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 Updated November 2014
Pedigrees are being reported on this page for those in the project.  Autosomal results cannot be seen but the Y DNA results can be seen at the link below...

Pedigrees for Project Members
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree 

You will locate the kit number for the Y-line in the following page  (make sure you have set the page size to 1000).  For ease of location, use your <FIND> function.  (If on Mac, press Command+F;  If on Windows, press Control+F).

For the mitochondrial results, you will locate the kit number in the following page.   For ease of location, use your <FIND> function (see above) in the appropriate page (either Y-DNA results or mtDNA results) and enter the kit number into the <FIND> box that appears in your browser.

born c1801 Dromore Co Tyrone Northern Ireland married Mary Griffin/Griffith  Contact     jflemming  AT iprimus.com.au

Robert Fleming  born c1852 Dromore Tyrone Northern Ireland married Charlotte Green

Robert Victor Fleming born 1888 Orange NSW Australia married Mary Beasley

Robert Henry George Fleming born 1909 Gilgandra NSW Australia married Lilian Cleaver

Kevin Ronald Fleming born 1934 Gilgandra NSW Australia married Doreen Harvey-Cameron

Son Fleming Dna Participant Australia     # Kit Number B6538


who has ancestors Robert Bonner & Mary Jane Flemming  Ireland  Contact:   jflemming  AT  iprimus.com.au

            Parents of Mary Jane Flemming unknown

                        HERRICK Dna Participant USA  # Kit Number348353 

1666 & Jean  Contact   jflemming  AT  iprimus.com.au

Samuel Fleming 1714 Cecil Co MD USA m. Alice Charlton

John Fleming 1744 Prince Georges MD  m. Rachel Davis

John Fleming 1790 Frederick Co m. Martha Stamy

John Fleming Dec 1822 Lancaster Co Mary Ann Seth

John Marion Fleming USA 1843  m. Lucinda Bassette  (had 8 children)

Jack Quincy Fleming USA & QLD Australia

John Quincy Fleming  aft 1900 Tasmania Australia (participant) Kit # 367711


abt 1793  & Elizabeth Whitcomb  Contact:  jflemming  AT  iprimus.com.au

 Luke(?P) Fleming 1828 Cambridge Vermont USA

 George Harrison Fleming 1855 Vermont USA

 George Harrison Fleming 1888 ? City USA

 Joseph Max Fleming 1926 Oelwein IA USA

 Richard Max Fleming after1900 Cedar Falls IA   (participant)  Kit B33072

 (note had match at Ancestry DNA  with James Paul Fleming who had history back to Dooleg Co Mayo NI) 


1789 & Mary ? Garvagh, Gortin County Tyrone Northern Ireland   Contact:  fleming  AT  netcon.net.au or  jflemming  AT  iprimus.com.au

William Fleming 1817 & Elizabeth Smyth Gortin County Tyrone NI

Claud Fleming 1858 Gorticastle Gortin,Co Tyrone NI

James Andrew Fleming 1898 Gortiscastle Gortin Co Tyrone NI

                   Robert James Fleming after 1900 Tyrone & Victoria Australia   (participant)  Kit 319436