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Haplogroup F, defined by mutations M89, P14, and M213, is the direct ancestor of haplogroups G, H, IJ, and K, and through K the ancestor of haplogroups L-T (formerly K2). Thus approximately 90% of the male population carry the mutations that define haplogroup F, though an individual is not considered to be in haplogroup F unless he also tests negative for mutations that define the haplogoups descended from F. For those who test with FTDNA, men with the following set of results are assigned to haplogropup F: M89+ P14+ M201- M304- M69- M9- P19-. Originally it was believed all M89+ men would be found to belong to F descendant haplogroups G-T, but an increasing number of men have continued to test positive only for the mutation that defines F. Though there are small direct subclades of F, including F1, F2, F3 and F4, few men have been tested for their defining mutations. The Geographical Relationship of Macro-Haplogroup F to its Descendant Haplogroups