All R1b-S1194 and lower sub-clades (CTS4528, A8039)
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About us

This project is a special focus project for the SNPs of S1194 and below CTS4528.& A8039. If you are not positive for either one of these SNPs, you should find an alternate project that does focus on your terminal SNP or allocated Haplogroup. The goal of the project is to look deeper into the origins of S1194 and its sub-clades of CTS4528 & A8039. So, if you have either SNP please feel free to join. In 2017-2019 we explained how R1b-M269 expanded as the Yamna (pit grave) peoples, from the Pontic Caspian Steppes to Ukraine, Poland and Bohemia then on to the Sth Baltic. (Yamnaya=>Cordedware Culture=>Unetice Culture=>South Baltic). Administrator.