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Falk/ Falck/ Falch

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[The Surname Project was started 5 April 2006]

Known Falk/Falck/Falch families of Scandinavia:

In Norway, several Falk/Falck/Falch families are likely related, but the “most recent common ancestor” (MRCA) probably lived before written sources can confirm a relation between these families. On the other hand some of the Falk/Falck/Falch families are probably not related as they have separate origins through immigration or they have picked-up the name at some point due to unknown reasons.

Denmark and Sweden also have a wide distribution of Falk/Falck/Falch families. Many are of local origin in those countries, while others could be the result of immigration. During the more than 400 year long union between Denmark and Norway that ended in 1814, some Falk/Falck/Falch families are known to have migrated between the two countries. Hopefully this project will be able to confirm possible links between the Scandinavian countries.


1. Falch, descendants of Adrian Richertssen Falkener (dead ca 1595), Mayor of Trondheim, Norway. Adrian is believed to have immigrated from Holland, and his descendants are widely distributed in Trøndelag, Northern and Western Norway.
This family also has descendants through female lines, the most known being Adrian’s grand-daughter Margrete Petersdatter (Falkener) (1556-1622) in Trondheim, who married Jacob Pedersøn (1544-1633) from Vammen by, Nørre Lyng herred, Jylland, Denmark, and whose descendants use the name Falch.
(Sources: Høibo, Gudrun Johnson: Slekten Falkener, Falch, Falck. Oslo 1962. [db];
Åsvang, Arnt O.: Slekten Falch. 1979-1988. Bd. 1-4. [db])

2. Falch, descendants of Erich Olsen (Falch) (ca.1655-1733), tailor in Sogndalsfjøra, Sogndal, Sogn & Fjordane, and later in Bergen, Norway. This family is believed to include a line through Peder Erichsen Falk (ca 1696-1760), who is though to be Erich’s son, and came to Salangen, Astafjord in Northern Norway in the early 17-hundreds. ,

3. Falch, descendants of Hans Falch (dead after 1729), in Bergen, Norway.

4. Falk, descendants of Nils Jenssen (1724-1804) Sylteren, Brønnøy, Norway and Dorethe Nilsdatter (Falk?) (1728-1778), Brønnøy, Norway.

5. Falck, descendants of Isach Lauritsen Falck (1601-1669), merchant in Risør, Aust-Agder, and his brother Jacob Lauritsen Falck, merchant in Larvik, Vestfold, Norway. Isach developed the harbour of Risør and is regarded the founding father of Risør town. His son was Gjert Isachsen Falck (1632-1679).

6. Falck, descendants of Abraham Olufsen Falck (ca.1634-1700), Risør, Aust-Agder, Norway.

7. Jacob Rasmussen Falck (dead 1730), Strømsø, Drammen, Norway. Descendants through his grandsons Christian Falck. (1733-1800) and Wilhelm Andreas Falck (1734-1814)

8. Falck, descendants of Olaf Falck (ca.1612-ca.1640), Holmedal, Sogn & Fjordane, Norway. Possibly a descendant of Adrian Richertssen Falkener (No 1).

9. Falk, descendants of Niels Johannessen Falk (ca. 1708-1778), Master weawer in Bergen. Three of his sons Annanias (1738-1812), Johannes (1747-1791) and Marcus (ca 1751-1793) were all weawers.

10. Falch, descendants of Søren Andersen Falch, (?-dead 1683), ropemaker in Strømsø, Drammen, Norway. Søren's grandson is Abraham Falch (1712-1776), Vice-Mayor of Copenhagen, Denmark. No known connections to no.7 Jacob Rasmussen Falck.

The Falck name occurs in Sweden as early as the 13-hundreds, and was carried by a Danish noble family in Scania (Skåne), at the time a part of Denmark.
Since the 15-hundreds the name occurs among families whose relation cannot be established.

Falck/ Falk, an ancient family known since the 14-hundreds. Among the known members is the Bishop Erik Falk. Supposedly, several descending branches of this family rose to Nobility, but this cannot be confirmed through written sources. Among these:
--Falckenhielm (in Finland)


1. Falk, descendants of Eskild Krage Falk (known 1254-75), Copenhagen, Sealand, Denmark. Danish nobility.

2. Falch, Abraham (1712-1776), Vice-Mayor of Copenhagen, Denmark. Grandson of Søren Andersen Falch, (?-dead 1683), no.10 in Strømsø, Norway.

3. Falck, Johan Gottfried (?-1779), musician in the Royal Chapel in Denmark. Immigrated from Vogtland in Saxony (Sachsen).