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About us

The E-M35 Phylogeny Project (formerly known as the E3b Y-DNA Project) is a repository of haplotype and haplogroup data collected from participants in many countries around the world. It is open to persons from all surnames and all geographical regions that have been predicted or tested as E1b1b1 (formerly E3b) in any of its subclades.

Our global objectives are predicated on the scientific assertion that Y-DNA preserves in our cells an indelible record that is passed on from father to son.

Each individual's unique Y-DNA molecule traces a genetic path to a distant common ancestor shared with persons of the same haplogroup. A degree of relatedness can be estimated between individuals that show a similar haplotype or occupy a distinct branch in the Y-DNA tree.

Be a part of the E-M35 Phylogeny Project !
To join the E-M35 Phylogeny Project follow these easy steps:

- Log in to your MyFTDNA page with your Kit Number and Password.

- Hover with the mouse over the Projects option on the top menu bar and select 'Join' from the drop down submenu.

- In the Projects page scroll down to the Y-DNA Haplogroups Project table and select the letter "E(n)".

- In the list of Matching Projects click our E-M35 Project and follow the instructions.

Genographic Project participants can also join the E-M35 Phylogeny Project
If you have entered National Geographic's Genographic Project and your haplogroup is among E1b1b1 (formerly known as E3b), you can transfer your results to FTDNA. The original price you paid for the GP participation kit entitles you to open a FTDNA account and there's no additional cost.

How to transfer your haplotype results

At the very bottom of your Genographic Project personal webpage, there's a "What Else Can I Do With My Results" section. Click on the "Learn More" link in that section and follow the instructions to create a Family Tree DNA account and transfer your results.

Once you complete those steps you should receive an email with your new Kit number and Password. Log in then to your newly created account from FTDNA's homepage and follow the instructions above to join the E-M35 Project.