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Genetic Genealogy of Thracian-Bessi Tribe
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"Bessi" was a general name of all Thracian tribes around Rhodope Mountains during Roman Empire. Romans have used the name "Bessi" to describe all groups of Thracians around Rhodopes such as "Dii,Satrae,Maedi..etc." Herodotus described them as a sort of priestly-caste among the Satrae, the Bessi being interpreters of the prophetic utterances given by a priestess in an oracular shrine of Dionysus located on a mountain-top (Perperikon in Eastern Rhodopes). Thracians are anthropologically Dinaric and Dinaro-Nordic people. And these people were distinguished by their cremation techniques which is related to Unetice and Urnfield Cultures of Central Europe. Thracian migration to Rhodope Mountains started around 1200 BC. Alternatively these people were called as "Mountain Tribes" by other tribes(Greeks, Bulgars, Turks etc..) Thracian History Blog: