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Michel Boisvert Michel Boisvert has a question!
19 hours ago
Hi. I have a question. Is someone able to characterise the descending branches of a given ancestor based on STRs ?
ACHAHBOUN Abdelwahde
17 hours ago
What is your STR?
Steven Robinson Steven Robinson
January 8 @ 11:00pm
I wrote a program to calculate my genetic distance and generations to common ancestor for everyone in the project and I continue to find something mysterious about my DNA. My American ancestry comes from Protestant Ireland, however my Haplogroup is M81 like the rest of you. When created the program, the result showed my family group converging between 1590 and 1690, which is exactly correct as far as I can tell from the genealogy research of my branch. Based on all the records I have found, it look like there was one male who had at least 3 sons, ALL of whose descendants immigrated to the Colonies in North America between 1690 and 1780. I have zero matches in Britain of any kind to indicated anyone stayed behind. I also have zero matches that show any older presence in in the UK before around 1570. In fact, there is a 7 generation gap in the project before I meet my next closest relatives, and ALL of those have either Spanish or Muslim names. (please pardon my use of Muslim to describe the names, what I mean is that they are distinct from Christian names that I am familiar with from Europe, and appear to all be from North Africa. I mean no offense.) Here are some historical points I am considering: Muslims occupied Spain from 700-1492 CE Spanish Hapsburgs ruled a part of the Netherlands from 1550-1710 CE Spain Armadas tried 3 or 4 times to invade Britain from 1585-1604 CE Quakers were present in Ireland and the Netherlands from 1655-1750 CE My paternal ancestor arrived with Quakers from Ireland between 1700-1750 Given the timelines of these relevant historical events, it seems credible to me that my "Scot-Irish" male ancestor is actually a Spaniard of North African descent who interacted with my British ancestors either as a survivor of the Spanish Armadas who washed ashore, such as Francisco de Cuellar, or else was a Spanish Netherlander who interacted with some Quakers during their time in the Netherlands. It could go either way. In my family group, at 111 and 67 markers, my TCA is between 1580 and 1600. This makes possible the Spanish Armada connection and predates the quaker connection. However, earlier pre-quaker anabaptists like the Pilgrams were already present in the Netherlands at this time as well. So, anyway, what do you think of my reasoning? Its very mysterious to me that I don't have any matches in between 1150-1600 CE. Either these individuals haven't had tests and joined M81, or else there was a very strenuous, narrow descendant chain during this time with only single sons.
Jesse Elliott
January 16 @ 6:18pm
I dissagree a bit with the suggestion of a Sahara connection. The Berbers Are from the Atlas mtn. & the Mediterranean coast. The Tauregs are a Sahara tribe it's true & are clearly descended from long mixing with sub saharan African peoples.
J Miller
January 18 @ 1:46am
When I was in Morocco City in 1891. I met a Gaelic-speaking missionary doctor who had come out there and went into the interior, where Shluh is the language spoken in the Sous country, just as it is the language of the Cis-Atlas country. He told me that the words seemed familiar to him, and after listening to the natives speaking among themselves found they were speaking a Gaelic dialect, much of which he could follow. The medical missionary told me he recognized the Shluh language as Celtic. Although he had no previous knowledge of it, and had no conception of its being allied to Gaelic, he found himself able to understand much of what was being said the first time he went among the tribes, solely on account of the resemblance of they language to his own Gaelic. This confirmed my own observations regarding the names of the Berber tribes, I myself, had come across, namely, the Beni M'Tir, the Beni M'Touga and the Beni M'Ghill is simply the Arabic for 'children of' and is tacked on by the Arabs to the M' of the Berbers which means 'sons of', and is exactly the same as the Gaelic Mac or Mc. Hence the M'Tir, M'Touga and M'Ghill become in our country MacTiers, MacDougalls and MacGills."
J Miller
January 18 @ 1:47am
In "Moroccan Journal", Rom Landau gives a very interesting item of history. In 1721 John Windus who was the first British traveller to visit Volubilis (a town erected in Morocco in the second century A.D. by the Romans) and to proclaim its existence to the outside world, discovered there inscriptions of 190-192 A.D., the work of one Nectorea, that mentioned a British legion then garrisoning Volubilis. At more or less the same time, a Berber legion was guarding Hadrians wall in Britain. Presumably many of the Berbers stationed there married local women or, at all events, became the fathers of children. So they must surely have left behind a streak of Berber blood, a hundredfold dilution of which might still be flowing through British veins. The corresponding and opposite exchange of stock must have taken place at Volubilis, but this stock is not the progenitors of the present day fair-skinned blue or grey eyed Berbers as they were already in the country many centuries before this period. http://www.amazigh.nl/awar/index.php?topic=12944.0
Jon Greenwood
May 21 @ 9:56pm
Steven you might find this interesting that my brother Jon Greenwood is a Y-DNA match to you at the distance of 3 through his Y-37. When he first did his Y-DNA in 2016 I noticed that he had quite a few Robinson matches some at a distance closer than you are. Jon is a direct male descendant of one of the first French settlers of Quebec. I am very curious about the Robinson matches and how they may connect. Roxanne Greenwood Mikkelson (sister to Jon Greenwood manager of his Y-DNA)
khalil jabrane khalil jabrane
May 20 @ 12:02pm
Looks like we have an E-M81 trying to make a vaccine for COVID 19. Moncef Slaoui was born in Agadir morocco and in Wikipedia it says he is fluent in Berber. Most likely Chelha like my mom's paternal line from Agadir Ida Outanan village :) He also has a lot of Iberian/Sephardic looks to him, probably some Germanic Vandals traces too.
Marc Lacroix
May 21 @ 7:35am
Moncef Slaoui has been working for GlaxoSmithKline in Belgium for years. He was previously involved in the development of a vaccine against Ebola. He is indeed very good !
R Welch R Welch has a question!
May 12 @ 4:55pm
I'm new to YDNA and FTDNA. I've done the Big Y and turn out to be A930 an SNP of E-M81. I joined this group and show up in the results page only by surname (Welch) but shows unknown origin. I would like to add the location of the earliest known male ancestor. I did upload a GEDCOM tree but still nothing shows on the E-M81 results page.
Ali Dwebi
May 13 @ 6:06am
Wait a few days for the admins to update your placement in the project. I highly recommend joining the YFull tree.
R Welch
May 13 @ 11:45am
Thanks everyone!
Ziad Ouallani
May 14 @ 11:51am
من قبيلة كتامة الامازغية انت
R Welch
May 15 @ 12:28am
Thank you for that info. If so, it's an honor!
Muammar Werfalli Muammar Werfalli
May 8 @ 8:53pm
بخصوص نتيجة الأخ حكيم أولاد سي يحيى بن طالب هو اسم عرش يجمع عدة قبائل أمازيغ، نوميدية، شاوية تستوطن شمالي تبسة بشكل رئيسي منذ حقب طويلة من أبرز هته القبائل: البطايشة، أولاد مولة، الهرايسية، ورفلة، المغارسة، البلالة، العبادنة، الخنافسة، الحمايلية، أولاد بريك، المرازقة، المعاليم، وقبائل أمازيغ كثيرة مندرجة ضمنه، لكن المهم أن كل هته القبائل مندرجة ضمان الزعيم الروحي المتصوف لشمال أفريقيا والولي الصالح الطالب سيدي يحيى حيث نجد أتباعه في عدة مناطق كما أن هذا العرش نجد أبرز المدن التي يقيم فيها : ونزة، المريج، الكويف تبسة لعوينات عين الزرقاء مرسط بوخضرة، سوق أهراس، بئر العاتر بولحاف الدير الحمامات، بخنشلة وبباتنة وعيون العصافر، سيدي معنصر..الخ. الحمد لله حتى في تونس و الجزائر مش غير في ليبيا ورفلة متكتلة
Hakim Houam
May 9 @ 5:42pm
إنشاء الله تكون هذه النتيجة مقدمة للتحقق ممن عدة أمور ولما لا إكتشاف حقائق أخرى
Muammar Werfalli
May 9 @ 9:31pm
ارجو منك ابن العم الاطلاع على النتيجة التي نشرتها تحت اسم علي عبدالسلام الفاسي بن دلة و الساادي اطبيقة هذه النتائج سالبة على التحور السفلي و موجبة على العلوي مثلك تماما سوف اقوم باعادة فحصها على فاميلي تري اشتريت الكيتات
May 14 @ 8:31pm
ما عاش تحرق دمك يا خوي معمر كل شيء واضح تحية ليك و لابن عمك الدزيري من القبايل
Muammar Werfalli Muammar Werfalli
May 9 @ 4:38am
فحص التحورات الخاص بالسيد علي عبدالسلام الفاسي بن دلة من الجماملة ورفلة
Mohamed Tazemrayt
May 12 @ 10:49pm
ما شاء الله
Hakim Houam Hakim Houam
March 20 @ 11:12am
السلام عليكم. نتيجتي لإختبار البيق واي، لم تتغير و بقت على pf 6789
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Hakim Houam
April 19 @ 5:28pm
شكرا أخي معمر. نقلت ملفي للواي فل وهو قيد الدراسة، في إنتظار النتيجة و ربما ظهور فرع جديد قد يكون عليه جزء من هوارة الشرق الجزائري و لما لا حتى من الغرب التونسي.ننتظر و نرى
Muammar Werfalli
May 8 @ 4:33pm
مبروك ولد عمي 😄 ارجو ان تتحقق من اي علاقات تاريخية بتبسة لان في ورفلة في الاوراس منضمين لاولاد سيدي يحى على ما اعتقد ان لم تخني الذاكرة
Hakim Houam
May 9 @ 5:04pm
يبارك فيك أخي معمر. مهمة التحقق ليست سهلة بسبب الظروف التاريخية التي مرت ببلادنا خصوصا مرحلة الإستعمار الفرنسي (قانون الحالة المدنية، النفي، التهجير....) لكنني مازلت أحاول لمعرفة أصولي البعيدة و ارتباطها بأي منطقة خصوصا تبسة
Mohamed Tazemrayt
May 12 @ 10:48pm
الف مبروك اخي حكيم على النتيجة انما كلنا اخوة ربي يبارك، موفق دكتور معمر في ابحاثك.
Muammar Werfalli Muammar Werfalli
May 8 @ 4:31pm
ظهور تحور بيني جديد جمع نتائج ورفلة بنتيجة شاوية نبارك لاخي حكيم و نتشرف بصلة رحمنا به
Ali Dwebi
May 8 @ 5:04pm
ألف مبروك لابن العم حكيم وهذا هو الجميل هذا العلم.
Hakim Houam
May 9 @ 5:33pm
يبارك فيك أخي العزيز Ali Dwebi نفس الشعور من جهتي. قرأت كثيرا عن قبيلتكم العريقة و كم تفاجأت عند ظهور النتيجة وهذا أقوى دليل على أننا شعب واحد و إمتداد لبعضنا البعض
Muammar Werfalli Muammar Werfalli
May 8 @ 4:40pm
نتيجة الاوراس الجديدة التي تكتلت مع نتائج ورفلة مهمة لانها ستبين لنا الخط المفقود لورفلة كما في المنشور اعلاه هناك ثلاث قبائل موجبة لتحورات هوارة و سالبة على التحور الذي جمع باقي قبلئل ورفلة نشكر السيد حكيم على اقدامه على فحص بيغ واي
Hakim Houam
May 9 @ 5:22pm
العفو أخي معمر. عندما أقدمت علىى الفحص الجيني كان لي هدفان، الأول هو معرفة أصولي البعيدة بعيدا عن المهاترات و الخرافات و ثانيا معرفة الإرتباطات مع القبائل المعروفة و هنا كانت المفاجأة حيث لم يخطر في بالي أن تكون هذه الإرتباطات متشعبة وعميقة حتى وصلت إلى قبيلة ورفلة الليبية العريقة و ربما مازال هناك مفاجآت قد تظهر لاحقا...
Muammar Werfalli Muammar Werfalli
May 9 @ 4:37am
نتيجة السيد علي عبدالسلام الفاسي بن دلة من الدلول الجماملة ورفلة النتيجة موجبة علي تحور هوارة و سالبة على تحور ورفلة السفلي مرشحة لان تكون ماتش للسيد حكيم و للاهمية سنعيد فحصها في فاميلي تري و نحاول ترقيتها