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About us

Welcome to the FRAME DNA PROJECT! This project was established at Family Tree DNA in 2006 by Carol Kane and Julie Frame Falk. This is a not-for-profit worldwide Y-DNA Surname project. The Frame DNA Project - Research website is here: The aim of the project is to use Y-DNA testing to identify which Frame, Freame and Fremault families or similar ‘Spear’ surnames are genetically related to one another on the direct male line. We do this by testing the Y-chromosome. While the main focus is Y-DNA testing (father’s father’s, father etc.), female Frames are welcome to join to test their Mitochondrial/mtDNA (direct female line: mother’s, mother’s mother etc. When you join the Project: *You will be given log-in access to your personal account on the Family Tree DNA website. Provided you sign the release form included in your Y-DNA testing kit, and consent to participate in matching, both you and the men you match will receive one another’s contact details. This will allow you to explore your genealogies and where you might connect. Please do not forget to fill in details of your earliest-known male Frame ancestor (or variant surname), birth year, where he was from and spouse name. *As a member of the Project, you will feel a sense of camaraderie with others who share our surname, whether or not your Y-DNA matches theirs. We have an Activity Feed on this website for logged-in project members to chat with one another, post questions and share photographs etc. We also have the Frame DNA Forum at Facebook, which is also Private. However, the Frame DNA Forum is also for Frames who are not yet participants in this Project but are interested in testing. The DNA test kits are simple cheek swabs. Please email one of the Admins if you have any questions. ________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER *This Project does not guarantee that participants will match anyone else in the Project. However, over time and as more men join the Project, matching becomes more likely. *Project administrators are volunteers and receive no payment or incentives from Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). Please be respectful. All test fees are payable only and directly to FTDNA. *This Project will not in any way have control of DNA samples, nor will it have the responsibility for their care, handling or return to our project participants. *The Frame DNA Project does not have a duty to act on behalf of a project participant in mediation of any disputes arising between a Project member and Family Tree DNA. *Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Only Anonymised Y-DNA and mtDNA results are viewable on this website. See DNA Results link in the About box at the left. See more on NEWS page for tips on your account settings. *Family Finder (atDNA) results are not published but are viewable to the tester and their matches.