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(Updated 24 May 2012)

The members can be divided into 3 haplogoups; I1, I2b1 and R1b1a2.


--Kits No 38086 and 80360 are closely related and trace their roots through written sources to Peder Erichsen Falk (ca 1696-1760), who came to Salangen, Astafjord in Northern Norway in the early 17-hundreds. Peder is believed to be the son of Erich Olsen (Falch) (ca.1655-1733) (No 2 in the Project Background), tailor in Sogndalsfjøra, Sogndal, Sogn & Fjordane, and later living in Bergen, Norway.
Kits No 80360 has confirmed SNP L22+ and 813+, which Ken Nordtvedt has named I1-uN2. In FTDNAs 2011 classification this is I1d, while in the ISOGG 2012, this is reclassified as I1a3e.

--Kit No 80293 has tested only 12 markers, which correspond to the two kits above. However, these are not related. Kit 80293 descends through female lines from Else Lauritsdatter Falck, the sister of Isach and Jacob Lauritsen Falck. (No 5. in the Project Background)

--Kit No 189747’s MRCA has not been shared. The kit shows a distance of 4 markers within the first 12, which shows there is no link to the previous I1-kits.

--Kit No 150814 is not found to descend from a Falk family, though members are found to have married into the family of No 2 in the Project Background.


--Kits No 60581 and 90313 are related, and trace their roots to Hans Falch (dead after 1729) in Bergen, Norway (No 3 in the Project Background).

--Kit No 162176 traces his roots to Niels Johannessen Falk (ca. 1708-1778), Master weaver in Bergen, Norway (No 9 in the Project Background).

While kit 162176 belongs to Haplogroup R1b1a2 like kits 60581 and 90313, the distance of 3 markers within the first 12 markers, shows that these two Falch/Falk families are not closely related.

Both these families, like the Erik Olsen Falch family above, have a connection to Bergen, Norway.

The tests have shown that these three Bergen Falch/Falk families are not related through paternal lines,. This leaves two alternatives:
--either there is no link between the use of the Falch/Falk name in these families
--or the link goes through female family members that have brought the Falch/Falk name to the next generation at some point in time before written sources can confirm this.

--Kit No N93501 has a distance of 3 markers within the first 12 markers, and is not closely related to the two families above. Information on MRCA is not available.


--Kit No 77830 belongs to a Falk family descending from Hans Nilsson, born c.1740 Tanum, Bohuslän, Sweden. The link to historical Falk families is currently unclear.

--Kit No 189431’s MRCA has not been shared. A distance of 7 markers within 25 compared to kit 77830, shows these are not related.

--Kit No 124640 is not found to descend from a Falk family.


--Kit No 239089 is pending results