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About us

1. The FRAME / FREAME / FREMAULT Y-DNA SURNAME PROJECT was established at Family Tree DNA in 2006 and is a not-for-profit worldwide Y-DNA Surname project. This project is coordinated by unpaid volunteers. 2. The Project is strictly focused on Y-Chromosome testing - that is the direct male line. Just like the surname, Y-DNA is passed down from father to son virtually unchanged through the generations. Our aim is to help family genealogists break down research 'brick walls' by utilizing Y-DNA analysis for finding their nearest patrilineal kinfolk. 3. MALES with the surname FRAME, FREAME, FREMAULT or a close variant such as FRAIME, FREME, FREMAUX etc., are welcome to participate in this project by ordering a Y-DNA test. Simply click the ‘Join’ button at the top of the page. We recommend the Y67 test; however, if finances are an issue then start with 37. 4. Once you have ordered your Y-DNA test kit and joined the Project, you will then be invited to join the Project’s group at Facebook. This groups status is set to ‘secret’ so that members can discuss their results, genealogy etc. with admins. We also post photos, charts etc. into group albums. 5. FEMALES: If you were born a Frame, Freame, Fremault etc., then you are free to join the Project to order the mtDNA test. This is a mitochondrial DNA test (mother’s mother’s mothers line). Your results will appear with your kit number on our project’s website but no research or further analyses will be carried out on them. 6. Family FinderTests: Family Finder is an autosomal DNA test. Male and female members of this project who have already tested Y-DNA or mtDNA are, of course, welcome to also order a Family Finder test. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS PROJECT to upload your Ancestry or 23andMe autosomal results just because you have matches with others carrying our project’s surnames. It is not necessary to join a project for autosomal test results. As stated above, this project’s focus is on direct male line (Y-DNA) testing. WHAT WILL YOU GET FROM A Y-DNA TEST? When you join the Project: *First, you will receive your Y-DNA Haplogroup designation. Put simply, your individual haplotype is the set of values you will receive back for the number of Y-DNA markers (STRs) that you test. A Haplogroup is a cluster of individuals who have matching haplotypes. Your Y-DNA haplogroup is the major branch on the paternal tree of humankind that you and your patrilineal ancestors descend from. Haplogroups are associated with early human migrations. Today these can be associated with a geographic region or regions. *You will be given log-in access to your personal account on the Family Tree DNA website. Provided you sign the release form included in your Y-DNA testing kit, both you and the men you match will receive each other’s contact details. This will allow you to explore your genealogies and where you might connect. *Most of all, you will feel a sense of camaraderie with others who share your surname, whether or not your Y-DNA matches theirs! Test kits are simple cheek swabs. Please email one of the Admins with any inquiries. DISCLAIMER Although test discounts are offered to FRAME/FREAME/FREMAULT DNA PROJECT members by FAMILY TREE DNA , it does not suggest a business partnership or any other relationship between this not-for-profit Project, its volunteer administrators who are dedicated to advancing FRAME, FREAME and FREMAULT family research , and FAMILY TREE DNA. All fees are payable only and directly to FAMILY TREE DNA. The Project administrators chose FAMILY TREE DNA (FTDNA) to be their testing company due to FTDNA having the largest database for comparisons; they were the pioneers of Genetic Genealogy. This Project will not in any way have control of DNA samples, nor will it have the responsibility for their care, handling or return to our project participants. The FRAME / FREAME / FREMAULT DNA PROJECT does not have a duty to act on behalf of a project participant in mediation of any disputes arising between a Project participant and FAMILY TREE DNA. A match between Project participants may suggest they share a common ancestor; however, it will not identify the specific ancestor. There is no guarantee that every participant will match anyone in the FRAME/FREAME/FREMAULT DNA PROJECT or any other public database. By participating in this Project, the participant agrees to all conditions of the Project.