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Please submit, to the project managers, a paternal line outline if you have not done so. Use the format of those who have. You are welcome to include a brief summary of what you know of the lineage.

The Diamond and variant surname yDNA study began in 2003. The primary goal at that time was to discover and define Colonial American lineage signatures. The study quickly evolved to include lineages worldwide. Today there are over two-dozen defined yDNA lineages.

The project has been divided into three sections; Western European, Eastern European, and Native American root origins on this page and the data page.

Western European origins are concentrated in the British Isles. By far the greatest numbers are rooted in Ireland. The surname is found throughout Ireland and there are several biologically distinct lineages. The oldest of them originates in what is Northern Ireland or Ulster. In England the name evolved independent of the Irish version. In England it seems to have morphed from old English. It was an occupational name for a shepherd. Day-minder or day-protector. The primary American Colonial source was southern England specifically from the Cornwall and Devon region. The surname is found among multiple seafaring and fishing families from Newfoundland as far south as Long Island in the 1500s thru the 1700s.

Eastern European origins are far more recent than Western European variants. They go back to about the mid 1800s. The name in these cases was generally an occupational derived surname. These lineages generally have a Jewish heritage. In Eastern Europe they were generally spelled Diament or Diamant. Very often in the US it was changed to Diamond.

How many markers are enough?

There are 5 levels of yDNA testing, 12, 25, 37, 67, and 111 markers. 12 markers were all that was available to the public when this project began in 02/03. 12 markers are not entirely worthless as they can tell you who you are NOT related too. However 12 is insufficient for inclusive matching.  Generally speaking 37 markers are the minimum to test for any real meaning. We have learned through experience that 111 markers provide the greatest resolution in other words certainty. 111 markers are necessary for serious researchers. This is especially true in European haplogroups R and I.

Big Y test

The Big Y is FTDNAs version of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). It was introduced in 2013. As of this writing 2014 it is still in beta mode. It is recommended for those that are interested in deeper ancestry beyond the age of surnames. However it may prove to resolve family trees in the age of surnames as well. Early indications are that it will on the order of 90 to 150 years per SNP.

What the Project managers do and don’t do

The managers sort the data and group accordingly. The managers answer questions and can advise on genetic genealogy. The information you submit, in the form of a brief lineage summary and patrilineal outline will be added to the 'Results' tab under 'About this Group' on the public project web page. This information corresponds to the projects data page under 'Y-DNA Results' on the same project page.

If not information is provided to the managers your data will NOT be sorted. It will appear under 'PARTICIPANT NEEDS TO PROVIDE DETAILS'' on the data chart page. It is your responsibility to initiate contact with one of the managers. Additionally your lineage will NOT appear on the 'Results' page.

Traditional research of your lineage is your responsibility NOT the project managers.

Y DNA is a wonderful tool to aid your research. Y DNA is never wrong the same cannot be said of documents. It can keep you on the correct path and often connect you with cousins researching the same lineage.

Summaries and Patrilineal Outlines

Word of caution; if you have not tested do NOT assume or speculate as to which lineage from the following that you descend from. These are proven biologic lineages.

The following patrilineages are listed in the order in which they were discovered and defined though they are grouped as stated above.

Participants provided the summaries and outlines that connect to their lineage yDNA signature.

Descendants born after 1900 are generally not listed in the outlines.

Y Haplogroup terminals are no longer recorded here as individual classifications depend on when the individual was SNP tested or estimated. In other words within a given lineage there maybe different SNPs listed. In reality everyone in the lineage will have the same terminal SNP. Though this will change as Big Y testing can in theory identify SNP/s that are specific to branch lineage within a lineage and potentially identify individual specific SNP/s.

Western European Rooted

A10. Patrick Dimond of Ireland and North Carolina Province
Y Haplogroup: R1b
A Colonial American family rooted in North Carolina Province, Guilford County, Reedy Fork of the Haw River. Family lore and research link this lineage to County Derry, Ulster, North Ireland.

Published genealogy:
Patrick Dimond/Diamond/Dimon-Eighteenth Century Migrant-A Survey of His American Descendants by E. Grey Dimond, M.D. 1995
Additionally this book has interesting and informative general information about the surname. 

Participant Lines:
Ireland to Colonial America
Branch line migrated from North Carolina to Mississippi
Patrick1 Dimond b. abt. 1730 County Derry, Ulster, North Ireland m. Sarah 
Stewart/Stuart Stewart2 Diamond Sr. b. abt. 1752 probably County Derry, Ulster m. 1. Mary Williams 2. Margaret Pritchett 
Stewart3 Diamond Jr. b. abt. 1790, NC m. Mary Polly Young Ebenezer 
Patrick4 Dimond b. 1820, NC m. Smitha Ann Townsend 
Alfred Cicero5 Dimond b. 1853, MS m. Ella Whitehead 
Edmunds Grey6 Dimond 1895, m. Gertrude Ruth Schmidt

Branch line migrated from North Carolina to Grayson County, Virginia
Patrick1 Dimond b. abt. 1730 County Derry, Ulster, North Ireland m. Sarah Stewart/Stuart 
Stewart2 Diamond Sr. b. abt. 1752 probably County Derry, Ulster m. 1. Mary Williams 2. Margaret Pritchett 
John3 Diamond b. abt. 1792, NC m. 1. Sarah Lewis? Julia Pritchett? 2. Aisley (Alsey) Wilson 
Yancey4 Diamond b. abt. 1812?, NC m. Martha Ann Elizabeth Wilson Hubbard 
Yancey5 Diamond b. 1856, NC m. Susan Margaret "Maggie" Carrico Thomas 
Floyd6 Diamond 1879, m. 1. Mary Luvena Hawks 2. Cora Lee Trimble 

Branch line migrated from North Carolina to Georgia and Tennessee and then on to Illinois
Patrick1 Dimond b. abt. 1730 County Derry, Ulster, North Ireland m. Sarah Stewart/Stuart 
John2 1750 in Derry Co., Ulster, Ireland m. Elizabeth
Robert3 1779 Wilkes Co., GA m. Nancy Rice
Samuel4 T. Diamond b.1792 Wilkes County, GA 
John5 Peter Diamond 1820 b. Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN m. Nancy J. Smith 
John6 H. Diamond 1862 b. Alton, ILL m.1 Mary Clara Benson m.2 Julia Stewart Benson 
Arthur7 Benson Diamond 1903 b. Alton, Madison Co., ILL m. Lelia Genevieve Lycan

Branch line migrated from North Carolina to Wilkes County, Georgia to Bond County, Illinois
Patrick1 Dimond b. abt. 1730 County Derry, Ulster, North Ireland m. Sarah Stewart/Stuart 
John2 1750 in Derry Co., Ulster, Ireland m. Elizabeth Stuart. b. 1750.
John fought in the American Revolutionary War. Elizabeth is thought to be the niece of Queen Ann of Scotland.
John3 Kirkpatrick Diamond b.1783 Wilkes County, Georgia m. Jane ____ b. 1801. John married second Martha Grimes b. 1807. 
John had a brother named Robert who was 5 years older and fought in the war of 1812. 
Joseph4 G. Diamond b. 1830, Bond County, Illinois. m. Olive Eason b. 1830. Joseph married second Elizabeth Stevens b. 1843. 
Both Joseph and his brother James who was born in 1833 served in the US Civil War. 
William5 Alden Diamond b. 1864, Illinois. m. Marybelle Turnbough. 
Claude6 Thomas Diamond 1894, ILL m. Lou Eva. Claude married second Nora A. Keeling 
Clarence7 Leo Diamond b. 1914 West Fork, Missouri m. Nellie A. Sutterfield. 

A11. Descendants of Thomas Dymant of East Hampton Long Island and Rhode Island
Y Haplogroup: R1b
An American Colonial family rooted in New York Province on Long Island at Easthampton. This English family is outlined in:
1. Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation. New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co., 1910
2. The Genealogy of the Dimond or Dimon Family of Fairfield, Conn. with inclusions Dimon or Dymont Family of East Hampton, Long Island
3. The Dimond Family of New Hampshire Edwin R. Dimond 1891.

Surname spellings include: Dymont; Diman; Dimond; Dimon. Bristol, Rhode Island and Tompkins Co., NY were principal descendant locations.

Participant Lines:
Thomas1 Dymont b. England d. 1682 East Hampton, Long Island, NY. m. Mary Sheaffe. 
James2 Dymont b. 1646 East Hampton, Long Island, NY. d. 1721 m. Hannah James. 
Thomas3 Diman, b. 1680, Long Island, NY m. Hannah Finney (21801) 
Jeremiah4 Diman, b. 1710, m. Sarah Giddings 
Joseph5 Diman b. 1748, m. Margarite De Wolf 
Royal6 Diman, b. 1768, m. Elizabeth More 
Hopestill Potter7 Diman, b. 1790, Bristol, RI m. Eliza Nichols 
John Nichols8 Diman, b. 1836, Bristol, RI 
Harry9 Diman b. 1879, Bristol, RI m. Eddie Wheat Burkhalter 

Thomas1 Dymont b. England d. 1682 East Hampton, Long Island, NY. m. Mary Sheaffe. 
James2 Dymont b. 1646 East Hampton, Long Island, NY. d. 1721 m. Hannah James. 
John3 Dimon, b. 1696, m. Deborah Hedges (35932 and 21766) 
Isaac4 Dimon, b. 1735, m. Eunice Foster (35932) 
Joseph5 Dimon, b. 1767, Hannah Hedges 
Nathan Hedges6 Dimon Sr., b. 1822, m. Roxanna Ludlow 
Nathan Hedges7 Dimon Jr, b. 1846, m. Priscilla Jane Shaffer 
Charles Anthony8 Dimon, b. 1886, m. Lydia May Coulson

Thomas1 Dymont b. England d. 1682 East Hampton, Long Island, NY. m. Mary Sheaffe. 
James2 Dymont b. 1646 East Hampton, Long Island, NY. d. 1721 m. Hannah James. 
John3 Dimon, b. 1696, m. Deborah Hedges (35932 and 21766) 
Abraham4 Dimon, b. 1735, NY, m. Hannah Foster(21766) 
Abraham5 Dimon, b. 1767, NY, m. Abigail Baker 
Nathaniel6 Dimon, b. before 1796, m. Shebah 
Alva B.7 Dimon, b. 1824, NY, m. Emily Greenman 
Horace Jerome8 Dimon, b. 1854, IA, m. Margaret Ann Redding
Russell9 Dimon, b. 1877, m. Cora Ethel Fields 

A12. O Diamain of County Derry and Antrim Northern Ireland
Y Haplogroup: IY Haplogroup: I
Surname Spellings: Diamond/Dimond

The lineage is deeply rooted in Counties Londonderry and Antrim, Northern Ireland along the Lower Bann River. Once O Diomhain the spellings are now Diamond and Dimond. The Dimond/Diamonds were an erenagh family of Kilrea, which means the family owned the land that was used for the place of worship and generally provided those who ministered there. Erenagh is from the Gaelic 'ceann' meaning head, leading, principal; some use it to mean 'stewardship' or 'the keeper of'. The early Celtic church differed in structure from the rest of western Christianity in that it did not have dioceses. Instead, it was monastic, that is, each area was an independent church governed by an abbot and each parish had its own bishop elected from a local erenagh family. 

The lineage was found to belong to the Irish-Scot yDNA haplogroup clade L126 by testing done by participant 25337.

There are descendants living today in Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia, and the US, some of which are linked to American Colonial ancestors in southwestern Pennsylvania Province. 

Participant Lines:

Diamond Ballydullaghan, County Derry, Northern Ireland 

Diamond Kilrea, County Derry, Northern Ireland 
Nine generations of Erganagh Townland Diamond's Eldest sons naming pattern: Patrick > Peter > Patrick > Peter > Patrick etc. 

Neal1 Diamond b. 1764 Parish of Maghera, County Derry m. Rose Kearney 
John2 Diamond b.1809 Parish of Maghera, County Derry m. _______Mulholland 
Neal3 Diamond b. 1843, m. Betty Collins 
Neal4 Diamond b. 1893, m. Mollie McCloskey 

Ireland to America- Ulster Co. New York
James1 Diamond April 1784, County Derry m. Jane McEldowney 
James F.2 Diamond b. abt. 1825 Ireland m. Rebecca Jane O’ Kane 
Joseph Edward3 Diamond b. Sept. 7, 1858 Kingston, Ulster Co., NY m. Ella May Hayes Francis 
Vincent4 Diamond 

Ireland to Colonial America The following (23932 and 25337) descend from Dominick Dimond who emigrated to Colonial America in the eighteenth century and settled in southwest and central Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Dominick1 Dimond/Diamond b. before 1755 m. ______ McLeas/McClees 
Matthew2 Dimond b. 1794, m. Phoebe Wierman 
Benjamin3 Millwright Dimond b. Jan. 10, 1817 Huntingdon Co., PA.m. Mary Jane Forbes 
Milo Ashton4 Dimond b. 1862, m. Eva Catherine Boyer 
Merrill Ray5 Dimond b. 1886, m. Mabel Maria Smith 

Dominick1 Dimond/Diamond b. before 1755 m. ______ McLeas/McClees 
Matthew2 Dimond b. 1794, m. Phoebe Wierman 
Matthew Thornburg3 Dimond b. Nov. 26, 1819 Huntingdon Co., PA. m. Lydia Morgan b. 1822. 
Benjamin Franklin4 Dimond b. 1855 

Ireland to Colonial America The following (27805 and 28366) descend from Daniel S. Diamond who emigrated to Colonial America in the eighteenth century and settled in southwest and central Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

This family line has lore of County Londonderry, Northern Ireland origin.
Daniel1 S. Diamond b. 1750-55 d. 1827 Fayette Co., PA. m. Christina (?) 
Daniel S.2 Diamond Jr. b. 1798 Georges, Fayette Co., PA.m. Susan Moser 
Daniel3 Diamond b. 1836, PA m. Martha E. Blackwood 
James O.4 Diamond b.1872, m. Malissa Anne Criss 
Lloyd Astor5 Diamond b. 1898 m. Mabel McCoy 

Daniel1 S. Diamond b. 1750-55 d. 1827 Fayette Co., PA. m. Christina. 
Henry2 Diamond b. abt. 1800 Georges, Fayette Co., PA. m. Elizabeth Roderick
Daniel Walter3 Diamond b. 1830, m. Emily Thompson 
Daniel Walter4 Diamond Jr. b. 1865,m. Aria May Porter 
Roy S.5 Diamond  b. 1895, m. Izola Catherine Whipple 

Belfast to Canada
Peter1 Diamond b. 1831, Rasharkin, County Antrim, Ireland m.1 Mary Jane Wade m.2 Annie Dunlop 
John2 Diamond b. 22, April 1897 Whiteabby, Antrim, Ireland m. Mary Elizabeth McGinney 

Ireland to US-1912
Henry1 Diamond b. 1813 Crossland, Swatragh, County Derry, Northern Ireland m. Margaret b. 1812 
Henry2 Diamond b. 1841 Crossland, Swatragh, County Derry, Northern Ireland m. Martha b. 1858 Sons James and Henry to Australia. Edward to US in 1912 
Edward3 Diamond b. 1894 Crossland, Swatragh, County Derry, Northern Ireland 

Thomas1 Dimond of Derrygarve, County Derry 
James2 Diamond b. c 1844 County Derry m. Eliza McLernon 
Patrick3 Diamond b. 1881 Dumbartonshire, Scotland m. Margaret Wilson 
Joseph Diamond4 Belfast 

Ireland to America
1 Diamond: b. Ireland d. 10 Jun 1885 IrelandFelix1 Diamond: b. Ireland d. 10 Jun 1885 Ireland
 Diamond: Born 1856 BallyMackpeake/Magherafelt/Bellagy, Ireland
3 Francis Diamond April 25,1896 County Derry (Magherafelt) (lived in Philadelphia-died in Belfast)
4 Patrick Diamond Philadelphia, PA

Ireland to America
John1 W. Dimond aka William Alonzo Vineyard b. November 4, 1878 Harrisonville, Monroe Co., IL m. Anna Ragsdale 
SamuelStanley James Vineyard b. January 29, 1903 Kaskaskia, IL m. Rosetta Olga Wiese 

Descendants of William Alonzo Vineyard are linked to the Derry Lineage by high resolution 67 marker match. Research has found that Alonzo's mother, Margaret M. Shepherd Reynolds had a son by a previous marriage. From Portrait & Biographical Record of Jackson Co. IL, 1894: "JOHN H. REYNOLDS, a farmer.............. Mr. Reynolds was united in marriage with Margaret M. , daughter of Jesse and Sallie Shepard. Mrs. Reynolds is the mother of a son, John W. Diamond, by her first husband. While the father of John1 W. Diamond aka William Alonzo Vineyard is unknown there is a high degree of probability of a close relationship between the Colonial American migrant Daniel S. Diamond. Though a link to yet to be defined branch is possible." 

Ireland to America
Settled in Alton, Madison County Ill.
Peter1 Dimond b. 1825 Ireland d. 6, Jun 1855 Alton, Madison County, Ill m. Ellen[nee?] 
Bernard2 H. Diamond b. 25, Dec 1850 Alton, Madison County, IL d. 2 Jan 1907 Alton, Ill m. Maggie Moran 1876
Harry3 Edward Diamond b. 12, Oct 1885 MO. d. 1948 St. Louis, MO. m. #2 Blanche Archambault


Included in the data is this lineage is a 105 of 111 marker match of a non-same surname.  There us a cluster of matches that form an undefined clade just prior to the age of surnames. The link can be anywhere from 400 to 870 years past. Eventually it will be possible using NGS or Big Y to map the relationship.

A13. Descendants of Moses Dimon of Fairfield Connecticut Colony
Y Haplogroup: T

A Colonial American family that were among the first settlers of Fairfield in the Connecticut Colony. The lineage has been documented in:
1. The Dimons of Fairfield, Connecticut by John M. Sheftall ;1983; 653pgs. The Sheftall book is an excellent comprehensive publication covering earliest generations and southern branch of the Dimon Family.
2. The Genealogy of the Dimond or Dimon Family of Fairfield, Conn. with inclusions Dimon or Dymont Family of East Hampton, Long Island and The Dimond Family of New Hampshire Edwin R. Dimond 1891. This publication is a basic pedigree outline. 3. The History of Fairfield: Fairfield County Connecticut Vol. 1 & 2 Elizabeth H. Schenk 1889
4. Families of Old Fairfield Donald Lines Jacobus for the Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Fairfield, Connecticut 1932
5. Savage Genealogical Dictionary (vol. 2, )
6. Fairfield Museum and History Center: Dimon Family Papers, 1724-1834 135 items: Thomas Dimon settled in Fairfield in 1639. The family papers include correspondence, writs, financial records, deeds, an account book of Ebenezer Dimon, probate records, shipping papers, and genealogical material. MS 34 English Literary Club Records, 1896-3 linear feet.

Participant Lines: Brothers Jesse b. 1771 a cabinet maker in Fairfield and Abel b. 1787 migrated to Augusta, Georgia in the early 1800s. Their father Daniel b. 1747 was a builder in Fairfield. During the Revolution Daniel was a commissioned officer.

Thomas1 Dimond d.1658 
Moses2 Dimon b.1638 Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut m. Abigail Ward 
Moses3 Dimon b. 1672 Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut m. Jane Pinkney 
John4 Dimon b.1700 Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut m. Elizabeth Wheeler 
Daniel5 Dimond b. 1747 Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut m. Lois Bradley 
Abel6 Dimond b. 1787 Fairfield, Connecticut m. Mary Van Norden 
John7 Dimond b. 1819 Augusta, Georgia  m. Sarah Leonora Hallenbeck 
Frederick8 N. Dimond b. 1858 Columbus, Georgia  m. Ella E. Torrey St. 
Clair9 N. Diamond b. 1892 Nebraska  m. Hilma Dunn 

Thomas1 Dimond d.1658 
Moses2 Dimon b.1638 Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut m. Abigail Ward 
Moses3 Dimon b. 1672 Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut m. Jane Pinkney 
John4 Dimon b.1700 Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut m. Elizabeth Wheeler 
Daniel5 Dimond b. 1747 Fairfield, Colony of Connecticut m. Lois Bradley 
Abel6 Dimond b. 1787 Fairfield, Connecticut m. Mary Van Norden 
John7 Dimond b. 1819 Augusta, Georgia  m. Sarah Leonora Hallenbeck 
John8 Franklin Dimond b. 1856 Columbus, Georgia m. Myra Amanda Veeder 
Grover9 Willard Dimond b. 1888 Minnesota m. Clarissa M.Richardson

This branch migrated to Riverhead, Suffolk Co., Long Island, New York where Daniel S. Dimon was a ship carpenter who later turned to farming. The family is found at Mattituck, Southold, Aquebogue, Jamesport, and Riverhead, Suffolk Co., Long Island, New York from the 1670s and beyond. Daniel's brother, John Dimon b. 1794 Aquebogue, Jamesport. John was owner of Smith and Dimon Shipyard at pier 4, Brooklyn, New York. John was married to Susan Smith. Early records at Riverhead, 1790 and 1800, use the spelling variant Demmon. 
Thomas1 Dimond d.1658 
John2 Dimon b. 1640 New London m. Rebecca Bemis 
John3 Dimon b. 1678 Mattituck, NY m. Sarah Salmon 
Jonathan4 Dimon b. 1726 Mattituck, NY d. 1787 Aquebogue, Jamesport m. Mary Budd 
Jonathan5 Dimon b. 1752/56 Jamesport, Long Island m. Elizabeth Hallock 
Daniel6 S. Dimon b. 1803 Riverhead, NY m. Harriet 
John7 M. Dimon b. 1843 NY m. Delia S. 
Daniel8 Y. Dimon b. 1874 m. Hulda 

A14. Descendants of George Dimond of England and Canada
Haplogroup: R1b

The earliest trace of this lineage is George Dimond 1773-1843. George came from 'foreign parts' unknown and is connected to Johan Hinrich Dimond (also of 'foreign parts' unknown) either as a parent or a sibling. All three common generations of George Dimond's in this lineage were bricklayer laborers, lived and died in Stoke Newington, London, England.

In 1799, the earliest confirmed record of George Dimond was his marriage to Elizabeth Titterell in Hackney, and together they raised 8 children: John Henry b. 1800; Mary Ann b. 1802; George b. 1804; Thomas b. 1807; Henry b. 1811; Elizabeth b. 1814; Emma b. 1817; Samuel b. 1820. Today, the issue of these children reside primarily in England, Australia, and Canada.

George Dimond1 b. abt. 1773 'foreign parts' d. 1843 m. Elizabeth Titterell 1799, Hackney, England. Johan Hinrich Dimond is a witness.

George Dimond2 b. 1804 stoke Newington d. 1849 m. Sarah Smith 1834, Stoke Newington.

George Thomas Dimond3 b. 1839, Stoke Newington d. 1912 m. Eliza Maria Mann 1860, Stoke Newington.

This Dimond Lineage branch migrated from London, England to Canada post WWII. Some  Dimond researchers will know this line as that of Fred Dimond whose birth, marriage, and death records of England and Australia are maintained on the net in memory of Fred.

Arthur Joseph Dimond4 b. 1867, Islington, England d. 1932 m. Edith Annie Payne 1894 in London, England.

Frederick Bert Dimond5 b. 1904 London, England


This lineage branch migrated from England to Ontario, Canada in 1907.

Walter Benjamin Dimond4 b. Stoke Newington d. 1949 in Port Colborne, Ontario Canada m. Louisa Emily Warren 1904 in Walworth, London, England.

A15. Descendants of Daniel Dimond of Ireland– Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Cambria Co. PA

Haplogroup: R1b
There are two defined branches of this lineage. They came to Baltimore and Philadelphia from Ireland. The modal haplotype places this Lineage as being of Niall Noigiallach - High King Nial of the Nine Hostages.

Participant Line: 
This branch is an American Colonial family of Cambria Co., PA. They first settled near Baltimore, MD. Sons from this large family migrated west to Bedford County, Pennsylvania Province, which later became Huntingdon Co. in 1787 and then Cambria County in 1804. 

Daniel1 Dimond Sr. b. abt. 1750 d. 1820 m. Margaret Skelly 
Michael2 Dimond b. 1774 d. 1820 m. Sarah Moyer 
Michael3 Dimond b. 1813 m. Catherine Allenbaugh 
Jacob4 Dimond b. 1844 
Harvey K.5 Dimond b. 1886

Daniel1 Dimond Sr. b. abt. 1750 d. 1820 m. Margaret Skelly 
Daniel2 Dimond Jr. b. 1775, Cambria Co., PA m. Mary Glass 
James Gregory3 Dimond b. 1814 m. Sarah Elizabeth Rammage 
Luke James4 Dimond b. 1855 m. Katherine Agnes Paden 
Luke James5 Dimond b.1885

Participant Line:
Long time early Philadelphia branch lived many years 104 South Front Street. Descendants migrated to Maryland.

John1 Diamond d. 1820 m. Mary Catherine Bernard b. 1757 married St. Joseph's Church, Philadelphia 1780 
John2 Diamond Jr. b. 1781 d. 1841 m. Maria Eleanor Carrell 
William3 Craig Diamond b. 1828 PA m. Sarah Josephine Jenkins of Maryland in 1853. 
Herbert4 Laurence Diamond b. 1884 m. [--?--]  

A16. Descendants of John Deming of England and Colonial America

The reason for inclusion of this non-same surname or variant is that this family was declared the source of some of the American colonial Diamond families. Biology says otherwise.

Haplogroup: R
An American Colonial family rooted in Wethersfield, Connecticut Colony. The surname is Deming and is included in this study as many early publications speculate of a connection between the Dymont/Diman family of East Hampton, Long Island (Lineage 7), The Dimon Family of Fairfield (Lineage 4), and the Deming Family of Wethersfield, Connecticut (Lineage 9). This surname project has definitively shown by yDNA there was no biological link. This Lineage came from Shaford, Essex, England and is outlined in the publication Genealogy of the Descendants of John Deming of Wethersfield, Connecticut by Judson Keith Deming. 1904 Also; The History of Ancient Wethersfield Connecticut, Volume IIThe Memorial History of Hartford County Connecticut is from volume II Goodwin and Morgan Ancestral Lines, volume II The Early History of Southampton, L. I. , New York with Genealogies, by Howell

Participant Line:
John1 Deming b. abt. 1610 Shaford, Essex, England d. abt. 1692 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT m. Honor Treat 

A17. Diamond, Dimond, Dymond Descendants of Newfoundland and New York
Y Haplogroup: I-A196

In the spring of 2011 a participant from the line of John Dimond of Lower Island Cove, Newfoundland, matched the Stephentown I-M253 group. 

There are three branches of this lineage:
Branch 1 – Devon, England
This Hall non-same surname individual is a very high resolution match at 111 markers.
Participant Line:

John Hall1 (c 1725) Crediton or Bridford 
John Hall2 (1764) Crediton
William Hall3 (1784) Tedburn St. Mary
John Arthur Hall4 (1818) Churston Ferrers
Thomas Hall5 (1861) Torquay – immigrated to Australia
Alfred Robert Buller Hall6 Australia

Branch 2 – Newfoundland
Participant Line:
197085 – Lower Island Cove
John Dimond1 (1788-1854) m  Grace Snelgrove
James Dimond2 (1817-1887) b m. Mary Lowe (possibly nee Fagner)
John Dimond3 (1853-1942) m. Mary Hannah Gosling
Frederick William Diamond4 (1897-1969) m. Amelia Nina Clarke

207266 – Adam’s Cove
William Dimond1 (1752-1840) m. Mary Unknown
Peter Dimond2 (1790-1864) m Elizabeth Unknown
William Thomas Diamond3 (1835-1857) m Mary Pearcey
Joseph Diamond4 (1858-1933) m Sarah King
Leonard Diamond5 (1893-1974) m Winnie Dwyer

 211892 – Adam’s Cove
William Dimond1 (1752-1840) m. Mary Unknown
Peter Dimond2 (1790-1864) m Elizabeth Unknown
John Diamond3 (b 1816) m Jane Luther
John Thomas4 (b 1841) m Harriet Evans
John Thomas5 (b1873) m Julia Ann Halfyard

Although Dimond's from Devon and New England had been fishing Newfoundland waters since at least the early 1600s, the time of first settlement in Newfoundland appears to be in 1773, when William Dimond of Adam’s Cove laid claim to a plot of land. From all the evidence it seems certain he was part of a larger family that settled there.  Dimond’s also appeared in early records of Lower Island Cove, some 12 miles distant from Adam’s Cove, and it has been proven through Y-DNA analysis that the two groups are of the same family.  It is also speculated that the early Dimond family of Catalina, another Newfoundland fishing community, belong to this branch as well, though Y-DNA testing has yet to be carried out in this area.

Branch 3 - Stephentown, New York
Participant Lines:

John Dymond1 (b1755) m. Elizabeth Unknown
Peter Dymond2 (b 1791) m Sally Dusten (?) (first wife)
John Diamond3 (b 1820-1893) m Mary E. Maynard
Frank J. Diamond4 m. Mary E. Brua
James Edward Diamond5 m Elizabeth Irwin

John Dymond1 (b1755) m. Elizabeth Unknown
Peter Dymond2 (b 1791) m. Lucretia Amidon (second wife)
Charles Dymond3 (b 1824) m. Sarah Ann Robinson
George Dymond4 (1847) m. Lydia Cleveland 
Floyd James Dymond5 m. Mota L. McKinney 

John Dymond1 (b1755) m. Elizabeth Unknown
George Dymond2 (1781-1872) m Hannah Philip
John Dymond(1808-1881) m. Avis Simkins 
George Dymond(1828-1864) m. Betsey Pratt 
William Dymond5 (1865-1950)
Ulysses (Sweener) Dymond6

John Dymond1 (b1755) m. Elizabeth Unknown
George Dymond2 (1781-1872) m Hannah Philip
John Dymond(1808-1881) m. Avis Simkins
George Dymond(1828-1864) m. Betsey Pratt
George Dymond5  (1856-1940) m. (1) Abba (2) Laura M.
George Dymond6 m. Sarah L.

A18.  William Dimond of County Galway and John Diamond of County Mayo Ireland

Y Haplogroup: R1b
Two branches of this lineage have been discovered. One branch migrated from County Galway, Ireland to the US in the 19th century. The lineage is still found in Ireland in the vicinity of Woodford and Portumna. Migrants to the US are found in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and La Salle Co., Illinois. Surname spelling Dimond and Diamond.

The second lineage is thought to have arrived in America in 1847 and is known to have resided in Boston, Mass., Rockland and Thomaston, Maine. This branch, it is thought, came from County Mayo. 
Surname spelling: Diamond, Dimon, Dimond.

Details of the third have not been provided.

Participant Lines:
William1 Dimond b. 1780, County Galway, Ireland m. Bridgette Kenny 
Thomas2 Dimond b. 1833 August 2, Lickmolassy Parish, Woodford, Ireland m. Mary Ann Murphy 
John3 Dimond b. 1869 m. Sarah Edith McFarland Shattuck

Robert1 Dimond b. abt. 1815, Ireland m. Ceclia Madden 
Thomas2 Dimond b. 1851, Mt. Savage, Maryland m. Margaret Flinn Schiffhauer 
James R.3 Dimond b. 1895 m. Helen Marie Murphy 

Robert and Cecilia Dimond were tenants on the Clanricarde Estate and lived in the towns of Woodford and Portumna, County Galway, Ireland. Their son, Patrick, was baptized in the Roman Catholic faith in Portumna on 11 March 1846. Shortly after the birth of Patrick the family immigrated to the United States and arrived in 1846, settling in Mt. Savage, Allegany County, Maryland. The following children were born to Robert and Cecilia while residing in Mt. Savage; John, (March 1847), Mary,(April 1849), Thomas (February 1852), William (February 1858).In 1859, Robert and Cecilia Dimond and family relocated to Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania settling first in Taylor Township and then in Prospect Borough. Two more children were born to Robert and Cecilia in Johnstown, James (1859), Robert (died in infancy) and Daniel J.(July1865). Robert Dimond was employed as a puddler at the Cambria Iron Works. The Phoenixville, PA branch (John Diamond) use the Diamond spelling. 

John1 Diamond b. Ireland m. Catherine Burke b. Ireland
James2 Diamond b. 1828 Ireland d. 1908 Thomaston, Maine m. Mary [Bridget] Thornton b. Ireland 
ThomasWilliam Diamond b. Rockland, Maine about 1863 d. 26 Aug 1919 Boston m. Julia McNalley  b. Boston  1867 d 1906 Boston.
James4 Edward Diamond, b. Boston 3 Sept 1895 d 1966 Ashtabula, Ohio m. Selma Virginia Herttua b 1893 d 1971 Ashtabula, Ohio

James5 Allen Diamond, b. Ashtabula, Ohio 11 Jan 1922 d 4 May 1991 Millersburg, Ohio m Olive Gertrude Hill b 15 Nov 1925 d 12 Nov 2010 Aurora, Ohio

James2 was living in Rockland, Maine by or before 1850. James was from County Mayo and came to the US in 1847. He was employed as a quarrymen. Three children were born to James and [Mary] Bridget Thornton in Maine between 1849 and 1863: John, Frank, and William. James married Kate Fargus in 1866. Three or four children were born to them in Maine starting in 1867. They were Mary, Katie, and one or two others. (Thomas) William relocated to Boston. 
Four children were born to Thomas3 William and Julia between 17 Sept 1891 and 29 June 1897. They were Helen, Thomas William, Jr., James Edward, and Paul Thornton. Three more children were born around 1900 and later. 
James4 was a Great Lakes captain for more than 22 years. Capt. Diamond was an employee of the Pittsburgh Steamship Co. He retired in 1962. He served in WWI in the Merchant Marines on ocean going vessels.

**Participant  N70685 and possibly 21861 of lineage A14 may be linked to this lineage. It is impossible to determine with 12 Markers and these participants should upgrade to a minimum of 37 markers.

A19. Descendants of Peter Diamond of Northern Ireland
Haplogroup: R1b
The lineage is from Northern Ireland and fled to Scotland in the eighteenth century. The participant branch migrated from Scotland to Australia.

Participant Line:
Peter1 Diamond b. abt. 1770 m. Catherine Cullion b. abt. 1770 
James2 Diamond b. 1793 Glasgow, Scotland m. Agnes McLachlan 
Peter3 Diamond b. 1835, Glasgow, Scotland m. Elizabeth Smith 
Peter4 Diamond b. 1855, Glasgow, Scotland m. Catherine Bonner 
Joseph5 Diamond b. 1880, Glasgow, Scotland m. Mary Derrick 

A20. Descendants of James Dymond of Cornwall England and Canada
Y Haplogroup: R1b
Rooted in Cornwall and Devonshire, England. William Dymond left Devonshire, England settling in Ontario, Canada before 1886, leaving siblings John, Sam, Jane, Mariya and possibly another brother and sister in England.

Participant Line:
James1 Dymond, d. Cornwall, England m. Grace Jefferies 
William2 Lewis Dymond, b. 1856 Devonshire, England m. Margaret Ann Richardson 
Francis3 Dymond, b. 1903 Ontario, Canada 

A21. Descendants of John Diamond of County Londonderry Ireland

Y Haplogroup: R1b
Migrated from Trigravil, Parish of Maghera, County Londonderry, North Ireland in the early twentieth century to Philadelphia.

Participant Line:
John1 Diamond Tirgarvil, Co. Derry, Ireland m. Sarah 
John2 Alphonus Diamond, b. 1883 Ireland. Immigrated 1911 m Susan Donnelly b. Ireland 
Edward3 Michael Diamond b. 1922 Philadelphia, PA 

A22. Descendants of Hugh Diamond of Pennsylvania

Haplogroup R1b

Participant Line:
The lineage begins with Hugh Diamond of Pennsylvania b. 1808/1809, who was in York Co. (1850) and Lancaster Co. (1860/1870). There is an Irish neighborhood in south Philadelphia (several blocks wide and deep) comprised 3 primary Diamond/Dimond families, with several generations of Hugh’s. Whether any of these families are linked is unknown at this time. Several of them were members of the Hibernia Society and were involved in the liquor distilling business and all have at least some indications on some records that tie them to Londonderry N. Ireland. Hugh Sr. (b 1756 d.1837) was a grocer, and another Hugh (b 1780s) was in the liquor business. A third Hugh who used Jr. (b. 1805 d 1842) was a cordwainer (shoemaker). John Diamond (b 1805) also in the liquor business may have been a brother or cousin to Hugh Jr. Ancestry of Hugh (1808/1809) may extend from one of these Philadelphia families. One of the descendant branches of Hugh and Mary migrated to Pike Co. IL 
Hugh1 Diamond b. 1808 m. Mary (Nelly) Blymire 
William2 Diamond b.1844 PA m. Francia (Tina)_______ 
Henry3 C. Diamond b. 1869, m. Alice Tobias 
Tobias4 W. Diamond b. 1897, m. Emma ______ 

A23. Descendants of Francis Diamond of Counties Sligo and Mayo Ireland
Haplogroup: R1b
Rooted in Counties Sligo and Mayo, Ireland. The oldest known ancestor is Francis Diamond. Francis Diamond (aka Old Frank) was a stonemason of much acclaim. Little is known of Old Frank, although his work has been identified on box tombs by style and quality of workmanship in Sligo and Mayo graveyards. His best-carved pieces are the Black (dated 1825) and Scott box tombs in Skreen graveyard. He lived in Toberawnaun in the townland of Skreen in the late 18th and early 19th century. The decorated box tomb to Mark Dowdican, dated 1830, in Skreen, is thought to be the last he carved. The Diamond family is the oldest stonemason family in County Sligo, now having served for seven generations. A rhyme about the Diamond stonemasons has passed down through generations across County Sligo. 'Diamonds cut diamonds and diamonds cut glass but no-one cuts stone like the Diamonds of Ardnaglass' The book Had Me Made - A Study of the Grave Memorials of Co.Sligo from c.1650 to the Present by Mary B. Timoney, published in 2005, details much of the Diamonds monumental work and includes some family history. Local tradition has been that the Diamond stonemason family came to Skreen c. 1780......from County Derry. Their primary work being to build houses and other structures, but they became best known as monumental sculptors.

Participant Lines:
Peter2 Diamond b. 1818, m. Ellen Flannelly in Skreen, County Sligo 1850 
Peter3 Diamond b.1858 
Thomas4 Diamond b.1887 

The lineage of Peter Diamond of County Mayo has been linked via yDNA testing at EA. 
Participant Line:
Peter1 Diamond m. Sarah Parker in 1861 
Patrick2 Diamond b. 1876 Ardmore Point, Belmullet, County Mayo
Michael Dimond b. 1907

John1 Diamond b. Ireland, m. Catherine Burke
James2 Edward Diamond b. 1825 County Mayo m. 1. Mary Bridget Thornton in County Mayo 1826 2. Catherine Ferguson b. 26 October 1836 Ireland
Charles3 Austin Diamond b. 23 November 1874 Thomaston, Maine m. Caroline Duncan Kennoch b. 17 November 1872 Detroit, MI

A24. Descendants of George Diamond of Kentucky

Y Haplogroup: I1

This lineage begins with George Diamond but is provisionally linked to the Colonial Marblehead Dimond family of John Dimond.

Participant Line:

John1 Dimond b. abt. 1614 ? MA m. Johanna Grant
Edward2 Diamond b. 1641, d 17 May 1714 Marblehead, MA m. Rebekah Norman Aholiab3 Diamond b. 10 Mar 1679 d. aft 1732 Marblehead, MA m. Sarah Stacey
Joseph4 Diamond b. 21 Feb 1724/1725, 29 Mar 1802 Marblehead, MA m. Sarah Ingalls
Joseph II5 Diamond b.18 Jul 1762, d 1797 Marblehead, MA m. Elizabeth Huling
Joseph III 6 Diamond, b.1 Oct 1797, d aft 1841 Marblehead, MA m. Elizabeth Ragan
George Bowman7 Diamond, b. 8 Sep 1830, d 6 Nov 1909 Fayette Co., KY m. Lavinia Hutchinson
Fred Theodore8 Diamond, b. 27 Jul 1872, d 28 May 1951 Lexington, KY m. Nannie Gill
Augustus Letcher9 Diamond, b. 13 Sep 1899, d. 21 Feb 1980 Lexington, KY m. Ethel Metz

Eastern European Rooted

B10. Descendants of Moses Diament of Poland
Y Haplogroup: J1
The tradition in this family line is of being Cohanim and the lineage y signature is consistent with the Cohen modal haplotype. The surname spelling is Diament. The participant family migrated from Poland to the US. Grandsons of patriarch Moses left their home village of Knostantynow, Poland in the early 1900’s for Lodz, Zwicklau, Lesthnow, and Chemnitz, Poland and Aue, Germany. Few members of this family survived the Holocaust.

Participating Line:
Moses1 Diament b. abt. 1811 In 1830 Moses was living in Konstantynow, Poland. 
Leib Ari2 Diament b. abt. 1836 d. Lodz, Poland m. Ester Leah Jocobawitz d. 1939 Lodz, Poland Sons:Jacob. 1888 d. 1942 m. Frymet Zaiaczkowska; Moses b. 1888 d. 1944; Joseph d. 1944; Hersz b. 1890 d. 1944; Pinchas b. 1896; Isaac b. 1898 d. 1944; Oiser b. 1900; Mordechai b. 1903 d. 1944. 
Jacob3 Diament b. 1888 m. Frymet Zaiaczkowska 
Stefan4; Diament b. 1915 

B11. Descendants of Eli Diament of Poland

Haplogroup: J1
Participant family migrated from Poland to the US. This lineage traces back to Tchestochova, Poland.
Surname: Diament/Diamond.

Participating Line:
Eli1 Diament Tchestochova, Poland 
Wolf2 (William) Diamond b. Tchestochova, Poland 

B12. Descendants of Hillel Diamant of Ukraine


Very few members of this family are known to have survived the Holocaust.  They are from what is now the Volhynia region in Western Ukraine.They were surnamed Diamant until coming to the US in the late 1940s, when the name was changed to Diamond.

Participant Lines:
1-Hillel Diamant m. Hinda.Children included Avraham Tzvi, Shaindel,Rivka, Leibish, and Esther.
2-Avraham Tzvi Diamant (b. ~1877 near Lutsk, Ukraine; d. 1942 in Sienkewchewka Ghetto, Ukraine) m. Tzivia Zitelman.
Children: Kreinab. 1916 d. 1942 m. David Mazurik; Debra b. 1920 d. 2010 m. Ben Schuster; Pesach Hillel (Paul) b. 1921 d.1993 m. Sonia Bajcz; David b.1924 d. 1989 m. Ruth Trieger; Shlomo b. 1928 d. 1942 3-Pesach Hillel (Paul) Diamond, b. 1921 Biscupice, Ukraine; d. 1993 Baltimore, MD

B13. Descendants of Mordeci Diamond of Ukraine

Haplogroup: R1b1a2 Ukraine
The family surname was originally Darman.

Participant Lines:
Mordecai1 Diamond b. 1850, Ukraine m. Chana Suddler  

Native American

NA10. Edward Dymen/Dimond Lineage

Pre Columbian American Indian (Paleo-Amerind)
Eastern Woodland Algonquian
Y Haplogroup: Q
Marblehead, Massachusetts Colony, Aquinnah, Beekman and Rombout Patent, Dutchess County, New York Province. 

Some surname spellings; Dymond, Diamond, and Dimond. 
Primary early geographic locations are Dymond Hollow-Luzerne and Wyoming Co.’s, PA; Woodstock, NY., Fishkill, Philipstown, Poughquag, Beekman and Poughkeepsie, NY, and Fredericksburgh, Ontario.
The English Edward Dimond family of Marblehead, Massachusetts Colony adopted a Wampanoag Native into their family after Metacom's War 1675-77 (AKA King Phillips War).

Published genealogies of this lineage include: 
1. Genealogy of the Dymond, Williams and Related Families 1981 by Robert H. Dymond covering the Luzerne County, PA branch. An expanded version now exists. 
2. DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER by Herbert James Malone. Presented to United Empire Loyalist Archives, Adolphustown, 1992. This covers the Fredericktown, Ontario branch. 
3. The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, Historical and Genealogical Study of All the 18th Century Settlers in the Patent Vol. 4 by Frank Doherty. 
All of these publications contain errors. 

The participants included in the data chart are a representation of the 30 participants included in the Dymond of Hudson's River Study at Family Tree DNA projects where the remainder of the data from direct descendants of Edward Dimond 1700 and his sons; John 1723, Marcus 1726, and Jacob 1744, can be found.

 Please submit, to the project managers, a paternal line outline if you have not done so. Use the format of those who have. You are welcome to include a brief summary of what you know of the lineage.