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5/21/2012: We now have completed testing for Coverdales with English ancestry in three areas of Yorkshire. One line goes to a Richard Coverdale whose son Thomas was born 1726 in Malton, and lived in Bulmer. Another line goes to a Henry Coverdale who was born about 1706 and lived in Cottingham, where he died in 1776. The third line, so far the oldest, goes to a Stephen Coverdale who married at Danby in 1593 and died at Danby in 1627.

3/01/2012: The earliest known probable ancestor for the majority of our members (10) was Thomas Coverdale, probably born about 1659 in England (place otherwise unknown), who was brought to the Maryland colony in 1669 as an indentured servant, received his release in 1680, and subsequently lived in Pennsylvania, first Bucks County, and later the lower county of Sussex (now Delaware). We have testing in progress for Coverdales with known Yorkshire, England ancestry, but their Y-DNA profiles are not yet completed.