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About us

The goal of the CRAIG Surname Project is to identify and distinguish between CRAIG ancestral lines worldwide. Any reasonable spelling variant is included. Please note that to participate meaningfully you will need to share your direct line to your earliest documented CRAIG ancestor. Please include birth date, death date, residence, wife, etc. if known. If person is living, DO NOT include birth date.

You: Jonathan Craig (Living)
Father: Michael Craig (Living)
Grandfather: Richard Washington Craig, Jr. (b. 1922, Gulfport, MS, USA; d. 1976, Gulfport, MS, USA) m. Catherine Elizabeth Barton (1930-1984)
Great-grandfather: Richard Washington Craig, Sr. (b. 1890, Handsboro, MS, USA; d. 1959, Gulfport, MS, USA) m. Minnie Long (1897-1992)
2nd Great-grandfather: Charles Hopkinson Craig (b. 1855, Philadelphia, PA, USA; d. 1914, Mississippi City, MS, USA) m. Maria Teresa Latimer (1834-1897)
3rd Great-grandfather: John Charles Craig, Jr. (b. 1835, Philadelphia, PA, USA; d. 1878, Mississippi City, MS, USA) m. Martha Barnes Woodington (1834-1897)
4th Great-grandfather: John Charles Craig (b. 1802, Philadelphia, PA, USA; d. 1837, Milan, Italy) m. Jane Josephine Sarmiento (1816-1884)
5th Great-grandfather: John Craig (b. 1754, Philadelphia, PA, USA; d. 1807, Philadelphia, PA, USA) m. Martha Murphy Craig (1761-1814)
6th Great-grandfather: James Craig (b. 1717, Scotland; d. 1793, Philadelphia, PA, USA) m. Janet Hamilton (1722-1807)

The Project is organized according to Maurice Gleeson's grouping method found here:

As of March 2022, there are 27 distinct CRAIG (or variant) lineages. A lineage becomes distinct when two (2) family members of the same line are in the project or when one (1) tester has a confirmed SNP in green rather than a predicted SNP in red.

The 27 lines are color-coded according to major haplogroups and are headed by Craig Lineage, Major Haplogroup, Unique Family Number (i.e. 01, 02, etc.), Family Subgroup Letter (i.e. a, b, etc.), Origin Location (i.e. Scotland), SNP Path, and Testing Advice.
BLUE = R-M198
RED = R-M269

"Observers" are individuals who belong to the family, but are not on the direct Y-paternal line or have non-paternal events (NPEs) in their line meaning they are CRAIGs by name, but not by blood (i.e. they were adopted, assumed a new surname, were fathered by another man, etc.).

As the number of individuals tested increases and various lines become well defined, we will be more than happy to turn over these lines to other researchers specializing in them.