Frame DNA Project

For Frame, Freame, Fremault and other variants.
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About us

The FRAME DNA PROJECT was established at Family Tree DNA in 2006 by Carol Kane and Julie Frame Falk. This is a not-for-profit worldwide Project for the ‘Spear’ surnames such as Frame, Freame, Fremault etc. The aim of the project is to use Y-DNA testing to identify which families with these and similar surname variants are genetically related to one another on the direct paternal line. We do this by testing the Y-chromosome which, like a surname, passes from father to son virtually unchanged down through the generations. While the main focus of this Project is Y-DNA testing, Frame females are welcome to join in order to test their Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) - their direct female line. While both males and females inherit mtDNA, only biological females can continue to pass it down. Family Finder autosomal DNA tests (atDNA) may also be purchased. Your privacy is important to us. Only anonymised Y-DNA and mtDNA results are publicly viewable. Family Finder results are not published; however, they are viewable to testers and their matches.