Old R-CTS4528, etc. project - please join R-S1194 project instead
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About us

As of March 2021 it has been agreed that the various projects below S1194 will give way to a new R-S1194 FTDNA project.
We saw this move as a positive way forward. FTDNA have chosen a new non S1194 person as the primary admin for the new
R-S1194 project. So far this has been accepted by other projects.  

Tiger Walsh who had been an admin in the R1b Basal Sub-clades project also has stepped in as an admin in some of our other
groups and will work towards consolidating members into the new R-S1194 group.  The work Tiger Walsh has done at R1b Basal
sub-clades group is excellent.  See here https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-1b-basal-subclades/about/results

In particular there is this map of the R-S1194 tree...

In time, when the new R-S1194 project has been accepted and is in full use this project will be closed in favour
of the new R-S1194 project.


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NOTE: The prior material that was here before will be made available at a new website supported by our Facebook Group.