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About us

CRAIG, CRAGG, CRAG, CRAGGE, CREGE, CREAGH, KRAGH, KRIEG, and any other reasonable spelling variations are welcome to join this project. Only males have Y-chromosomes, so only male CRAIG (or variant) can participate. If you are female, you can have a male CRAIG (or variant) relative submit a sample for your line. To participate meaningfully, testees will need to share their direct male line ancestry back to the earliest known CRAIG (or variant), in the form of a pedigree chart There are three membership questions you will need to answer before being added: 1. Why are you joining the Craig Surname Project? 2. Please note that to participate meaningfully you will need to share your direct line to your earliest documented CRAIG ancestor. Please include birth date, death date, residence, wife, etc. if known. If person is living, DO NOT include birth date. EXAMPLE You: Jonathan Craig (Living) Father: Michael Craig (Living) Grandfather: Richard Washington Craig, Jr. (b. 1922, Gulfport, MS, USA; d. 1976, Gulfport, MS, USA) m. Catherine Elizabeth Barton (1930-1984) Great-grandfather: Richard Washington Craig, Sr. (b. 1890, Handsboro, MS, USA; d. 1959, Gulfport, MS, USA) m. Minnie Long (1897-1992) 2nd Great-grandfather: Charles Hopkinson Craig (b. 1855, Philadelphia, PA, USA; d. 1914, Mississippi City, MS, USA) m. Maria Teresa Latimer (1834-1897) 3rd Great-grandfather: John Charles Craig, Jr. (b. 1835, Philadelphia, PA, USA; d. 1878, Mississippi City, MS, USA) m. Martha Barnes Woodington (1834-1897) 4th Great-grandfather: John Charles Craig (b. 1802, Philadelphia, PA, USA; d. 1837, Milan, Italy) m. Jane Josephine Sarmiento (1816-1884) 5th Great-grandfather: John Craig (b. 1754, Philadelphia, PA, USA; d. 1807, Philadelphia, PA, USA) m. Martha Murphy Craig (1761-1814) 6th Great-grandfather: James Craig (b. 1717, Scotland; d. 1793, Philadelphia, PA, USA) m. Janet Hamilton (1722-1807) 3. Please provide a brief one-paragraph history of your Craig lineage. EXAMPLE James Craig (1717-1793) emigrated to Philadelphia, PA from Scotland by 1750. He owned a mercantile business with his son, John, who accumulated great wealth and established a country estate named Andalusia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania along the banks of the Delaware River. In the early 1870's the last surviving descendant, John Charles Craig, Jr. (1835-1878), migrated with his wife and 5 children to Mississippi City, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast. All modern day descendants descend from this family. I descend from John's second son, Charles Hopkinson Craig (1855-1914).