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Foad Surname DNA Poject

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About us

Connecting all Foad, Foade and Foat families for whom paper-trail genealogies do not exist or do not go back far enough in time, and to discover the number of founders or original patriarchs of the Foad and Foat families in and from England, as well as to explore the deep ancestral origins of those ancient families by using DNA.   This project is open to all male Foads, Foades, Foats, and Foates everywhere who might be descended, perhaps distantly, from a family patriarch in England.   Women who are interested in these questions should encourage their Foad father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, or a male Foad cousin to join the project.   (Only males carry the Y-DNA which is being tested by this project.) For testing, we recommend choosing the 111-marker Y-STR test ("Y-111") for good resolution in finding matches. Later, tests of specific SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) might be recommended based on the initial Y-111 test results and the lab's prediction of a new member's haplogroup. Having said that, if a new member feels that a test of fewer STR markers would be more economical, that is certainly all right.