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E-M81 Project 

The Project

This is a worldwide project open to those who have been predicted or SNP-tested to be E-M81. It aims to investigate the history of E-M81 and assist project members in following their personal ancestral trails.
Sponsors for testing carried out by this project are welcome.


It is thought to have originated in the area of North Africa 5,600 years ago (Cruciani et al. 2004Arredi et al. 2004).


E-M81 downstream tests:  

All members of this project are predicted (almost sure) E-M183+. If you need test for downstream SNPs, saving your money, please consider:


1-   The best option to identify your general branch, is testing for “E-L19 SNP Pack”. It includes the main branches downstream of M81 as: A5604, PF2546, cts12227, A2227, PF6794, z5009, A930, Mz46/z21398, Mz99.


2-   For cousins who want to improve their Y-DNA Tree, They can test for “Big Y” directly. It includes “E-L19 SNP Pack”, “111 markers”, and NEW private SNPs (one for each 4 generations approximately).


3-   You can ask the project admins, what is the recommended test for you?


4-   Look at the following tentative tree, to identify your closest SNP:



How to JOIN

Important: This is a Haplogroup project, So it will only be shown and available for people to join from within their own account, and unfortunately it will not show up in the main search on the FTDNA main page like Surname or Geographical projects.

To join the E-M81 Project follow these easy steps: 

- Log in to your MyFTDNA page with your Kit Number and Password.

- Hover with the mouse over the Projects option on the top menu bar and select 'Join' from the drop down submenu. 

- In the Projects page scroll down to the Y-DNA Haplogroups Project table and select the letter "E". 

- In the list of Matching Projects click our E-M81 Project and follow the instructions.

Thank you for Joining us