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Any male bearing the ERBLAND/APLAND surnames may participate in this project. The testing is done by Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. (FTDNA). Any male meeting this criteria can join the ERBLAND surname project by ordering a Y-DNA test kit for the ERBLAND surname project. If you qualify for the ERBLAND surname project and order your test kit through the ERBLAND surname project order page, you will receive the ‘Group Rate’, which is a substantial discount from FTDNA’s posted prices. You can begin the order process in order to see your discounted prices. You will have an opportunity to abort the order if you are not satisfied with the price quoted. It is suggested that participants in the ERBLAND surname project select the “Y-DNA67 Male 67 Marker Paternal Test”. This test will produce the most detailed and best focused results of the all the available Y-DNA tests. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive Y-DNA test. If you prefer to spend less initially, you can order the “Y-DNA37 Male 37 Marker Paternal Test” or the even less expensive “Y-DNA12 Male 12 Marker Paternal Test”. That said, it is hoped that most participants will opt for the Y-DNA67 test. This test will move our knowledge of the ERBLAND/APLAND surname forward the fastest. If you have already had a Y-chromosome test done by oxford or Ancestry, you will note that a conversion kit can be ordered to make the test results compatible with the results produced by FTDNA’s tests. A web site devoted to the ERBLAND/APLAND, Y-DNA, Surname Project has been established at If you are a male ERBLAND/APLAND, please check that site often. And please email us with any questions or comments about the ERBLAND/APLAND surnames and/or this project. Since Alsace participation is critical to the success of this project, it is intended that the web site at be bilingual in French and English. Since no one currently associated with the ERBLAND surname project can read or write French, we are hoping to recruit an ERBLAND from Alsace to do the translation for the French language pages on the project’s web site. If you are an ERBLAND, living in Alsace and are bilingual in English/French, PLEASE email us. We need your help!