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Warren Frederick Warren Frederick has a question!
February 11 @ 4:44pm
Roy -- I am a sibling of Carl Frederick. You indicate Carl has a large number of variances. Must I do the Big-Y to prove those variances are in my family? or they are variances that confused G and Big-Y only for my brother.
Alain Verschaeren Alain Verschaeren
January 21 @ 2:38pm
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William Hill William Hill
December 7 @ 4:10pm
G Tribe (academic research collective) is basically saying Hap G is rooted in the Saracens of the Sinai, NW Arabia, etc. Note, this is a specific historical group, not the broader term of the middle ages. This is interesting for our subgroup, as in 672 AD 60,000-80,000 Saracens were defeated in Tours, France, by Charles Martel. https://www.facebook.com/GM201Haplogroup/
Alain Verschaeren Alain Verschaeren
September 16, 2018 @ 5:52pm
An update on the L1263 part of the tree. Mr George's result indicate he is negative for Z38856 which was previously shared by all Z38846 testers. This therefore now becomes an intermediate subgroup for which only Mr George is negative
Kostadin Tonev
September 17, 2018 @ 7:57am
Dear Alain, thank you for the updated G-U1 status diagram, it is very informative, including its dynamics in time. I can only imagine how much work is underlying it. Do you think that there are enough samples to report the individual Balkan countries in future?
Alain Verschaeren
September 17, 2018 @ 4:42pm
We only have a few Balkan samples, but in future as we identify subgroups closer to the present day we should be able to get a bit more precise
Byron Renner
November 16 @ 3:03pm
Alain, As a positive member of Z38856, but Negative on both Z38853 and Z43938; has anything new developed this last year for the above chart? ie. does Z38856 have any additional subgroups to test for? Thanks!
Alain Verschaeren
November 18 @ 2:49pm
Hi Byron, there have been quite a few (8 according to the ISOGG tree) people with Z38856* tests but so far no new confirmed subgroups (as in, more than one person sharing a mutation) have been identified. https://isogg.org/tree/index.html
Simone Marchegiani Simone Marchegiani
October 18 @ 7:24am
Eero Jukola poi dicono anche che ci sono Mummie Egizie del tardo periodo antico Egitto che mi sono vicine ma l'aplogrupp y è J2b1-M205 invece io sono Gu1
Simone Marchegiani Simone Marchegiani
October 18 @ 7:21am
Eero Jukola secondo questo sito a Cordoba in Spagna ci sono scheletri del 1050 d.c. che mi sono vicini
Simone Marchegiani Simone Marchegiani
October 18 @ 7:17am
Eero Jukola poi mi dice che tra gli scheletri antichi a cui è stato fatto il test del dna, ci sono questi evidenziati in rosso che si avvicinano più di tutti al mio dna. La distanza genetica misura quanto sei vicino a un determinato campione. 10 significa che questa è la tua antenata antica 20 significa che questo fa parte del tuo collegamento ancestrale 30 significa possibilmente correlato ai tuoi antenati
Simone Marchegiani Simone Marchegiani
October 18 @ 7:12am
Eero Jukola questa è la prima cosa che esce fuori dai miei dati. Dice che sono molto vicino al Greco Antico
Eero Jukola Eero Jukola
October 16 @ 1:41am
Did anyone test MyTrueancestry site? Did the site give any real information or just for fun?
Simone Marchegiani
October 18 @ 7:11am
Io mi sono iscritto per curiosità, ho caricato i miei dati RAW e sono usciti fuori dei risultati per comprendere i quali occorre poi fare l'upgrade a pagamento
Claude Herbet Claude Herbet
August 24 @ 7:58am
Claude Herbet
August 31 @ 7:38am
Phylogeographer was updated to YFull v7.07.00, with some migration changes but G-Z29424 is still in the area of the Black Forest Germany 3100 ybp. Future updates with more data will be interesting. Phylogeographer is not base on opinions or guesses on migration paths. It is an automated method, an algorithm that operates on a set of data using YFull and also ancient DNA.
William Hill
September 12 @ 7:54pm
So what you are saying is at Bronze Age collapse, a group travelled from SW Iran (right bottom corner of ur map, consistent with all L13 studies), and went to the areas around the Black Forest. This is the timing of the Z29424 Elite Dominance. There is a rather famous supposed migration from this time from general area: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trebeta The timing works out, Trier was created as a Roman settlement around 15 BC, the ancient graffiti there says Trier existed 1300 years before Rome (came and created such their settlement there called "Augusta Treverorum").
Claude Herbet
September 12 @ 8:24pm
The truth at the moment is that we just don’t know much about our ancestors’ migrations. But I am impress that so many people around the world are working at that from different angle and with different means. All that effort is being done to get to the reality of it. I personally believe that there is something very interesting about Z29424 because of its parallel branches for one. Also entirely possible to be tied to ruling classes.
William Hill
September 13 @ 5:25pm
Does your Phylogeographer account for the 5% L13 in Khuzestan, Iran? The highest in the world? (and L13 last I recall originated 3000 BC). Like I said when you account for that as the beginning point, and perhaps West Germany as the end point, makes sense.