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WHY THE DATABASE SIZE IS ESSENTIAL: Whether your goal is to verify your genealogy or to discover your deep ancestral origins, the size of the testing company's database is of fundamental importance. To get the best and most accurate answer, you want to compare your results with as many others as possible, which means choosing the company with the largest and most robust database. Family Tree DNA is in the lead—Our databases are several times larger than all the others' combined! ABOUT THE FAMILY TREE DNA DATABASE: Our database is the largest in the field of Genetic Genealogy. As of October 22, 2010, the Family Tree DNA database has 312,846 records. We also have:6,119 Surname Projects; 99,229 unique surnames 193,803; Y-DNA records in the database 116,601; 25-marker records in the database 97,672; 37-marker records in the database 41,882; 67-marker records in the database 119,043; mtDNA records in the database 12,472; FGS records in the database.