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The Cowan DNA Project is intended to marshall information about Cowan family genealogy. The primary focus of attention is currently on YDNA, but some members also pursue their genealogy using other DNA tools, such as mtDNA, etc. We currently have results from 153 Kits included in the the Cowan YDNA results. These kits have been organized into 9 distinct groups based on similarity of their YDNA signatures. :Seven Brothers (5 related subgroups) :Allegheny :Cowan-Cowand :Cowan's Gap :Cowan's of Armagh :Isaac Coen :Knoxville Merchants :McCown :Old Cumnock :Pequea Creek :Scituate A :Scituate B :Sullivan County (Three unrelated subgroups grouped for historical reasons) :Wythe County plus :Ungrouped (temporary place holder for new kits) No Current Match (at 12 or 25 markers) No Current Match (at 37+ markers) Non-surname matches are placed in the closest YDNA match group within the acceptance criteria (roughly 10% dissimilarity or less). If there is no match within the acceptance criteria, they go into appropriate No Current Match criteria based on the number of markers tested. A substantial number of kits fall into the "No Current Match" category.Information about specific groups, and which kits fall into which group, can be obtained at the WeRelate page