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This project includes the following variations of the Courtney surname. Catney, Caurtney, Coartney, Coatney, Cortney, Cotanay, Cotaney, Coteney, Cotney, Counter, Countey, County, Coureton, Court, Courtaney, Courtaway, Courteen, Courtenay, Courteney, Courter, Courtland, Courtley, Courtnay, Courtney, Courtny, Coutney, Courtois, Courtway, Cudney, Gortney, McCoatney, McCortney, McCourtenay, McCourtney

The origins of the family are very well known in 11th century France. Over the last 1000 years the Courtney family has spread from France into England and Ireland. And in the last 400 years the family has settled in the Americas, S.Africa and Australia. And during that time frame the name has absorbed many other surnames, such as O'Cournane and McCourt in Ireland. So today people who carry the name are of many different genetic branches. The hope for this project is to is to increase the numbers of Courtneys testing and to help everyone connect with others of similar lines.

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Table 1 - Colonial American Courtneys - Courtneys living in the US prior to 1800.

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