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About us

The goal of the ELDER Surname Project is to
distinguish between ELDER ancestral lines, worldwide,
and connect lines that have reached brick walls
on their paper trail, especially to connect to their Scotland origins.

GENEALOGY list from Donna's chart, updated:
1. Andrew R.- March 15,1795 -July 1854 in
     Alexander County, NC at Carson Chapel Church
2. George W.- January 20 1833-October 24 1924 in
    Alexander County, NC at Carson Chapel
3. John Carson -1859-1934 in
     Alexander County, NC at Carson Chapel

Carson's Chapel United Methodist
4161 Rocky Springs Road      
Hiddenite, NC 28636      
828- 632-4810

Taylorsville to Carson's Chapel Church
Total Est. Time:  15 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 5.45 miles
also Alexander Co NC

1. JOHN, res. Iredell Co NC 1800
2. WILLIAM S., b 1825 Buncombe Co NC
3. ANDREW J., b 1850 Marion Co IA

1. JOHN ELDER, b. abt 1814 NC
2. WILLIAM F. ELDER, b. abt 1846 [Christian Co] IL

187668  (matches NC entries 11/12)
George Walker Elder, b. 1861 Conecuh Co AL - d. 1920 Conecuh Co AL
Findagrave Photo of Cemetery stone

1. JOHN (1756 - 1834 Randolph Co NC)
2. WILLIAM (1784 - 1879 Overton Co TN)
3. ROBERT (1813-1882 Oregon Territory)
and Ancestry Tree:

1. GEORGE ELDER d. 1800 Bedford Co PA
2. JAMES, b. 1777 d. 1863 Bedford Co PA
3. ACHOR, b. 1815 d. 1855 Columbiana Co OH
4. HORACE ACHOR, b. 1855 d. 1927 Wood Co OH

Robert ELDER (1730-1807) of Franklin Co PA
Abraham, b. 1755  (moved to Centre Co PA)
Robert, b. 1785 Fannett, Franklin Co PA  (moved to Centre Co PA)
Abram, b. 1817  ( Centre Co PA)
Robert Thomas Elder, b. 1852 (buried Grays Cem, Centre Co PA]

1. Kit#88041
2.  Bertie Franklin Elder b.MO 1916 d.IL  1948;
3. William Wesley Elder b. MO 1888 d. 1964 MO; 
4.  William Henry Elder b. IL 1853 d. 1940 MO; 
5. Dumah B. Elder b. abt. 1831 OH d. 1883 AR;
6. Thomas Elder b. Abt 1794 d. Aft. 1871 (last record Neb.);
7. Robert Elder  b. abt 1769 PA d. 1835 OH.
Isaac Rains ELDER, b. 1797 OH

Joseph Caseville ELDER, b. 1819 TN - d. 1862
John Silas ELDER (b. 25 Jan 1845- d. 1913 in Mt. Ida, Montgomery, AR)
William Caswell ELDER (b. abt 1876 AR -  d. TX )

1. GEORGE ELDER d. 1800 Bedford Co PA
 ROBERT b. 1768,
   JOHN, b. 1804
     m Sarah Wolford
     son: #158. JOHN W. ELDER,
           b. abt 1826 in 1860 census
       son #167. SYLVESTER BELL ELDER in Ohio
             b. Wood Co OH
                buried Pendleton, OR

#13706 and #23663
1. Samuel H. ELDER, b. 1856, Jefferson Co TN
   (Descendants of Sevier Co TN - Ann Elder Brooks Poe sponsor)

#294582, #322208
1. Samuel ELDER, d. 1811 Sevier Co TN  (can send 10.4MB .pdf file "FamiliesNamedElderInEastTN")
   From the 133 pages typed and scanned book: "FAMILIES NAMED ELDER IN EAST TENNESSEE" by Virginia Knight Nelson,
also posted as .pdf file on Google Docs with permission of the author

1. JACOB ELDER b. 1785, d 1818 Lincoln Co. KY

1. GEORGE ELDER d. 1800 Bedford Co PA
2. JAMES, b. 1777 PA
3. JOHN, b. 1822 PA
4. LEWIS, b.1844 Bedford Co PA--moved to Crawford Co KS

1. GEORGE ELDER d. 1800 Bedford Co PA
2. JOHN ELDER b. 1766 Huntingdon Co PA

1. JAMES ELDER, b. 1769 Clarion Co PA

and cousins

1. JAMES (1766 - 1843 - Randolph Co NC)
2.. JOHN (1808 - 1873 - Randolph Co NC)
3. ELIAS (1845-1914 - Randolph Co NC)
Ancestry Tree:

1. JOHN ELDER d. 1885, Wilmington, Lawrence Co PA (also in Mercer Co,

William Alexander ELDER, b. 1836 OH
f:"DAVID CLARK ELDER" , b. 1798,
 Path Valley, Franklin Co PA.
f: JOHN ELDER, b. 1755, Cumberland Co PA
Moved to Beaver Co PA in 1802.

1. DAVID ELDER (1739-1813) Franklin Co PA m. Margery Stewart
2. WILLIAM ELDER (1759-1784) Franklin Co PA
3. DAVID ELDER (1785-1827) Mifflin Co PA
4. NOAH ABRAHAM ELDER (1814-1886) Mifflin Co PA
5. JESSE REYNOLDS ELDER (b. 1852- d. Aurora, IL)
6. JAMES REYNOLDS ELDER (b. 1880 - d. Aurora, IL)

1. ELDER, b Toronto, Canada early 1900s (adoptee)

88750 (adoptee)

1. ROBERT ELDER d. 1807 Franklin Co PA
2. JOSEPH, b. 1770 Franklin Co PA, d. 1858 Westmoreland Co PA
3. JOSEPH JR, b. 1811 Franklin Co PA, d. 1868 Westmoreland Co PA
4. WILLIAM ALEXANDER, 1854-1932 Westmoreland Co PA

1. ROBERT (1730 Perth Scotland--1807 Franklin Co PA)
2. JOSEPH (1770 Franklin Co PA --1858 Westmoreland Co PA)
3. JOHN (1805 Franklin Co PA --1863 Wood Co OH)

Josiah M. ELDER,  b. 1 JAN 1848, Portage, Wood, OH -  d. 23 Dec 193, Petersburg, Monroe, MI
   m. Emily Amelia TROMBLEY/TREMBLAY
John ELDER, b. 1805 Fannett, Franklin, PA - d. 1863 Wood Co OH-  m. Mary MOREHOUSE
Joseph ELDER,  b. 16 NOV 1770 Fannett, Franklin, PA
   d.  7 AUG 1858, Ligonier, Westmoreland, PA -  m. Polly WALKER
Robert ELDER (Rev. War Patriot) -  b. abt 1730 near PERTH, SCOTLAND
 d. 1807 Franklin Co, PA - m. Mary _THORN

Daniel ELDER, b. SCT?
Nathaniel ELDER, B. SCT. - son Nathaniel res. Ballymoney
Joseph Dickey ELDER b: 1838 IRE or SCT - d. Culmore,Antrim,N.Ire
James Gray ELDER, b 21 Jul 1868 in Culmore,Ballymoney,Antrim,N.Ire - d. 1945 WI

Kit #116194
William S. ELDER b. 1826 Franklin Co PA -
                 d. 1887 Clarion Co PA

Jacob Elder, b. 1865 KY
Kit #206260
father: David Elder (ll)  b. 1772  - d. 22 Jan. 1837 Washington Co., PA
father: David Elder (l)  d. 1814 Robinson Twp., Washington Co., PA
Kit #222304
David Delaney Elder, b. 1856 Gallatin, White, IL - d. 1922 Reno, Washoe, NV
James Morrow Elder,  b. 1816 Livingston, Caldwell, KY - d. 1858 Gallatin, White, IL
David Elder, b. abt 1784, Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC - d. 1832, Smithland, Livingston, KY
John Mayes Elder, b. 1754 Spartanburg Co SC - d. 1799 Centerville, Livingston, KY
and notes:

76740 - Thomas Elder, b. 1876 Limavady, Co L'Derry, Northern Ireland

37194 - Joseph Elder, b. 1749 Washingon Co VA

N3302 -- JAMES E. ELDER, b. 1817 Scotland, m Barony, Lanark, Scotland
       son: DAVID W. ELDER, b 1854 in Ontario, Canada

94092 -- William John ELDER, b. 1840 -
         d. Mar 12, 1900 Cloughmills, Ballymoney, Co Antrim, Ireland

129171 -- James McCord Elder, b. 1822 KY - D. 1905 Parke Co IN

Chart 3: MAINE ELDER group:
b. 1784 Portland, Cumberland, ME,
d. 1829 Moss Point, Jackson Co., MS

Fran Pickett's WorldConnect

and WorldConnect
by Jim Weyand
Amelia JAMES has MAINE ELDER info on her new website:

Andrew ELDER, d. 1807 Madison Co KY
ANDERSON ELDER d. Berea, Madison Co., KY

Kit #202515 - David Robert Elder
WorldConnect  by Bryn

b. 1796, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England

GEORGE ELDER (b. 1811 E. Anstruther, Fife - d. Ontario, Canada)
JOHN ELDER (b. 1769 Crail, Fife)
  may be related to JOHN ELDER, b. 1806 Crail, Fife - immigr. NJ/CT
See CRAIL notes:
David Elder, d. 1862 Raploch, Stirling, Scotland,215420.0.html


CHART 4 - PAXTANG, HARRISBURG, PA - "I" Isles Haplogroup - I1b2a1  (Old I1c) Viking on Scotland DNA chart

Robert H. ELDER, b. abt 1828 Indiana Co PA
                 d. 1892 Dallas County Iowa

15134 & 146005 & AncestryDNA #1 (George b. 1858 IA)
1. JOHN ELDER, b. 1660 Midlothian, Scotland
2. JOHN, b. 1690 Antrim Co Ireland
3. HENRY, b. 1735 Garvagh, Co Londonderry, Ireland, d. 1817 Ireland
4. MATTHEW, b. 1775 Londonderry, Ireland, d. 1861 Iowa
5. HENRY (II) , b. 1817 Garvagh, Co Derry, d. 1902 Iowa

ROBERT ELDER (1836-1910) Inch Island, Co. Donegal
Others immigr. to Saskatchewan
Inch Island ELDER webpage:
1. ROBERT ELDER, b 1679 Scotland; d 28 Jul 1746 Paxtang Twp., Dauphin Co., PA.
2. THOMAS, b 1708 Scotland; d Jul 1752, Paxtang Twp., Dauphin Co., PA.
3. ROBERT, b abt 1748, prob. Dauphin Co., PA; d 3 Oct 1825 Clark Co., OH.
4. THOMAS, b. 6 Apr 1795, Dauphin Co., PA; d 18 Oct 1871, Clark Co., OH.
5. JOHN A., b. 24 Feb 1827, Green Twp., Clark Co., OH; d 24 Mar 1909, Kenton, Hardin Co., OH.

1. ROBERT ELDER, b 1679 Scotland; d 28 Jul 1746 Paxtang Twp., Dauphin Co., PA.
2. THOMAS, b 1708 Scotland; d Jul 1752, Paxtang Twp., Dauphin Co., PA.
3. ROBERT, b abt 1748, prob. Dauphin Co., PA; d 3 Oct 1825 Clark Co., OH.

1. ROBERT ELDER, b. 1679 Scotland
2. ROBERT, b. 1704  
3. ROBERT, 1732 -1790 Elder's Ridge
4. ROBERT, 1767 -1813 Elder's Ridge
5. ROBERT, 1809 -1869 Elder's Ridge
Ridgeview/Eldersridge Cemetery - Indiana Co PA

JOSEPH ELDER, b 1757 - d1829 Orange Co NY
Rev War Military Story

1. William Hoyt Elder, b. 1867, Spartanburg, SC
matches 66/67-- STEWART #5830, 36246, etc.

and Null 425 chart test= 10 10 13 13
http://www.familytr public/null425


CHART 5 - PETER ELDER, d. 1673 VA - R1b1 - "COLLA UAIS" on Scotland DNA chart
1. PETER ELDER, d. 1673 VA
2. PETER Jr., of VA
3. WILLIAM, b 1688 of VA
4. JOSEPH, b 1731 of VA
5. DAVID, b 1760 of GA
6. WYCHE, b 1804 of GA
7. EDMOND, b. 1848 GA & AL
8. SAMUEL, b. 1871 AL

Found in Funeral Home webpage:
Obituary - Nov. 4, 1923 - May 13, 2016 San Angelo, TX

   "Lee Murzel Elder was born as the first child of six on November 4, 1923, in Kress, Texas,
to Prentice and Velma (Cunningham) Elder,  who lived in the rural Texas Panhandle
where his grandfather was a working cowboy on the Goodnight Ranch …." 
    "Lee compiled the Elder Genealogy book which is very extensive  and goes back to Peter Elder,
his earliest ancestor to come to America in the 1650s.
Many of the Elder families throughout the US have added information to this book and obtained a copy of it from Lee.
He was a member of the San Angelo Genealogy Society and faithfully attended the meetings.
He always loved to tell people that his first cousin was
Ruth Elder who was the first woman aviator to attempt to fly from the US over the Atlantic in 1927."

1. PETER ELDER b. 1593/1594
2. PETER, b. 1654/1655, Rappahannock Co, VA
3 .WILLIAM, b. 21 May 1715, N. Farnham Par., Richmond Co, VA
4. PETER, b. 21 May 1715, N. Farnham Par., Richmond Co, VA
5. PETER, b. 1 Dec 1741, N. Parham Parish, Richmond Co, VA
6. EPHRAIM, .b. 1762, N. Farnham Par., Richmond Co, VA
7. WILLIAM, b. abt 1808, Spartanburg Co, SC

35714  [new kit #845693]
Kendle ELDER, b. 1835, Henry Co MO
and photo

1. PETER ELDER, d 1673 VA
to  DAVID ELDER, b 1803 VA/Rutherford Co TN

and Gibson Co TN

Claiborne Elder
Burwell Elder
Henry H Elder, b 1835 Dinwiddie County, Virginia
WorldConnect by Chandler Elder

William Edmund Elder b. 1688 VA

Peter Elder, d. 1763 VA

Sebe Elder, TN

Brightwell Rather Elder, d. 1888 Union Co MS

110192 Spartanburg, SC (Lindates1)
Hilliard (1842-1887) and Lucinda Sexton ELDER

South Carolina Archives - Search for ELDER
Series: S126088 - Confed. Pension application - Meritorious
Item: 10686  (2 pages - Handwritten images)
Has her marriage date: 31 July 1862
His Death Date: 26 May 1897

See also: WorldConnect,
by Melissa Speed
FAMILY "De Lozier, Elder, Jones, & Strickland"
David ELDER, b. 1760 VA - d. 1853 GA  (Ancestor - PETER ELDER)

Vickie Beard Thompson's WorldConnect database.
Samuel H. ELDER (1808-1877) KY

Bob Elder's website

Book: "PETER ELDER of VA."
First paragraph in the book says:
"The earliest history we have of the Elder "clan,"
they were living in Scotland in the 15th century.
Eventually they emigrated to England and Ireland
 on account of their religious liberties and viewpoints.
Peter Elder, Sr. along with two brothers, came to
this country in the early 1600's.
They landed in Norfolk, VA., but do not appear in a book of immigrants.
 Peter came over as a stowaway
and working out his passage with a rich merchant....
  (no more specifics about Ireland/Scotland)

WILLIAM d. 1714 Maryland - "R1b1" (matches Jason CLARY - "R1b1" chart
2. WILLIAM, b 1707, d 1775 Emmitsburg, Frederick Co., MD
3. ALOYSIUS, d 1827 Emmitsburg, Frederick Co., MD
4. JOACHIM, b 1785 Emmitsburg, Frederick Co., MD
5. JAMES A., b 1830 Emmitsburg, Frederick Co., MD
Home Page on Weebly:

...RICHARD ELDER, b. 1818 Cambria Co PA
   (family came from Emmitsburg)

101450 William ELDER, d. 1714 MD  (62/67 with 44816)

N60895 William ELDER, d. 1714 MD (12/12 with 1st 2)

122484 Owen Leroy ELDER, b. 1883 AR (12/12 with all)
Sharon Gifford's WorldConnect for Ignatius ELDER:
Z2 -  John ELDER (1755-1836) m. Nancy Rose - Resided Lawrence Co PA
Kit #206529
James Elder, b. 1815 Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland Co PA - d. 1894 Hancock Co IL
m. Eliza J. Martin, b. 1821 Beaver Co PA

Z-4 FIFE - Chart
Kit #155942
Connection to Pittwenweem, Fife, Scotland
William Elder, b. abt 1802 Pittenweem, Fife

#186447 Abbotshall, Fife, Scotland

Z05 - "J2a4h2"
Kit #188265 and #222675 - James Elder (1815-1881 of Fayette Co PA) - matching Elder/Dorsey
and "J2a" -L24 Y-DNA project
kit #12883 - "J2a4h2"
1. JOHN ELDER (d. 1740 - Anne Arundel Co. MD) m. Mary Morris
2. JOHN ELDER (1695-1762 - Anne Arundel Co/Baltimore Co. MD) m. Jemima DORSEY
3. OWEN ELDER (d. 1774 - Anne Arundel Co/Baltimore Co. MD) m. Anne DORSEY
4. JOHN OWEN ELDER (1771-1857 - Anne Arundel Co/Carroll Co.MD) m. Ann DORSEY (f: Lancelot)
5. MICHAEL ELDER (1800-1868 - Carroll Co. MD/Marshall Co WV) m. Catherine DORSEY
Green Spring Valley, MD (pt. 1-2)

"Other Z" Groups
1. GEORGE ELDER b. abt 1841, Rutherford Co TN

17290 and 13301 (not direct from PETER ELDER - but connected in some other way)
1. PETER ELDER, d. 1674 Old Rappahannock County - now Essex, VA
2. PETER, b. ca 1660 d. before 1687
3. WILLIAM, b. ca 1681 d. ca 1754/1755 Richmond, VA
4. PETER, b. 21-MAY-1715 Richmond, VA ( North Farnham Parish)
5. PETER, b. 01-DEC-1741 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, VA d.
1804 Surry County, NC
6. Unknown parents of Jesse Elder
*(Grandfather Peter's will places Jesse in William Elder's charge)
7 Jesse Elder b. 1788 NC d. 16-SEP-1859 Pulaski Co, KY
8 Landon Davis Elder b. 1820 KY d. 07-OCT-1878 Stanley, KS
9 Jesse Tyler Elder b. 28-JUL-1852 Holt Co, MO
d. 25-Jul-1941 Ottawa, Franklin Co, KS

Notes for Rev. Jesse Edwin ELDER of Idaho (Landon)

1. ROBERT ELDER b. 2 Aug 1785 in SELKIRKSHIRE, Scotland (Borders) - 67/67 McClelland

1. ELDER line of Aberdeen Scotland

24127  (6 of 12 with Peter Elder group)
1. EPHRAIM ELDER b. before 1750 Richmond Co VA

Z14 - #208702 - Elder/McHenry of WV 
32/37 - YSEARCH shows 3 matches for GODDARD, plus  PAYNE (also 23/25).

Z15 - #219446  McKinder ELDERS b. 1830 TN  (may connect with Yorkshire, Eng. - Vikings)
See: I2b1 study - I-223 - Roots

Scotland - Glasgow (No Kit#-Member37)YSearch: X4KJ9
13 24 14 10 8 14 12 12 12 13 13 29

#16874  (11/12, 18/25 with PETER ELDER group)
ELDER of Somerset Co PA:
Most distant known paternal ancestor on the direct male line
First Name:     John
Last Name:     Elder
Year Born:     1762
Year Died:     1849
Country of Origin:     Jamestown, Ireland
Latitude:     53 deg 56 min 49 sec N
Longitude:     8 deg 5 min 24 sec W

Additional information about Paternal Line:
"John Elder came to the USA in 1791 with his two brothers, Samuel
Elder, and William Gore Elder.
 William went to Edinburg Scotland, College of Physicians, to get his
Medical degree. John was trained as a Blacksmith and taught his
children the Blacksmith trade. On John`s naturalization papers he
listed his affiliation as Episcopalen.

#135785 - Thomas ELDER, Alnwick, Northumberland, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Border Reivers matches - with Crawford 64/67 and Liddell  34/37

Maternal mtDNA results (mtDNA menu):

 #25495 --Haplogroup U5a
1. Mary Darby b. abt.1755 d.abt.1832 Rutherford Co. TN
2. Mary Towler b. 1780 VA, d. 1865 Gibson Co. TN
3. Mary Elder b. 1805 TN, d. aft. 1850 Gibson Co. TN
4. Fannie W. Chrisp b. 1836 TN, d. 1908 Gibson Co. TN
#44816 - mtDNA --Haplogroup J1b1
Bertha Jackish b. 1862 Germany

#48943 -Nancy Elder Petersen's mtDNA - J1b1
 Maternal line:
ELDER origins:
Victor ELDER's webpage, explaining the connection as a
"Sept to the MacIntosh Clan"
(11/12 and 18/25 with PETER ELDER group):
see his genealogy in PA:

"The origin of the Elder name is as follows:
"In 1160, Malcomb IV called upon the Clan Macduff
to help him withstand an attempt on his throne.
Duncan Macduff, Chief of the Macduff Clan, sent his son Shaw. At the
end of the war, Shaw was rewarded with his own noble rank and lands
and was known as Macintosh. This much we know, Supposedly, Shaw
Macduff Macintosh had several sons, the oldest of whom was known as
"The Eldar" (original spelling) and his decendants adopted this as
their surname, to distinguish their line from the rest of the clan.
The Elder name is very common in Scotland and has always been
associated with the Clan Macintosh (MacKintosh) so the tale certainly
seems plausible...
MacKintosh or McIntosh means "son of the chief or important person"
and Elder is simply the Anglicised or English form of the Gaelic

ELDER Coat of Arms - in House of Names:  (2 stars - Dolphin in "S" shape)

"Origin Displayed: Scottish
Spelling variations of this family name include: Elder, Elders, Eldar, MacNoravaich and others.
      First found in Edinburghshire the present day Scottish Council Area ofMidlothian in Southeastern Scotland, which as a former county, used to encompass the city of Edinburgh, where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D..."

" The arms were registered at Fairfield, County Lanark in 1869."
More about Coat of Arms/Crests


Septs of Clan MacKintosh

Adamson,Ayson, Clark, Combie, Crerar, Dallas, Doles, Elder, Esson, Glen,Glennie, Hardie, Hardy, MacAndrew, MacAy, MacCardney, McCombie,MacCombie, MacCombe, MacComie, M'Conchy, Macglashan, Machardie,Machardy, MacHay, Mackeggie, M'Killican, MacNiven, MacOmie, Macritchie,MacThomas, Niven, Noble, Paul, Ritchie, Seawright, Siveright, Shaw,Tarrill, Tosh, Toshach.

The most famous
written history of ELDER in Pennsylvania,
 is by William EGLE, for another ELDER family,
called the "PAXTANG ELDER" group of PA--
 I transcribed part of his book chapter on ELDER here:

THE DNA from this family,
 now 4 FTDNA entries,
all Haplogroup "I1b2a1-ISLES"
can be seen on Katherine Hope BORGES "Scotland DNA" chart.

Book entry:
Egle, William Henry.
Pennsylvania Genealogies.
Lane S. Hart. Harrisburg. 1886.  Reprint.
Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1969.
viii, 798 p. ; 23 cm.

Pages 151-176
Chapter heading:
 I. ROBERT ELDER, b. about 1679 in Scotland, emigrated from Lough
Neagh, county Antrim,Ireland, where he had previously settled, to
America, about 1730, locating in Paxtang
township, then Lancaster, now Dauphin county, Pa.,
on a tract of land near the first ridge of
the Kittochtinny mountains, five miles north of Harrisburg.
He died the 28th of July, 1746, in Paxtang, and is buried in the old
church grave-yard.
He married, in 1703, ELEANOR (?) GILLESPIE,
b. in 1684; d. October 25, 1742.
They had issue:
2.    i. Robert, b. 1704; m. and had issue.
3.   ii. John, b. January 26, 1706;
         m., 1st, Mary Baker; 2d, Mary Simpson.
4.  iii. Thomas, b. 1708;
       m. Mary Patterson,
           dau. of WilliamPatterson, of Paxtang.
5.   iv. David, b. 1710; m. Hannah Anderson.
      v. James, b. 1712; settled in Fannett township, Cumberland
                (now Franklin) county, Pa.
      vi. Ann, b. 1713; m. [John] Anderson, of Octoraro. We
              have no further information of this the, perchance,
               only sister of Reverend John Elder.

Another story for "PAXTANG PA ELDER" says:
"The ancestorial home of the Elder family is
assumed to have been Elderslie, near
Paisley in Renfreshire, Scotland.
 Being about six miles from Glasgow.
 It was in this shire that the progenitor of the
American family was born, about 1679.  
He moved to Lough Neagh, country Antrim, Ireland.
 The date of his arrival in Pennsylvania is
unknown, but he died near Harrisburg, at seven o'clock July 28th,
1746, and is interred in an unmarked grave in The Paxtang Grave-
Yard attached to the church, where his son, the famous "fighting
parson," ministered for many years."
  (above data taken from a record of Parson Elder,
kept in vol. of Bishop Atterbury's sermons.
 Now in possession of Dauphin Co. His. Soc. )

Another ELDER DNA group is my brother's
 "R1b1" matching 15 entries
From our Rev. War Soldier, Robert ELDER, (1730-1807)
born near Perth on the Tay, died 1807 in Franklin Co PA.
"FRANKLIN CO PA" charts and files,
compiled and donated by
Louise ELDER Gillispie,
were found in the online catalog of
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

"Descendants of Robert Elder (d.1807), Franklin County, Pa."
Call Number: "FC El"
Location: Closed Stacks (call slip needed)
Status: On shelf
Title: Descendants of Robert Elder (d.1807), Franklin County, Pa.
Local Note(s):        Acc. 1983.
Subject(s): Elder family.

More SCOTLAND histories:
JOHN ELDER, cartographer, born in Caithness in 1500's,
contributed to publication of:

Chapter Excerpt by Peter M. Barber
... "In France he presented Mary, Queen of Scots, with an autograph letter and
     (in a display of indirect vanity?) a fanciful map of the New Utopia ostensibly
      by his eight-year-old pupil, Lord Darnley."
In 1973 D.G. Moir suggested the John Elder (who signed himself Eldar)
was responsible for the depiction of Scotland on Mercator's map of 1564..."

Sailing Directions For The North Coast, by George Watson
 ...."The most likely candidate was John Elder, who was born in Caithness and
 was brought up In Skye and Lewis.
In 1543 Elder sent a letter and a 'plotte' or map of Scotland to King Henry VIII.
 As a cartographer he is likely to have had the type of information which Lindsay needed."

"The Highlanders of Scotland"
By William F. Skene, D.C.L. (1836)
Edited by Alexander MacBain, M.A., L.L.D. (1902)
Transcribed Chapters posted on Electric Scotland webpages.
Home page:
Searching for ELDER in each chapter,
finally found the same JOHN ELDER (mapmaker, b. Caithness)
Part 2 Chapter 1
" The first proof of the existence of this tradition which I shall bring forward,
is contained in a letter dated 1542, and addressed to King Henry VIII of England,
by a person designating himself “John Elder, clerk, a Reddschanke.”
More Elder entries in Northern Scotland:

Page 219:

Major-General SIR GEORGE ELDER , K.C.B.
        [Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath]
 ."...The Elders had fighting blood in their veins from both sides of the
house, ancestors of theirs (Stuart and Elder) having fought at
Culloden on the side of the Prince."
    "Sir George Elder was a soldier born..."
        "He was appointed as an Ensign in the 46th Foot on the
         27th of November, 1799...."
.....Major in the Portuguese army on the 13th of April, 1809...
.....Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland on the 4th of October, 1826;
and Commander-in-Chief in Madras in August, 1836."

"Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander MacDonald Elder, of the Bombay Fusiliers,
...was born in the parish of Sleat, as was also his brother,
   Commander Benjamin John Elder."
   Both were nephews of Sir George Elder...."

Elder Surname in
 "The Surnames of Scotland" by George Fraser Black.
Pg. 241.
ELDER.  The 'elder,' signifying the elder of two bearing the same
 forename.  John Eldar or Eldare de Corstorfin was burgess of Edinburgh in 1423 (LSC., p. 227; Egidii, p. 44).
  The surname is also recorded in Aberdeen in 1447 (CRA., p. 15).
 John Elder, a renegade Scot, urged Henry VIII ('Bagcheeks')
to invade Scotland, assuring him of the
 support of the Highland Clans (Coll., p. 23-32).
Andro Elder, reidare at Menmure, 1574 (RMR.). Cf. Macnoravaich.

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