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About us

Dymond, Dimond, Dimon, Diman, Diamond, Diament or any variant spelling.

The objectives are to identify and define individual family groups worldwide and the relationships among them, if any, using the unique Y chromosome signature that is passed down the paternal line from father to son as a surname is passed on.

The study,at this time, has identified 19 distinct family lines. For details please link to the study web page.

The study is non-profit and receives no money. We volunteer our time to manage and disseminate the data and are available to help interpret individual test results.

To join the study project you need to take a DNA test which is a simple cheek swab on the inside of the mouth. Females wishing to participate in studying their paternal line will need to test a brother, father, uncle, cousin with the surname.
By participating in the study you will receive the group rate from FTDNA.

We recommend further reading to help understand what DNA testing can and can not achieve.