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4/10/2015: The Coverdale Y-DNA Project has 32 members withY-DNA-67 profiles or higher, and 38 members total. In addition, we have 65 friends who are following the project results. We have just published our seventh progress report, with interpretations of the results. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the report, please contact administrator Paul Coverdale Bartlett by email.

10/07/2012: 20 members.

5/20/2012: We are up to 18 members and 40 friends.

3/01/2012: The Coverdale Y-DNA Project now has 13 members, 10 with completed 67-marker testing, and 3 with testing in progress. Our outreach to Coverdales world-wide is in progress, and in particular, we are beginning to enroll members with roots in Yorkshire, England. We have had expressions of interest from Australia and Brazil. Our "friends" group, which consists of people who are interested in the results of the project, but are not eligible to contribute a DNA sample, has grown to 35.

8/05/2011: We now have a total of seven members in the Coverdale Y-DNA Project, from all over the United States and one from Canada. Six of the members have closely-related Y-DNA profiles, and probably descend from an ancestor called Thomas Coverdale who came to the Maryland colony in 1669. We are still actively recruiting, and would like to sample Coverdales from all over the world. English Coverdales would be particularly welcome at this time, but all Coverdales are invitied!

9/23/2010: Three more members are about to be added to the project. We will be able to draw some initial conclusions about our Y-DNA data by the end of this year.

Y-DNA-67 testing of our first member was completed in August 2010. We are actively recruiting. Any Coverdale from around the world will be welcome. We are especially interested in Coverdales who may know their English county of origin. The Project Administrator will be glad to respond to inquiries about the project.