Frame DNA Project

For Frame, Freame, Fremault and other variants.
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About us


*        To bridge the gap when paper trails run out by grouping genetic cousins together, especially by utilising advanced SNP testing or Big Y700.

*        To encourage men from Europe, especially Belgium and the Netherlands who have variants of the ’Spear’ surnames, to join the FRAME DNA PROJECT and test their Y-DNA to discover any matches between them and men with ancestry traced to the United Kingdom.

*        To encourage all men surnamed Frame, Freame, Fremault and variants from around the world to test their Y-DNA in order to preserve it for further research before their lines 'daughter out' or become extinct. Family Tree DNA recommend testing the oldest living male relative from the lineage as they might have a more ancestral genetic signature, and with their DNA in storage, you have the option to upgrade their test results in the future. 

*        To utilise Y-DNA testing to help validate family history research.

*        To attempt to define the major branches of the Y-tree going back to the origin of the surname.