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Y-DNA Surname Project
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About us

The FRAME/FREAME/FREMAULT DNA PROJECT is a not-for-profit worldwide surname DNA project coordinated by unpaid volunteers. This Project was established at Family Tree DNA in 2006. Our aim is to help family genealogists break down research 'brick walls' by utilizing Y-DNA analysis for finding nearest patrilineal kinfolk. Just as a surname is passed down through the generations, so too, is the Y-chromosome. It passes from father to son virtually unchanged except for an occasional mutation. These mutations may help us identify different branches on family trees. The Project ensures that the privacy of participants is protected. We only publish kit numbers and early ancestor details on our websites. There are several ways in which a family could eventually be known by the surname Frame, Freame, Fremault or another close variant (more info at this website:; however, 'the Spear' may at least have some correlation with members designated Haplogroup I1 who are descendants of Germanic tribes. In his book 'The Teutonic Name-System Applied to the Family Names of France, England, and Germany' Robert Ferguson writes that there are probably as many surnames taken from the weapons that warriors used than from all other sources put together. He includes the following details on Fram: 'Tacitus tells us that the Germans were generally armed with a short spear, adapted either for close or distant fighting, and which was called in their language framea. From this word, apparently allied to the Modern German pfriem, Förstemann derives the following ancient names, which are mostly Frankish. FRAM. Spear. SIMPLE FORMS English: FRAME, FREEM. French: FRÉMY, FREMEAUX, FROMMÉ, FORME No surname similar to the above will be excluded from this Project even if members do not have matching Y-DNA. This Project is open to ALL males with the FRAME, FREAME, FREMAULT and FREMAUX surnames or any close variants. Spelling in ancient times was 'fluid' and any reasonably close variation is sufficient to have your surname included in this Project. If your surname is missing from our list of Eligible Surnames and you think it should be included, we'll be glad to add it. Please contact one of the Admins. This Project is also open to those testers of different surnames who are very close Y-DNA matches to the males in this Project. The Project is strictly Surname and Y-Chromosome based. Females will need to test their brother, father, cousin, uncle etc. as their proxy. WHAT WILL YOU GET FROM A DNA TEST? When you join the Project: *First, you will receive your Y-DNA Haplogroup designation. Put simply, your individual haplotype is the set of values you will receive back for the number of Y-DNA markers (STRs) that you test. A Haplogroup is a cluster of individuals who have matching haplotypes. Your Y-DNA haplogroup is the major branch on the paternal tree of humankind that you and your patrilineal ancestors descend from. Haplogroups are associated with early human migrations. Today these can be associated with a geographic region or regions. *You will be given log-in access to your personal account on the Family Tree DNA website. Provided you sign the release form included in your Y-DNA testing kit, both you and the men you match will receive each other’s contact details. This will allow you to explore your genealogies and where you might connect. If you only do a 12-marker test you will likely receive a Match list that includes many different surnames. However, the more markers you test, the more the Match list reduces to those likely more genealogically relevant to you. We recommend starting with 67 markers (Y-DNA67) but if finances allow, you may prefer to test all 111. By combining Y-DNA testing with traditional research, some of our participants have had their genealogies extended by several generations. *You will be added to our private Mailing List where Admins pass on news of new results, or new lines that have joined the Project. *Most of all, you will feel a sense of camaraderie with others who share your surname, whether or not your Y-DNA matches theirs! Test kits are simple cheek swabs. Please email the Admin with any inquiries. Females with eligible surnames are also welcome to join the Project to test their mtDNA or atDNA (Family Finder); however, only Y-DNA tests are taken into account for DNA analyses. DISCLAIMER Although test discounts are offered to FRAME/FREAME/FREMAULT DNA PROJECT members by FAMILY TREE DNA , it does not suggest a business partnership or any other relationship between this not-for-profit Project, its volunteer administrators who are dedicated to advancing FRAME, FREAME and FREMAULT family research , and FAMILY TREE DNA. All fees are payable only and directly to FAMILY TREE DNA. The administrators chose FAMILY TREE DNA (FTDNA) to be their testing company due to FTDNA having the largest database for comparisons; they were the pioneers of Genetic Genealogy. This Project will not in any way have control of DNA samples, nor will it have the responsibility for their care, handling or return to our project participants. The FRAME / FREAME / FREMAULT DNA PROJECT does not have a duty to act on behalf of a project participant in mediation of any disputes arising between a Project participant and FAMILY TREE DNA. A match between Project participants may suggest they share a common ancestor; however, it will not identify the specific ancestor. There is no guarantee that every participant will match anyone in the FRAME/FREAME/FREMAULT DNA PROJECT or any other public database. By participating in this Project, the participant agrees to all conditions of the Project.