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Wonder about your Flatt/Vliet/Fleet/Flath/Flautt/Flat/VanVleet/Van Fleet/Van Der Vleet line? We are arranging for DNA Test designed to "Reconstruct the Flatt/Van Der Vliet Family."We are getting a good Baseline of DNA from Flatt/Fleet/Flath/Flautt/Floth/Vliet/VanVleet/Van Fleet/Van Der Vleet with "documented" lineage from which Flatt/Van Der Vliet of "undocumented" lineage can seek DNA match. Results, identified only by kit number to protect privacy, on the internet for perusal.

It's a Y-chromosome DNA test limited to male Flatt/Vliet/VanVleet/Fleet/Flath/Flautt/Flat/Van Fleet/Van Der Vleet from unbroken line of male Flatt/Vliet/VanVleet/Van Fleet/Van Der Vleet. You must be a male of that surname OR have a male relative of that surname who could take the test as your representative.
Acquaint yourself with DNA testing by visiting web site for Family Tree DNA, who is conducting the test: Read the # of Markers document first. As part of the Flatt/Van Der Vliet Project, cost of the 12 marker DNA Test will be at a discounted price, down from $149 to $99. If you qualify, click the Join button, above.

If you've hit a stonewall in your Flatt/Flath/Flautt/Floth/Fleet/Vliet/Van Fleet, Vanderfleet/Van Der Vliet research, DNA test might well be the answer in jump-starting your Flatt/Van Der Vliet research. Your DNA may well match DNA from Flatt/Vliet/VanVleet/Van Fleet/Van Der Vleet who has documented lineage