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Doherty Surname Group

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Paul Dougherty Paul Dougherty
June 27 @ 6:56am
I seem to be on my own at the moment on (Alex Williamson's) The Big Tree and I'm wondering, is this a good or bad thing? I haven't been on the forum or FTDNA for a while and it seems that my Confirmed Haplogroup is now R-Y32988. Is there any further test that I can take currently that would extend things? It seems that I am more isolated than before. I'm out of my depth and really floundering now to work out what anything means and the FTDNA site seems to have changed from when I last logged in.
Zack Daugherty
June 29 @ 9:53am
Paul, Kim (O’Doherty 31706) who was in same box with you earlier ended up sharing private variants with a new tester and moved down further. You aren’t any less related to him than you were before or “more isolated”. In fact, you are further down in the tree than many in the project are at. The only reason I moved down 1-2 levels is because I big y tested a descendant from my brickwall ancestor down through a different son. I’d still live to try to recruit more testers actually living in Ireland which I’d think would provide people including yourself with even closer matches. It is difficult to get people still native to Ireland interested enough to pay Big Y prices. So Eva and I would like to fundraise or something for it...we just don’t know how to go about it.
Sidney Reynolds (Dougherty)
July 11 @ 9:36am
zach, I havent been on here in forever due to college (just graduated..yeah!!) and I just popped on to catch up. When you share a box with someone, does that mean you are closely related? Are other matches placed on this bigtree from different testing companies? The box that my dad shares (his kit is 791803) is there a way for me to identify the person he shares the box with? I"m just curious, because I don't see a person born in Ireland in his close matches. Thanks so much~brandy
Colin Dougherty
July 26 @ 2:50am
FWIW, I was resorted to B-Y32988 as well even though the only other neighbor in my two person "box" is still sorted as R-B431357. It seems the new B-Y32988's are included in at least two "boxes." One of the new B-Y32988's has his furthest back ancestor born in Antrim. I read on some site or other that the "Dougherty" spelling was most common in Antrim and Down. I don't know where my John Dougherty (abt. 1825-1870) was born. I only know that he died in Eltingville, Staten Island in 1870 after being poisoned by a rival tavern owner. He was a farmer and a tavern owner, and a sergeant in the Union Army for three years who began his service at the First Battle of Bull Run in 1861 and ended it at the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse in 1864. Cash money paid to him by the Union Army enabled him to buy more land and open his tavern.
Colin Dougherty
July 26 @ 2:57am
My John Dougherty had his last name recorded in two censuses as "Docherty" and in one census as "Docerty." The local Anglo-Protestant census takers didn't correctly spell the family name until 1875. This "hard K" pronunciation is commonly heard in Pennsylvania where the "Dougherty" spelling is fairly common.
June 5 @ 7:27pm
Does anyone know what this means? It is posted in my "Orders", but I didn't order it. My terminal SNP was determined and posted quite a while ago. "Y-HAP-Backbone - Backbone - 1070 - Expected Date 06/10/2020 - 06/24/2020. Results for your SNP testing have been delayed. We have updated your predicted completion date, and action by you is not usually required. Note that predicted dates are an estimate and subject to lab volume and quality control."
Zack Daugherty
June 6 @ 12:16am
It actually isn’t a test or anything run on your sample. It is an artifact of FTDNA where when they manually review your SNPs and move you into the clade you are now they have to use that Y-HAP-Backbone mechanic behind the scenes. I’ve talked to Michael Sager who does their Y Haplotree and that is hoe he explained it to me. Unfortunately it will always show up as an ordered test that never completes. They know they need to replace it so they they don’t have to do it that way. But they’ve been still doing that for at least 3-4 years.
June 6 @ 1:59pm
Good to know, Zack - think! 😄 Thx!
Timothy Daugherty Timothy Daugherty
June 2 @ 10:22am
Years ago I submitted my DNA to this group and never did see it entered any place that I could determine. My Daugherty ancestor was John Daugherty born circa 1730 in Ireland and died circa 1848 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, United States. He had two known brothers, Manasseh and Edward. Any suggestions??
Zack Daugherty
June 4 @ 1:17pm
Timothy, Can you share your FTDNA Kit number so I can take a look at your results? It used to be us admins can see a poster's kit number but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Zack Volunteer Admin
March 5 @ 2:02pm
So, yesterday or today, FTDNA has changed my confirmed haplogroup badge on my dashboard from R-BY31357 to R-Y137170.
Zack Daugherty
March 5 @ 2:38pm
They beat Alex Williamson somewhat on the punch where he still hasn't finalized you; however, he did have you put into the correct position from the get-go.
March 28 @ 12:02pm
Zack, please take a look at me on Alex Williamson's tree. He seems to have me finalized. I don't see any news, other than he shows two of my private variants as named FT SNPs (?) ...same as Astrid did. Please comment. Thanks.
Douglas Morrison
May 5 @ 9:57am
It has been a long time since I last looked and I still am R-M222+ but now I have been more closely defined as R-A16161, almost like getting my name changed!
Zack Daugherty
May 16 @ 11:47pm
Lloyd, sorry about the extreme delay. Would you possibly mind inviting Michael Lacopo to view your atDNA matches at Ancestry? Since he has over 200 descendants tested at Ancestry on his Daugherty line he should be able to make great comparative progress on your results there.
Paul Dougherty Paul Dougherty
April 20 @ 11:04am
Right click to view or download image
Zack Daugherty
April 25 @ 3:56pm
It has grown rather wide in the last 3 years (since I started looking at it). Here is a link to it in 2017. And note that this image is from 2 levels higher up in the tree than what Paul currently shared.
Michael Daugherty
May 14 @ 2:15pm
I have just ordered the Big-Y test (kit 73633). Will I automatically be added to the chart?
Zack Daugherty
May 16 @ 11:37pm
That particular chart I’ll help get you added to after your results complete. It is completely free and a recommended 3rd party analysis.
Robert Doris Robert Doris
May 5 @ 9:04pm
Hi, all! Finally did the Y-111. Now to get educated on YDNA. I can’t follow all the posts. My grandfather changed his last names to Doris from Doherty back in 1909. My Doherty family was Boston and Chelsea Massachusetts based. My great great grandfather came her between 1838 and 1844-45. Not many kids lives and procreated. I’m hoping this really helps me tie into my paternal line. Now, time to start learning. It sounds like another language to me.
Douglas Morrison
May 10 @ 12:23pm
Years ago I lived in Somerville for a year, near Chelsea, then for ten years across the Charles river in Boston and met a few Dohertys while I was there, hello! I think I am the only Morrison listed on the Doherty project, at 33/37 STR markers but not of the accepted 34/37 markers, FTDNA #196477. Name spelling changes? I have seen my own family's name spelled in many ways and apparently the Doherty name has far more, some 140 different spellings.
Robert Doris Robert Doris
May 8 @ 6:45pm
As I wait for my Y-111 results, I wonder if anyone in this group sees a connection to me through their autosomal DNA results, even as a very distant relative. You can find me in FamilyFinder matches as Robert Doris. A few years ago I uploaded my Ancestry DNA to this platform.
Zack Daugherty
May 8 @ 11:18pm
Hey Robert, There is a way to check your autosomal DNA results against an entire specific projects membership. You do this by going to your dashboard, under Family Finder section go to 'Advanced Matches', select Family Finder, then there is a drop-down menu for selecting a specific project. If you select Doherty it will compare and report back any autosomal matches to you. Note that if you tested autosomal at Ancestry at or after June 2016 then you are likely using a V2 Ancestry DNA kit. Differences between V1 and V2 chips were that they added a lot more medical SNP data in V2. This made the kits less compatible with FTDNA transfer. So what happens is that FTDNA reports only 25% of your matches that are somewhat closer, but misses many of the more distant matches. As an admin I can't tell which you may have had transferred into FTDNA.
Joshua Daugherty Joshua Daugherty
March 18 @ 11:24pm
After five and a half weeks, the FTDNA folks have completed their review of my dad's results and my results. All of our private variants have now been reclassified as named/shared variants. Our new haplogroup is R-FT209229. Once I get my dad's permission, I'll upload his data to the Y-DNA Data Warehouse so it can go up on the Big Tree. Meanwhile, my one solid contact with a descendant of my MDKA has gone quiet since late December. I guess I'll have to cast out for some new leads for potential Y-DNA testers.
February 26 @ 6:15pm
Finally, today I got posted results on my Big Y 700. It puts me at BY31357. I need help to know what steps to take next. Thanks!
March 2 @ 6:39pm
Thank you!
March 2 @ 6:44pm
Btw, Zack, I did get an acknowledgement email from the warehouse.
Zack Daugherty
March 3 @ 7:22am
Llyod, I was wrong because FTDNA wasn’t really reporting everything for you in the automated part of their Big Y analysis. They still need to do a manual review but your tentative location is much further down beneath BY31357 and next to Michael Lacopo’s grandfather Harold and all the targeted testers of his including Glenn Stroup, so you should be Y137170. For some reason Y137170 is showing up only as its position number on the Y chromosome under your private variants tab. If this stays like this for 8 weeks or so I’ll ask FTDNA to fix it. You can see your correct position here:
March 3 @ 2:22pm
Thanks again, Zack, and also for moving me to the Y137170 group on the DNA spreadsheet.
Zack Daugherty Zack Daugherty
October 10, 2019 @ 11:48am
Do any Doherty project members (regardless of your surname or surname spelling) here have samples at, Thomas Krahn's lab? I ask because earlier this year a Whole Genome Sequence on my father uncovered more SNPs not covered by Big Y 700 but they are within a stable enough of region of the Y chromosome to be considered as phylogenetically relevant (i.e., tree defining between testers). Through pinpointing various "close" Doherty testers within a 500-600 year range of my family group and testing them at YSEQ I've more or less places most of these new SNPs to within the last 500 years of my family. That being said I have 1 SNP that appears to be older and I would kind of like to find out how far up into the O'Dochartaigh Group 1 tree it goes. The SNP is 'A24484' which is YSEQ's SNP naming scheme, the 'A' comes from the owner's wife Astrid, the number is simply the sequential number of SNPs their lab discovered...sames as how BY#### is simply the sequential number of SNPs FTDNA discovered...but for some reason they are also now using FT (Family Tree) to name new SNPs... Anyways if anyone above SNP FGC52373 has a DNA sample in storage at I'd be willing to paypal them $18 to test this SNP A24484 at YSEQ ( It would be great to define how far up this SNP may well even go up above/beyond BY471 which Group 1 O'Dochartaigh are based on. Feel free to ask any questions here or email me at Zack Volunteer Administrator
Zack Daugherty
March 1 @ 9:07am
So an update on this SNP A24484 that was again found in my father's Whole Genome Sequence but not covered by Big Y 500 or Big Y 700. I've target tested this SNP in various testers up the chain from my position within Group 1 O'Dochartaighs. I discovered that it at least formed by FGC52372 by testing men that share that clade with my family. I then tested a person on the other side of BY471 near the McDevitt branch who came back NEGATIVE, so if formed after SNP BY471. I then recently tested Paul Dougherty who was kind enough to agree since he was more closely related to my family group sharing a most recent common ancestor of BY31357, and his results were NEGATIVE as well. This means this particular SNP formed AFTER BY31357 and either by the unknown ancestor that FGC52374 formed in or by the unknown ancestor FGC52372 formed in. Either way I've been able to sandwich it down further into its position in our localized tree. It isn't on this chart but you can see the other SNPs I was referring to. I crossed out the places it doesn't exist by testing these various men for $18 single SNP tests at YSEQ. This exercise of course isn't breaking down a brickwall, but in the future it can be valuable to document the formation of every SNP down a subclade path and determine where in the tree/hierarchy it formed. This way if we ever saturate testing of men with unknown relationships to us in our various subclades we can better determine how far or how recent the splits between us and them maybe. I.e., providing more granularity.