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Most Dreisbachs come from a small area east of the Rhine River, where Hesse, Westfalen and the Palatinate meet. The name Dreisbach probably means "small brook starting in a marsh" and is thus a kind of place name.

At least three lines of American Dreisbachs derive from Father Abraham 'Dreisbach' (ca.1537-1575) of Balde, Wittgenstein, Germany through his son Georg Dreisbach (ca.1560-1615) and Georg's sons, Johan Dreisbach (ca.1580-1636) and Daniel Dreisbach (ca.1580-1630). Johan Dreisbach (ca.1580-1636) is the greatgrandfather of Simon Dreisbach, Sr. (ca.1698-1785) who came to the U.S. in 1743. Daniel is the greatgrandfather of Martin Dreisbach (1717-1799) who came to the U.S. in 1751. Daniel is also the ancestor of Christian Oscar Dreisbach (1864-1936)who came to the U.S. ca. 1892.

Detail about the subgroups listed in the Results matrices:

Abraham of Balde - People in this group are definitely related to Abraham of Balde, but it is not known how they are related. Abraham (Dreisbach) of Balde, b. about 1535, d. after 1575, is recorded on a 1557 list of militiamen in the Archives of Berleberg Castle (Akte M 30) as a rifleman in the village of Balde. Simon Dreisbach, Sr., Martin Dreisbach, Christian 'Oscar' Dreisbach and other lines are descended from Abraham. There are also descendants of Abraham remaining in Germany and they are listed here (Martin).

Simon Dreisbach Sr. (1698-1785) was the 1743 immigrant from Oberndorf, Wittgenstein who settled in Northampton County, Penna. He had five sons, Jost, Adam, Simon Jr., George and John, each of whom also had sons, so there are likely to be many descendants from this family.

Martin Dreisbach (1717-1799) was the 1751 immigrant, born in Raumland, Witgenstein, Germany. He first bought land in Cocalico, Lancaster Co., PA, next in Alsace Twp., Berks Co., before purchasing land in Buffalo Twp., Northumberland Co. (later Union Co.), PA. The Dreisbach Church at Lewisburg, PA, is located on land that belonged to Martin. He and his wife, Anna Eve Hoffman had 9 children - 5 would not have passed on Y-DNA: Johann Henrich b 1743 and Elisabeth b 1744 both died in Krombach, Germany; Martinus b 1745 d 1763 in Cocalico Twp.; Margaretha b. 1748 md. Henry Aurand and d abt 1825 in Snyder Co., PA; Catharine b 1759 Cocalico md Peter Fischer. These are the 4 sons who could have passed on Y-DNA: Jacob b. 1750; Henry b. 1755, John b. 1762, and Martin II b. 1764.

Descendants of Johann Lorenz Dressbach b. b.1716 Neuenschmidten, Brachttal, Hessen d. 9.9.1772 Lieblos,Gründau, Hessen, Germany are in this group. One grandson, Friedrich Dressbach/Dresbach, b.14.1.1778 Calbach, Büdingen,Hessen d.1850 (?) Três Forquilhas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, immigrated to Brazil where some descendants remain today.

Heinrich Dreisbach, born in Germany in 1844, is another immigrant whose descendants are known, but whose date of arrival is not certain. He and his German-born wife Maria
Casselman probably landed in Philadelphia, and seem to have remained there, though descendants moved to Lima, Ohio and elsewhere.

Johan Georg Dreisbach, b. 1805 in Alfhausen, Neidersachsen,Germany, d. ? (probably Philadelphia, PA.). Arrived on ship Neptune in Baltimore, MD. 14 Oct 1835. His (presumed) son, Louis Henry Driesbach b.1830 Germany, d.1903,in Philadelphia, is the ancestor of people in this group.

There are other Dreisbach families who do not have genealogical records to connect them to any of the above Dreisbachs. It is hoped that by taking the Y-37 marker DNA test, they will be able to establish a connection to one of the known Dreisbach families.