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Fitzpatrick Surname and Deep Origins
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About us

To help Fitzpatricks find family connections using autosomal and Y-DNA.

To uncover the deeper Fitzpatrick connections, be they to other Irish Clans, or Normans, Germanic tribespeople, non-European lines etc.

To manage and fund a programme of NGS testing:

Z255...BY2849: commenced April 2018, ongoing;
FGC5494...A1488: commenced August 2018, ongoing;
FGC11134...BY12234: commenced August 2019, ongoing;
FGC11134...CTS4466: commenced June 2020, ongoing;
Z253...L226: commenced June 2021, ongoing;
L513...BY2631: commenced December 2021, ongoing.

We thank the Fitzpatrick Clan Society ( for being the major sponsor of the Fitzpatrick DNA project, as well those individuals who have made generous donations.