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Claude Herbet Claude Herbet
August 24 @ 7:58am
Claude Herbet
August 31 @ 7:38am
Phylogeographer was updated to YFull v7.07.00, with some migration changes but G-Z29424 is still in the area of the Black Forest Germany 3100 ybp. Future updates with more data will be interesting. Phylogeographer is not base on opinions or guesses on migration paths. It is an automated method, an algorithm that operates on a set of data using YFull and also ancient DNA.
William Hill
September 12 @ 7:54pm
So what you are saying is at Bronze Age collapse, a group travelled from SW Iran (right bottom corner of ur map, consistent with all L13 studies), and went to the areas around the Black Forest. This is the timing of the Z29424 Elite Dominance. There is a rather famous supposed migration from this time from general area: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trebeta The timing works out, Trier was created as a Roman settlement around 15 BC, the ancient graffiti there says Trier existed 1300 years before Rome (came and created such their settlement there called "Augusta Treverorum").
Claude Herbet
September 12 @ 8:24pm
The truth at the moment is that we just don’t know much about our ancestors’ migrations. But I am impress that so many people around the world are working at that from different angle and with different means. All that effort is being done to get to the reality of it. I personally believe that there is something very interesting about Z29424 because of its parallel branches for one. Also entirely possible to be tied to ruling classes.
William Hill
September 13 @ 5:25pm
Does your Phylogeographer account for the 5% L13 in Khuzestan, Iran? The highest in the world? (and L13 last I recall originated 3000 BC). Like I said when you account for that as the beginning point, and perhaps West Germany as the end point, makes sense.
Gent Bitincka Gent Bitincka
August 19 @ 9:25pm
Hi everyone. My haplogroup was determined to be G-Z29424 by 23andme (I've extracted the markers and it fits all the important markers but not much else downstream aside from L1263-). My paternal lineage is in Southern Albania and present there for as long as anybody knows (and autosomally closest to Albanian samples). Tracing the haplogroup on https://phylogeographer.com/mygrations/ shows the move North from GZ2022 in Kosovo/Albania (3000 BC) and places G-Z29424 in central europe as the samples from this project show. I'm not sure how reliable their data. I have a suspicion that G-Z29424 might have started/been south and a number stayed there and diverged. G2a in general isn't very common in Albania (~5%) and from the Albanian project the samples are L497 or M406 and only 1 U1 sample in a Vlach minority. At some point I'll feel compelled to do some deeper digging (although I'm not sure checking the 4 downstream markers on yseq is going to show anything and I'll need to do the Y-111 or big Y). Anyways just wanted to add some input into the story of the haplogroup.
Gent Bitincka
August 19 @ 9:34pm
this is the tracing pertaining to my last post. I'm not sure how to include it in the post
Eero Jukola
September 11 @ 1:37pm
Hi, did you send your results to YFull? What's your ID there? I*m YF15108
Claude Herbet Claude Herbet
August 3 @ 9:43am
My grand father being born in Challand-Saint-Anselme, Aosta Valley, Northern Italy, and my lineage being there for at least six hundred years, I have always assumed somehow that my ancestors came from Alemannic Switzerland. But my DNA may tell otherwise. Maciamo Hay founder of Eupedia noted in 2017 : < G-Z29424 is an Iron Age subclade found in Iran and Central Europe, in addition to Italy. It is not clear when it entered Italy though. My guess is that it was present in eastern Europe and central Asia during the Scythian era and that it came to Italy with the Ostrogoths in the 5th century.> Being myself of G- Z29424 lineage I could not resist working on that portion of the Ostrogoths who were within Theodoric’s kingdom. Amazingly so many documents refer to the years 540/541 concerning those Goths fighting and occupying Central Aosta Valley. On « J.-A. Duc, dans son Histoire de l’Eglise d’Aoste » again pertaining around the year 540 says : “ The Roman citizens (The people of Aosta.) seem to have taken cover in the mountains during the Goths’ invasion.” Also that Challand-Saint-Anselme would have been taken by the Goths. So if that theory about G-Z29424 coming to Italy with Theodoric was found to be correct, it could place these ancient documents in a new light.
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William Hill
August 5 @ 8:28pm
Claude can you trace to these areas, I like to think we all stuck together as much as we could have, which maybe why many of us are in the new world together in the same area historically (SE NC, NE SC, etc, back to early 1600s, late 1500s):, so in France: Blois, Chartres, Châteaudun, Troyes, Meaux https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Blois
William Hill
August 5 @ 8:57pm
Gotvand – land of Goti (Goth) in Iran, Gotvand is a village near the city of Dezful in the north Khuzestan province, https://aleximreh.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/gotvand-land-of-goti-in-iran/
William Hill
August 5 @ 8:59pm
Exactly where L13 epicenter is.... "Sumerian sources generally portray the Guti as an "unhappy", barbarous and rapacious people from the mountains – apparently the central Zagros east of Babylon and north of Elam." They were the destroyers of Akkad in 2150 BC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gutian_people
William Hill William Hill
July 30 @ 8:46pm
I am looking into an old linkage we found years ago, several subclades of L13, correspond to SC, and Southern NC, in native american areas. Blackmon, Golden, Martin, and Hopkins. Roughly overlaps the location of the Lumbee Tribe, which supposedly comprised of perhaps lost colony of Roanoke people, plus apparently unregistered ships with Welshmen came to this area in the late 1500s, early 1600s, when the Tudors/Queen Elizabeth lost power to the pro-French James I Stuart. Maynard, etc is considered to be from this area (NC and southern VA), and native american as well.
William Hill
July 30 @ 8:52pm
Can the aforementioned surnames contact me, I am starting a group to study our mutual origins. globalmoneyman@gmail.com
Seweryn Rzepecki Seweryn Rzepecki has a question!
April 13 @ 2:14am
Dear Ray and Roy, today I got result of my Big-Y. I am G-Y32599. Could you give me a comment on that?
Kostadin Tonev
April 13 @ 6:24am
Hello Sewerin, G-Y32599 belongs to G-Z44226. I have this SNP too, with terminal known SNPs one level below for the moment (FT10943 FT9612 FGC59713) plus 32 novel, private SNPs. My Y path down from G2a approximately is as follows (and maybe yours too): G-P15 (G2a) ⇨ G-L1259 (G2a2) ⇨ G-L30 (G2a2b) ⇨ G-CTS2488 (G2a2b2) ⇨ G-P303 (G2a2b2a) ⇨ G-L140 (G2a2b2a1) ⇨ G-PF3346 (G2a2b2a1a) ⇨ G-PF3345 (G2a2b2a1a1) ⇨ G-U1 / Z6779 (G2a2b2a1a1a) ⇨ G-L1266 (G2a2b2a1a1a2) ⇨ G-L1264 (G2a2b2a1a1a2a) ⇨ G-Z44222, Z44223 (G2a2b2a1a1a2a1) ⇨ G-Z44226, Z44227, Z44228, Z44238, Z44239, Z44240 (G2a2b2a1a1a2a1b) [your terminal SNP is at that level] ⇨ G-Z44370 (G2a2b2a1a1a2a1b~) ⇨ G-FT9612, FT9701 (G2a2b2a1a1a2a1b2~) [here is my current terminal SNPs level]. I have tested Y-37 at FTDNA, plus Dante L. WGS 30x, already being uploaded and analysed by YFULL. The YFULL Ytree of G-Z44226 currently is defined as formed 3100 ybp, TMRCA 2700 ybp and includes four samples from: (BGR (me) and RUS [G-FT9612]), plus (LTU and BLR [G-Z44224]). And a question to Ray: is there an option for integrating my WGS results here and at ISOGG?
Alain Verschaeren
April 25 @ 5:24pm
Hi Seweryn - I believe you should have received an email from Ray with details of his analysis
Alain Verschaeren
April 25 @ 5:27pm
Kostadin, it is not possible to load your Dante Lab results here, however I believe Ray would be very keen to analyse them and use them to update the ISOGG tree. I am not familiar with the Dante website, but if you can send him a link to the results (rather than trying to copy the file itself) that would be great. Bear in mind Ray is on leave at the moment so might take a couple of weeks for him to get back to you. In the meantime, I have updated the project roster to show you as G-Y32599+
Robert Gifford Robert Gifford has a question!
April 8 @ 2:29pm
I had my DNA done a number of years ago, but so far there is only one person, my son, who appears to be related. Is this unusual?
Alain Verschaeren
April 11 @ 12:18am
Not really... especially in a rare subgroup like ours. I don't have any matches at all (except at level Y12 which is too small to draw any meaningful conclusions)
Aures Mehri
April 12 @ 4:38pm
Like Alain said. We're rare, welcome to the club!
Claude Herbet Claude Herbet
March 30 @ 3:30am
I have upgraded my Big Y to 700. Some say it is a waste of money, I believe it is in some cases. But since we are so many positive for Z29424 and that all the new Big Y comers will probably be Y- 700, future testing may help to shed some light to where Z29424 did originate. We must not forget our cousins Z6764 only 400 years between. Some of which may very well have been part of our migrations.
Eero Jukola
March 30 @ 12:44pm
I uppgraded, too. I like to know more because my "relatives" are in Spain-France-UK, and... And I'm alone in Finland. :). My hypothesis is that someone came to buy fur or to be are a mercenary.
Emmett Peachey
April 9 @ 3:11pm
I admin the Peachey Project which has the 6 Peachey men who cluster at G6764. Three of them are Father, Brother and Son....the others are 4th cousins who all cluster together in Suffolk, ENGLAND around 1755. Dad (Father) is tested out to BigY 500. One of the 4th cousins was upgraded to BigY 700 and this resulted in a new sub group...G-Z38373...wheee. Every little bit helps. I am trying to get others in the group upgraded as well. I have added my uncle (Brother of Father). I know it is close but maybe it helps to sort out the private variants. K.Peachey
Alain Verschaeren Alain Verschaeren
December 29 @ 5:15pm
As you regulars might have noticed, I have not been able to be as active on this forum as I used to. This is not because I have lost interest -on the contrary- but work pressures mean I simply don't have the time anymore. If one or more of you are interested to get involved and have some spare time, it would be great if we could add a few co-admins to the project. While it was manageable for one person a few years ago, we now have over 600 samples and with new BigY's being added all the time there is a lot of interesting analysis to be done which I simply don't get to anymore. Tasks include: welcoming new members, answering questions, maintaining the project register, moderating this forum etc... There is really no requirement for in-depth technical knowledge, most of it is about communication and where to find answers. I am in any case staying on as an administrator. It is however a requirement for all admins to agree to the terms and conditions which are there to protect members' privacy. You can find them here: https://www.familytreedna.com/legal/terms/group-project-administrator If you are interested or want to discuss, please send me an email (rather than replying to this post) A happy new year to you all... Alain
William Setter
March 31 @ 6:53pm
Hi Alain. I am recently retired and would volunteer as long as direction/training is included. If there's tasks for novices that can free you up, let me know. LR
Alain Verschaeren
April 4 @ 4:06pm
Thanks Laura. As you might have noticed a new admin (Roy Chandler) just joined. We'll review the workload and how we could organise and let you know
Alejandro Moreno Fuster Alejandro Moreno Fuster
February 12 @ 3:25am
Hi everybody, I'm G-Z29424 from center of Spain with "Moreno" surname and I try to find some information about my haplogroup but I don't find anything. Somebody has some information about migration and origins? I read posts of this group about theory ostrogoths theory but is there some confirmed? Thanks to all.
William Hill
March 14 @ 7:39pm
Per the Alani-Sarmatian Hypothesis....note 15 years ago, this was the main hypothesis. Now any theory assuming we account for where there is the most L13 (and possibly L497, etc and others) as a probable origin point, and not knowing diversity (the other key indicator, other than forensic DNA), that means Khuzestan, Iran (ancient home of the Elamites) has to be a part of the solution....so I was searching online, and guess what, full circle now .....Sarmartians are Elamites, and vice versa... https://creationwiki.org/Elam
William Hill
March 27 @ 6:46pm
Ossetian legend (part of same group as Alani-Sarmatians) of migration to Caledonia (ie. Scotland), which may help explain our Coastal Irish Sea clusters (Western Scotland, Eastern Ireland, Wales, etc). Ossetia is in the Caucasus, Iranians, perhaps Khuzestan origin. Ossetians like 90-95% Hap G. Legit, BBC is source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/7701614.stm
Richard Lewis C/O Glenda Gustin
April 1 @ 6:34pm
No matter what we do we can't seem to get away from those mounted Sarmation knights at Hadrian's Wall....
William Hill
April 1 @ 7:26pm
LOL, what will really twist ur noodle, is the Ossetians maintain their people migrated to Caledonia, ie Scotland, historically they were called Alans, the Alani-Sarmatians, later taken from the Russian Steppe as Roman conscripts to Hadrians Wall, were actually fighting their brethern over the wall in Scotland. Fierce fighters...fight fire with fire (Roman Expression?).
Dimitar Arsov Dimitar Arsov
March 28 @ 9:00am
BigY-700 was ordered on Invoice (Bill me later option) on the existing kit No.577924 with the approval of Mr.Arsov, who was previously tested with Yseq, where his final result is G-Z29424*. Interested parties are welcome to participate with partial contributions. I am managing Mr.Arsov's kt. My name is Emil Enchev, admin of Central Balkan Mountains DNA project, you can reach me at emoentchev@yahoo.com for further details. Thank you