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Eagles / Eagell

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About us

Welcome to the EAGELL/EAGEL/EAGLES/EAGLE ancestral origins DNA project. Participants must be males who have the EAGELL, EAGEL, EAGLES, EAGLE surnames or their variations. Women may participate through a male relative with whom they share a common patrilineal ancestor, both of whom possess the project surnames or their variants. The purpose of the project is to use DNA samples to discover the early origins of the patrilineal family line as well as to connect various branches of the line in Europe, America, Canada, and other in other countries. Participants’ identities are not made public; data is referenced by a code number and optionally by the name of the earliest known ancestor. The results of the project are published on-line (click on the Y Results tab above). The laboratory performing the tests is FamilyTree DNA in Texas. The test kit contains two cheek swabs, two small vials, and a return envelope. The kit is best ordered online using a credit card (click on “Request to Join” above) or by contacting the administrator by email. The project administrator, Michael Swanson, is a volunteer and receives no income from this project. His personal interest in the EAGELL line stems from his wife's ancestors who were surnamed EAGLES and more distantly EAGELL.* Thank you for considering the importance of this project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
* EAGLES FAMILIES OF NORTH AMERICA (updated in 2006, 2 vols.), by Douglas Eagles, 285 College Ave. North, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7T 6B9 1-519-344-6430