E-V13 (E1b1b1a1b1a) Balkan/Swiss/UK

This is a Geographic Project based on E-V13 tested men - Balkans to the UK
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About us

The banner is courtesy of the Eupedia.com team located at http://www.eupedia.com/europe/Haplogroup_E1b1b_Y-DNA.shtml (With grateful thanks for allowing us to use this map). This project attempts to link E-V13 individuals from three regions - Balkans (specifically high E-V13 concentration areas such as Kosovo & Macedonia) - England - German/Swiss border area (Hegau, Thurgau) The project attempts to collect genetic evidence, that all three regions are linked by means of Roman auxiliary troop movements between 15 AD and 260 AD. The hypothesis is based on the fact that Roman legions systematically recruited Balkan populations for expeditions into Western Europe. Some hard archeological hard facts suggest that after 250 AD up to 50% of all Roman auxiliary troops were from the Balkans.