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7 February 2014 - Gail Riddell took over the project which had been abandoned.
21 Sep 2004 - the FLEMING project was announced.
10 Aug 2004 - the FLEMING Surname Project was initiated.

The following is taken from an old book I have, called "Family Names and their Story" by S. Baring-Gould.  You can locate this book for yourself at Archives.org
"Then, again, we have Flemish names, not only the surnamesFleming or Flamank, but also such as Catt ; Phayre, whichis still common in Belgium
; Bowdler and Buller, bothderived from Boulers or Boilers, one of the principal fiefs inFlanders. Baldwin de Boilers received from Henry I. thebarony of Montgomery and the hand of his niece, Sybilla deFalaise. But most Flemish names are of late introduction,not earlier than the sixteenth century. In Pembrokeshire,where was planted a colony in the reign of Henry I., thereare none. Flinders is from Flanders, Clutterbuck is Cloeter-boeke, and Cobbledick may be from Koppeldijck, Mossop fromthe Dutch Masdorp, Vandeleur is undoubtedly Van de Laer,and Fullalove is from Vollenhove. But the Dutch andFlemish names are not numerous". 
On page 338, we read

The German family of Fleming is not content with thereasonable derivation of the name from immigrants fromFlanders, but pretends that their ancestors were Flaminii,who went to Britain when the Romans held the isle, andremained there. One branch passed over to the land of theTeutons, but other of the Flaminii hung on in England, andtheir descendants are the English family of Flemings".