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CUMMING and any other reasonable spelling variations are welcome to join the project. The Project welcomes all people who are using DNA to explore the origins of the Cumming surnames, and family histories of people with one of the connected names. If you are male with one of the connected surnames, please consider a Y DNA test of at least 37 markers, or more if you can afford it. Your results will show in the Y results table. If you are female or male and you have taken an autosomal test like the Family Finder , you are very welcome to join the Project too and take part in the sharing and discussions on the Activity Feed. Your results don't show in the results table, but the administrators will be happy to assist you with questions you may have about your results. All members are encouraged to share their Cummings ancestry back to the earliest known CUMMINGS (or variants), in the form of a pedigree. CUMMINGS, CUMMING, CUMMINS, CUMMIN, COMMINS, COMMIN, CUMINGS, CUMING, CUMINS, CUMIN, COMYNS, COMYN, COMANS, COMAN, COMINS, COMIN, CUMMINE, CUMMINS, CUMMONS, KUMMINGS, KUMMING