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About us

The ERBLAND surname Y-DNA project investigates genetic links between living Erbland’s worldwide and their roots in Alsace, Haut-Rhin, France. APLAND is a U.S. variant of ERBLAND for one paternal line that has roots in Minnesota. This project also investigates genetic links between clusters of early North American Erbland’s; specifically those near Rochester, NY and those near Canton, Ohio. It is also looking for a genetic link between two different lines of Erbland’s that were a part of the Canton cluster. Finally, the project hopes to identify genetic links between the various Erbland’s that sill live in Alsace.

Unlike the more common surname projects, the number of potential ERBLAND participants is limited. Consequently, people who participate in the ERBLAND project are more likely to find a genetic match than people who participate in the larger projects. On the downside, the pool of eligible ERBLAND participants is small and recruiting new project members is more difficult.

It is hoped that this project will attract participants from both Alsace and North America. Toward this end, the Erbland Surname web site at has been established in both French and English. This project was launched on June 8, 2005. If you are an eligible ERBLAND or Apland male (or if you are a female who can entice an eligible ERBLAND male to participate as your surrogate), you can become a project member and order your Y-DNA test kit.

Participants in the ERBLAND project are encouraged to order the Y-DNA67 test. It provides more detailed results than the Y-DNA37 or Y-DNA12 tests. The 67 Marker test is more expensive, however, so if your choice must be between a less expensive test or not participating at all, please choose the less expensive test. This can be upgraded later. If you join the ERBLAND surname project when ordering your test kit, you become eligible for special group pricing.

If you are an ERBLAND who would like to be tested but has concerns about the cost ot the testing, money is sometimes available in the ERBLAND Surname Project General Fund to help offset some of the cost. Email the ERBLAND Project Administrator at for details. If you are interested in ERBLAND DNA Geneaolgy and would like to make a financial contribution to the ERBLAND Surname Project General Fund, the ERBLAND Project Administrator would be delighted to hear from you at