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1. To distinguish between CUMMINGS ancestral lines, worldwide. Any reasonable spelling variant is included.
2. To explore whether the CUMMING families of Scottish origins share a common or close origin with each other, or are several unrelated families within a clan.
3. To investigate whether the largely Irish CUMMINS share an origin with Scottish or English Cummings or show signs of Irish origins.
4. Are the Cummins and Cummings of England closer in affinity to the Irish families, or the Scottish ones, or do they largely show different origins of their own?
5. Can any evidence be found to support the believed (by some) origins of the Comyn families in Normandy?
6. Can any evidence be found that connects modern day Cumming families in Scotland to the medieval Comyns?
7. Can Cumming etc. name bearers in North America, Australasia, and so on be helped to find the origins of their Cumming names in Europe by matching their DNA to local name bearers?