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About us

Welcome to the Eaton DNA Project
administered by The Eaton Families Association

The following Surnames are currently included in this project:  
Eaton, Eatton, Eton, Eyton, Eytyn.
The Eaton DNA Project is open to all families with this surname, of all spelling variations, and from all locations.


What is a genealogical DNAtest?                                                                                                                  

·       The most common way to collect a DNA sample is by a cheek swab, a very painless procedure.                        

·       Test results look at a person's genetic code at specific locations on a specific chromosome within cells in your body. 

·       There are several types of DNA tests available.  A standard genealogical test for ancestry looks at the Y chromosome, only present in males. (Y-DNA Test)

·       The Y-DNA Test is only taken by males and seeks to match males, father to father to father, etc. back in time, matching with others with the same results. This is called DNA matching.  Other tests are now available to match female lines and more recently, family identifications in both males and females.  The Y-DNA test is the only test that the Eaton Project manages.  

A Y-DNA test compares the results of an individual to others from the same lineage (Surname) or to current and historic ethnic groups. From this comparison we are able to group matching lineages and by using traditional paper trails, we can hope to identify a Common Ancestor that the comparison group shares. The program allows you to contact each match via email to compare notes and sources.  Participants do have the option of remaining anonymous. The test can also prove that two individuals may not be related at all.


DNA testing cannot identify an ancestor by name. DNA is used with known verifiable facts to help in identifying your ancestors. The results will also not be able to tell where in your lineage you may have an ancestor in common with another individual. The project manager will work with you to determine the best use of resources to help identify your ancestry.  Sometimes there will be no match, so we must wait for a match to appear. (i.e. for someone new to get tested.)  The Eaton Family Testing Program uses the largest DNA processing laboratory in the world, Family Tree DNA, located in Houston, TX.


There are several levels of tests that can be ordered, based on the number of Markers tested (number of locations on the chromosome).  We recommend a 37 Marker test.  Upgrades can be ordered later, if desired, without submitting a new sample.  Click here to order a DNA Test Kit in the Eaton DNA Project


The Eaton Project Administrator will be in contact with you as soon as the Test Kit has been received back from you. If you have any other questions, please send an e-mail.


Note:  You do not have to be a member of the Eaton Families Association to be a member of the Eaton DNA Project.