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About us

The Cowan DNA Project is intended to marshall information about Cowan family genealogy.
The primary focus of attention is currently on YDNA, but some members also pursue
their genealogy using other DNA tools, such as mtDNA, etc.

With regard to YDNA results, we currently (October 2013) have results from 182 "Kits" included in the
the Cowan YDNA results.  These kits have been orgaqnized into 11 distinct groups based on similarity
of their YDNA signatures. Some groups are further subdivided into subgroups. For the most part, 
kits within a given group or subgroup  are believed to share a relatively recent common ancestor. 
A number of kits are currently in the "No Current Match" category, meaning we do not believe that 
they share a common ancestor with any other kit in the project.

:Seven Brothers
:Pequea Creek
:Knoxville Merchants
:Cowan's Gap
:Sullivan County
:Wythe County
:Isaac Cowan

Finally, a private email list has been established to further project goal.  If you are interested in
participating in this list, contact Bill Willis at The list is private, and its archives
are available only to list members.