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About us

Welcome, visitor! The global Ford Surname DNA Project aims to supplement genealogical research on Ford families with genetic evidence in hopes of further developing our Ford family trees.

The surname Ford has numerous origins in England and English-speaking areas of the British Isles, and Ford has been the adopted or modified surname of individuals from non-English speaking countries, as well. British, Scottish, Irish, and French equivalents are well known from established conventional genealogies. Alternative spellings and changes from original forms are definitely known to include Forde, Foard, fford, LeFort, and Faure, and there may be others. Our DNA project welcomes and encourages participation by anyone from any part of the world who bears the surname Ford or who believes himself or herself to be descended from an ancestor who bore the surname Ford or a similar equivalent.

DNA testing can link Ford families to each other and to their European origins, helping to overcome genealogical brick walls and to test the accuracy of assumptions about the relatedness of various Ford lineages.

Males who descend from a Ford along their all-male ancestral line may participate in the project through Y-DNA testing.

Anyone who descends from a female Ford along his or her all-female ancestral line may participate in the project through Mitochondrial (mt) DNA testing.

Anyone who descends from a Ford along any of his or her ancestral lines may participate in the project through Family Finder (autosomal) DNA testing.

To contact the administrator of the Ford surname project, simply substitute the appropriate symbols for the bracketed text in this email address:

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