledge of our YDNA haplogroup. To join this project, go to your FTDNA home page, click on My Projects/Join at the top of the page. Then scroll down to Y-DNA HAPLOGROUP PROJECTS and click on G(12). Then select G-Uncategorized&Root, click the orange JOIN button, and follow the instructions from there. Your YDNA-G test results will be evaluated and categorized in the project roster, and you will receive a Welcome Letter within a few days. When sending e-mail to the project volunteer administrators, please provide your FTDNA Kit number: Rolf Langland langland@redshift.com G-Root Project Volunteer Administrator