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Daly Surname Y-DNA Project

This page contains information about the Daly Surname Y-DNA Project that is underway with the support of Family Tree DNA at www.familytreedna.com as the testing facility. 

1. Project Objectives

The Y chromosome is passed from father to son.  Testing the Y chromosome will provide you with a genetic fingerprint consisting of 12, 25, 37, 67 or 111 numbers. By comparing these results to others with your surname, you can determine whether these fingerprints are related.

The objectives of our DALY Y-DNA Surname Project:

  • identify and describe others who are related
  • explain connections regarding ancestors
  • solve brick walls in your genealogical research
  • determine a location for further research
  • validate existing research

Most surname projects start with the objective to identify others who are related, and throughout the project the other objectives are achieved simply as a process result of the project.

2. Recruiting Participants

You can help us recruit more project participants by including a brief family history of your ancestors.  We will include this information in our results if you give us permission to do so.

You can also help us recruit new participants by sending e-mails to specific individuals who have Daly male relatives. Do not eliminate the females -- they may have a brother, father or uncle of whom they could ask to participate. Asking for help finding a genetic representative for their family is one approach that often works well.

3. Getting the Word Out

We post news about the project or results regularly to our participants.  Additionally, we embark on research visits to known DALY geographical locations for conversations with Daly family lineages, sample collecting, and genealogical paperwork gathering.