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Here are some important answers to the question "Why test with Family Tree DNA?" Other than the cost of the test, all the following services are provided FOR FREE. * You will be included in the largest Y-DNA and mtDNA databases in the world. * You have total control over whether you compare your results only within your project or against the entire database. * The names and email addresses of your genetic matches are provided so that you may contact them. * Personal phone and e-mail support by qualified personnel. Both the phones and email messages are answered by a human being and not by an automated response system. * Family Tree DNA is the only service which has a calculator, created by our population geneticist, that gives you the likelihood of sharing a common ancestor with your genetic match within a certain time frame. * Family Tree DNA allows you to join, leave, and be part of multiple Projects at the same time, without any additional testing or cost. * As additional people test, your result will be matched against them and in case of a match you will be notified by e-mail. * Family Tree DNA allows you continued access to your account, projects, and matches without additional testing, cost or subscription fees. * Family Tree DNA is the only company that stores your DNA for 25 years allowing you to order additional tests using the original sample. * Family Tree DNA is the only company to offer the SNP Assurance Program: if no ancestral haplogroup can be estimated with 100% certainty, FTDNA will SNP test your sample for free. * Family Tree DNA is the only DNA testing service that partners with National Geographic’s Genographic Project and allows you to add your results to that project for a nominal fee that goes to the Genographic Legacy Fund.