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About us

This is the worldwide project for haplogroup E1b1b1 (former E3b) and all its subclades. If your Y-DNA haplogroup has been confirmed or predicted as E1b1b1 (formerly known as E3b) or any of its subclades, you are cordially invited to join us in our quest to understand the bigger picture of our ancient Y-DNA lineage.

Click on the link above to read more. Visit the Project's external website for a wider range of samples and tools. http://haplozone.net/e3b/project/ On our community page (forum) can also find help to get your terminal branch SNP. Look for the forum of your currently know branch, and ask where to go from there. The experts are subdivided in their own branches so you should get help at every step through the forums. http://community.haplozone.net/index.php For this project's purposes, we recommend testing Y37, then either Big Y or an SNP pack for either E-V68 or E-Z827 (which will be available soon) to find your terminal branch in the tree. Ask your project administrators which pack you should test for. To view the latest composite E-M35 tree, see the latest attached file here (pack SNPs are in bold): http://community.haplozone.net/index.php?topic=4002.0