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DALY Surname Project

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About us

Ó Dálaigh & D’Ailley

Welcome to the DALY Surname Y-DNA Project

The Ó Dálaigh/D’Ailley/Daly study is dedicated to Y-DNA research that enhances modern knowledge of the DALY surname and its’ variants.  This project is primarily based on Y-DNA testing which provides participants and genealogists of all stripes the best alternative to determine related DALY lines and to determine how the most recent common DALY ancestors connect.  This project encourages inclusiveness with a participation pathway via autosomal atDNA testing of ancestral DALY women.

For a common surname like DALY, there are distinct Western European genetic sources for those who originally took on the DALY surname.  These sources, the Gaelic Irish, the Scots Irish, the French Huguenot, all spread across the globe.  We seek DALY DNA sample submissions from individuals currently residing within the geographical areas of Ireland, the U.K., North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain,India, South Africa, the Caribbean, and other locales.  Now with the availability of 111 markers that may be tested, Y-DNA provides even more information about DALY origins thus illuminating how many previously unrelated lines connect.

There are many spelling variations of the DALY surname and these surname variations are quite common.  (e.g.Daly, Daily, Dally, Daly, Daley, Dealy, Deely, Dailey, Darley, Dawley, Dailey,O’Daly, Ó Dálaigh) We welcome any spelling variation to join and verify that they are related to the known DALY genealogical clusters already established to date; or, to establish a new Daly lineage. We also welcome any line that has Daly Y-DNA yet does not carry the Daly surname (genetic Daly lines adopted by non-Dalys).  Additionally, we welcome any Daly that may not have Daly Y-DNA yet does carry a Daly surname variant (non-Daly genetic lines adopted by Daly families).

We now have 625+ participants who have contributed to the DALY Y-DNA Project.  We post news about the project and results of the project research regularly to our participants.  And, we embark on research visits to known DALY geographical locations for conversations with Daly family lineages, sample collecting, and genealogical paperwork gathering.