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Vliet and Flatt are distinct lines that bear no relationship to each other. The surname Flatt has two lines of origin, one is from the Methwold, UK and the other appears to be a variation of the surname Flett, from the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

Following are the results categorized, first, by YDNA haplogroup, and then secondarily, within related family trees, if known.Members who have autosomal tests are grouped if they match and have a tree. 

Haplogroup E-M35
18258  (YDNA) JACOB B. VLIET, 1812-1879, New Jersey
60323  (YDNA) Garret Vliet b 1819 Ohio
14105  (YDNA) Dirck Janse Van Der Vliet 

Haplogroup I-M223
773415   (YDNA)  Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA d 1873 IL (Henderson County)
666211   (YDNA)  Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA d 1873 IL 
773934   (YDNA)  Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA d 1873 IL 
666979   (YDNA)  Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA d 1873 IL 
B244274 (YDNA)  Andrew Jackson Flatt b 1797 PA d 1873 IL 
18975     (YDNA)   Jan Van der Vliet
113971   (YDNA)  Hans (Johann) Fladb 1594 d Jan 19 1670
N18172   (YDNA)  William H Fleet b 1792 Nova Scotia

Haplogroup I-M253
82885   (YDNA) Rutgert Arlenz van der Vliet b 1710 Rhoon
18796   (YDNA) Sam J Van Der Vliet Russia

Haplogroup I-P37
7713       (YDNA) Andrew Flatt d 1716
97836     (YDNA) James Flatt b 1810 Kenninghall, Norfolk, England
B169879 (YDNA) Samuel Flake b 1701 d 1802

Haplogroup R-M269
25744       (YDNA)  Van Fleet
25743       (YDNA) Van Fleet
B9411       (YDNA) Van Vliedt Netherlands
510047     (YDNA) Van Vliet
B8261       (YDNA) Adrian Gerritsz Van Vliet 1614-1689 Utrecht
663910     (YDNA) Gerrebrancus Van Vliet b 1684 and d 1752
798523     (YDNA)  Philip "Shorty" (Schafer Hausel) Heisel 1877-196?
772605     (YDNA) 
473367     (YDNA) 
184483     (YDNA) 
288584     (YDNA) Johann Flath b 1774
N33735     (YDNA)  Adalph Flatt
B72442     (YDNA) Ahtnois Geemansz Van Vliet b 1565 d 1619
109279     (YDNA) Peter Petersz van der Vliet d 1530 Breukelen
351428     (YDNA) Jasper Petersz ven der Vliet b 1598 d 1668
315430     (YDNA) Van Der Vliet
39306       (YDNA) Flath
92030       (YDNA) Bartholomew W b c 1586 England d 1640 Elizabeth City VA 

Haplogroup R-M522/R-M198
Note that the assignments are based on a rough guess. Starting with a deed book from Middlesex Co NJ Dec 1 1778. John Flatt to John Flatt. The John Flatt who is deeding land that belonged to John Depray is son and heir of William Flatt of Woodbridge NJ. That William Smith was a son of James Flatt who had married Elizabeth Depray, daughter of John Depray. This first John deeds land  to his cousin John who lives in Harford Co MD. Travis Flatt had the sons of James Flatt as 1. Francis b c 1713 Piscataway 2. William Flatt b 1715 NJ 3 John Flatt b c 1715 and 4 Andrew Flatt b c 1717 NJ. 
John Flatt m Mary Savage (requires source proof. These Flatts from Orkney Islands ) Oral tradition for origin. One tree has James Flett m Margaret Garrioch of Orkney Islands Scotland as the early ancestor, then John Flatt b Oct 3 1724 d 1836 at maybe Giles Co TN m Mary Savage, daughter of Griffith Savage and Esther Smith. Certainly John Flatt Sr and Jr were in early Roane Co TN, along with John Jr's brother Benjamin. Given that the Flatts that match were born in PA or MD (such as David Flatt), there is additional research that needs to be done to resolve whether these are the same or separate families. Would like additional testers from Sussex and Morris County, NJ. 
44939       (YDNA) David Flatt b MD>William>Joseph James
(YDNA) David Flatt b 1776 MD>John Flat m Rosiny Kimball>David C Flatt m Charity Lambert 
(YDNA) John Flatt m Mary Savage
N10537    (YDNA) John Flatt m Mary Savage
John Flatt m Sarah Black  (requires source proof. These Flatts in Sussex and Morris Co NJ - ref Travis Flatt's book Flatt Family History. Believe that they went from NJ into PA/KY/IL 
13978       (YDNA) John Flatt m Sarah Black > John Flatt b 1759 NJ m Patience Logston> James Flatt b 1785 m Margaret West>Albert Alvin Flatt m Anna Curtis
(YDNA) Andrew Flatt NJ>PA (Note: Conflict with Haplogroup I-M223)
B394940   (AUT) probably through John Flatt b 1759 NJ m Patience Logston no tree. 
406479     (YDNA) Joseph (Lynch) McCormick b 1933 d 2012
Benjamin Poeney Flatt b 1776 Shamkin Creek, Northumberland, PA > 1860 Jackson Co TN m Elizabeth Lewis. I believe Benjamin to be brother to John Flatt Jr, who also married in Roane Co TN, sons of John Flatt Sr. Sons of both Benjamin and John went to Jackson and Overton Counties TN. 
B187158   (AUT) Benjamin > Nathaniel Flatt b 1799 Roane Co TN m Elinder Streville> Andrew Jackson Flatt m Martha Smith >Canzada Flatt m William Rogers
24324       (YDNA) Benjamin Peony Flatt > Nathaniel Flatt>Andrew Jackson Flatt >Daniel L Flatt
John Flatt- Paint Creek TN (possibly the John Flatt from Maryland).Two known sons, John and Benjamin, possibly also James Flatt, William Flatt. 
25165       (YDNA) James Flatt b 1798 d 1854 TN m Rebecca Rice>Charles Robert Flatt m Nancy Hubbard > Daniel Webster Flatt 
(YDNA) John Flatt Sr - Paint Creek TN > William Flatt b 1783 VA>Pearce C Flatt b 1820 Giles Co TN m Sireney Chambers
(YDNA) John Flatt Jr b c 1782 MD m Peggy Parker>Isaac Columbus Flatt m Sarah Brown>Jones H Flatt >Isaac C>Andrew
(YDNA)  Unknown Father (fits with William Flatt
(YDNA)  John Flatt m Phoebe Hicks (or Hopey Wilson?)  (Jackson Co TN) 
621085     (AUT)     John Flatt m Phoebe Hicks (or Hopey Wilson?)  (Jackson Co TN) matches other Flatts from TN as well as autosomal 621086
(YDNA) John Flett b 1742 d c 1832 >JOhn Flatt m Peggy Parker>Isaac Columbus Flatt m Sarah Brown
William Flatt- Morris Co NJ
B427294   (AUT) William Flatt b 1829 NJ m Susan Perry> William Flatt m Margaret List > Amos Flatt m Kathryn Bates UNCONFIRMED
59984       (YDNA) William Flatt b 1862  NJ m Margaret List -Morris County, NJ - Possible that father is Samuel Lawrence Flatt, son of Benjamin Flatt and Mary Black of Sussex Co NJ 
Flett Scotland
(YDNA) Alexander Flett b 1825 Scotland

(YDNA) William Nicholson b bef 1754 d Shetland
(YDNA) William Flett b 1791 Birsay Orkney Islands Scotland
(YDNA) James Flett Harray Scotland
(YDNA) James Flett b 1660 Duffus Morayshire Scotland
897651     (YDNA)  John Platt b c 1806 d 1882  (also has an outside match with Affleck/Alexander Flett b 1731 Banffshire Scotland, also with a descendant of William L Platt b c 1833 NY -same one who went to Michigan? ) 

UNKNOWN AUTOSOMAL-ie, no known matches, could be because no tree included.
B39580     (AUT) Fleet unknown
B98226     (AUT) Flett unknown
B142554   (AUT) Fleet unknown
B372496   (AUT) Unknown/Wilson
B394940   (AUT) Unknown